The Sticky From The Inside Podcast
The Sticky From The Inside Podcast
Andy Goram

How To Liberate Your Talent

38 minutes Posted May 13, 2021 at 7:00 am.
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Episode Overview
"There's a war for talent", or so we've been told, but in Episode 14 of the employee engagement and company culture podcast, Sticky From The Inside, Andy Goram of Bizjuicer, chats to Dr. Maggi Evans, who sees it very differently. She believes there are huge benefits to liberating the talents of your existing workforce and provides some simple, practical steps to begin doing that.
Maggi is a business psychologist, consultant and author of the book From Talent Management to Talent Liberation and in this episode, she and Andy discuss the practical steps that will help you perform your own internal talent alchemy and maximise the associated benefits for all.
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