The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast
The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast
'Chive Cast 49: Dengar and the Mystery of the Woodchuck's Cave(Yoda)
2 hour 13 minutes Posted Mar 6, 2014 at 8:30 am.
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Show notes
This month's Podcast comes a little late and at just the right time as we discuss Dengar, review Plastic Galaxy, talk about a newish dental website, talk about some found first shots and Ron Salvatore explains carbalon. Then we have story time where he tells us the fantastic story entitled "The Mystery of the woodchuck's Cave" in which Ron, Todd and the mysterious Fluffy travel to Cincinnati over 15 years ago and unearth nearly all of the existent Micro Collection molds. We have all of our usual features with a new fangled plus the mega Star Tot giveaway and caption contest on February's Vintage Pod.