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Before "PTI" or "First Take" or any of today's popular sports debate programs on TV, there was The Sports Reporters on ESPN. For nearly 30 years, every Sunday morning, top sportswriters exchanged in passionate, intelligent conversation about the major sports issues and personalities today. Now, anchored by Mitch Albom and Mike Lupica - two of The Sports Reporters longest-standing members - the magic of the show is in podcast form, enabling the hosts to continue their highly popular tradition with the benefit of twice-a-week perspectives. In addition to Albom, of the Detroit Free Press, one of the most decorated sportswriters in history, and Lupica, perhaps the country's most recognized and opinionated sports scribe, a third voice will join each program, ranging from former Sports Reporters panelists like Bob Ryan, Bill Rhoden and Christine Brennan, to new and fresh voices in the industry. Join the best conversation in sports every Monday and Thursday.
The Sports Reporters - Episode 375 - Exploring the Endless Fascination With the Search For the Perfect QB
It's an intriguing group of NFL prospects set to be drafted and the guys discuss all the different quarterback options. Why is it so hard to find the right QB? And why are teams so quick to move off from high draft picks if they don't pan out? Plus, how can baseball pick up the pace of play? And when sports and real life intersect...
Apr 14
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The Sports Reporters - Episode 374 - History at the Masters. A Bad Call in Baseball. NBA Playoff Push
Hideki Matsuyama makes history at the Masters becoming the first Japanese man to win the prestigious golf major. The guys discuss all the wild moments that led to a memorable tournament. A missed call in MLB has us wondering why we even have a replay system. The Deshaun Watson saga keeps getting worse. When will the NFL stop ignoring it? And the playoffs are in site for the NBA. Will the Nets see their big 3 on the court soon? And with the addition of Andre Drummond, are the Lakers poised to make another playoff run?
Apr 12
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 373 - The 2021 Masters. A New Trend in the NFL? Baylor Basketball National Champs
The guys discuss all the storylines heading into the 2021 Masters Tournament! Nothing like a Sunday at the Masters... Winning is everything in the NFL but are teams too quick to move on from highly drafted QB prospects? The guys debate. And Deshaun Watson is starting to see his endorsement deals fall off... Will he even play this fall? A Kevin Durant sighting in Brooklyn. And the Baylor Bears dominate Gonzaga to win the National Championship... Who would have thought the game would be a mismatch?
Apr 8
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 372 - Best Final Four Moment Ever? MLB All-Star Game Pulled from Atlanta
UCLA and Gonzaga provide one of the all-time great moments in Final Four history as Jalen Suggs of Gonzaga hits a 3 pointer at the buzzer in overtime to send Gonzaga to the National Title game! The guys discuss that epic game and give a quick preview into the showdown that everyone wanted from the start of the season, Baylor vs. Gonzaga. Plus, MLB makes the decision to pull the All-Star game out Atlanta, Georgia due to the states passing of new voting laws. What do we make of this decision? And taking a broader look at where sports and politics mesh. Should more sports teams be taking the lead on these types of issues?
Apr 5
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 371 - 2021 MLB Opening Day! Final Four Set. Tiger Woods Secret
The 2021 MLB opening day is here! The guys discuss some of the bigger storylines heading into the season. Why it's a battle for New York and Southern California... Plus, how will the presence of fans be handled across the league? The NCAA Tournament has it's Final Four set! Can UCLA continue it's wild run? Will Gonzaga cap off a perfect season? How about the Texas teams? Can Houston or Baylor win it all? And what is going on with the Tiger Woods car accident? The authorities announce they know what happened but won't tell us? What's really going on here?! That's all on this episode of the one and only, Sports Reporters Podcast!
Apr 1
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The Sports Reporters - Episode 370 - West Coast Basketball Stands Tall at the NCAA Tournament. NFL Draft/Trade Discussion
What a weekend of College basketball as the west coast puts on a strong showing. Can Gonzaga complete its undefeated season? Will USC or UCLA reach a Final 4? Can Oregon State keep its Cinderella season alive? Michigan looks formidable but can they win it all without their best player? The guys are talking college basketball! Plus, a big time trade in the NFL ahead of the Draft... What will San Francisco do with their newly acquired 3rd draft selection? Did they give up too much? And what does the future hold for Jimmy G? And the Lakers and Nets add players via "buyout". Who benefits more? The Clippers add a winner in Rajon Rondo... Is it enough to put them over the top?
Mar 29
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 369 - NCAA Tournament of the Eye Test. NBA Injuries Mounting Up
The NCAA Tournament is heading to the Sweet 16 - Elite 8! The guys discuss the intriguing matchups and storylines. Plus, as the NBA trade deadline looms, who will make a move? And why are there so many injuries in the NBA this season? Was the league asking for trouble?
Mar 25
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 368 - Top Seeds Falling at the NCAA Tournament. Who Steps Up for the Lakers?
Basketball parody! The NCAA Basketball Tournament is providing some exciting action and perhaps some miss seeded teams? How the parody in college basketball is making for a wild tournament where the top seeds are going down, and the lesser known are thriving. Biggest surprise so far? And was the Big Ten overrated? Plus, the Lakers lose LeBron to the ever pesky, "high ankle sprain". Who will step up and lead the Lakers as their record begins to slip a little? And allegations against DeShaun Watson continue to pile up... Is there a team still willing to trade for him?
Mar 22
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 367 - Vulnerable #1 Seeds. Watson Behavior Cause for Concern?
Discussing potentially vulnerable #1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament. Deshaun Watson's off the field behavior comes into question. And the Brooklyn Nets continue to impress without Kevin Durant.
Mar 18
0 sec
The Sports Reporters - Episode 366 - Bracket and Brees
Let the madness begin! The NCAA Tournament bracket has been released and the guys give us their early impressions. Plus, Drew Brees announces he is retiring from the NFL. Discussing his legacy and putting his career in historical context.
Mar 15
0 sec
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