The Steven Universe Podcast
The Steven Universe Podcast
Cartoon Network
"The Fantasy Of Steven Universe" with Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, Kat Morris, Joe Johnston, Matt Burnett, and Ben Levin
53 minutes Posted Feb 6, 2019 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes
It's the last new podcast episode of the season and we asked the cast and Cartoon Network Executive team to submit questions to Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and former Executive Producer Ian Jones-Quartey! They tackle everything from design to wormholes to escapism to advice to your younger self and dreaming big. Then former writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin sit down with Rebecca to discuss lessons learned, achieving goals, and what they hope people take away from the show. And finally, Kat Morris and Joe Johnston return to answer a last batch of Fan Q&A!

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