The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast
The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast
Joel Duggan & Pixlriffs
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Episode name
Hey! I have recently started to listen to this podcast and I sm a huge fan. I am just looking at the most recent episode and you titles it episode 156 again. I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but this episode is supposed to be 162. Just wanted to let you guys know! Keep making great podcasts!
Best Minecraft Podcast EVER.
Joel and Johnny have highly intelligent conversations about relevant topics, and are a great source of news. I love how you can still listen to old episodes and enjoy them, unlike almost every other Minecraft podcast. They're also both great YouTubers. Highly recommended! Ethan, 12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ P.S: For Johnny, what do you use on Empires SMP to have taller or shorter types of flowers? A texture pack? A Data pack? Thanks.
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42069 star review
An absolute unit of a MC podcast
$pencer E
RebelJC sent me his podcast is Dig Straight Down-A Minecraft Podcast
shelby a legend
Best podcast ever!
Great!Could you invite someone who plays bedrock plz!And Minecraft dungeons is Minecraft without the mining or the crafting!!MLG Fries and what ever your name is stop fill comments with dumb stuff thats not important just talk.
Then suddenly as the villainous creeper turned towards MLG_fries our fateful hero trips into a pool of Minecraft lava and stupidly does not use a water bucket! The crowd cheers! MLG plagues no more with his dumb comments!
This is a great podcast
My friend referred me to this podcast and I love it so much you guys are just so cool
The True Hero
Best podcast plz keep making em PS: Could u do shout outs?
Best Minecraft podcast! please invite sb737, technoblade or smallishbeans as a guest And why don’t you make an ender pearl stasis chamber/teleporter
Best podcast ever!
This podcast is the best podcast ever! It is amazing!!
What you can use in a cauldron
So in I think 1.10 you could only dye armor in a crafting table by putting any dye of your choice next to leather armor. Anyways you can put potions in a cauldron or dye. If you put a posting in a cauldron and place a dripstone above it with water above the dripstone, it creates an infinite potion source. This only works on bedrock. Love your podcast! Hope this helps.
Yes you can
I am a bedrock player and can confirm you can dye the water to dye leather armour and for looks. Love the podcast!
Chicken Capitalist
Love the podcast
I’ve watched Pixlriffs for years so this podcast was a natural progression for me. I love having this on in the background while I play Minecraft, play Stardew, and even while I’m working. Thanks for the great content!
Hi guys I really like the show 10 out of 10 and can you have Mumbo Jumbo on the show P.S do you actually read the reviews?🙂
colerderyfance 😁😁😁😁😁🤗
Love this podcast keeps me occupied during summer so I’m never bored
Great job
Love your podcast! Good Minecraft Java News, and more
Great podcast
Pixlriffs and Joel are amazing at this and I love Empires SMP OOOHHHH THE CODFATHER WILL BE SOOOO MAAAAAAD
Awesome 🤩
Good podcast love it when when you have guests on the show.
Overall good podcast but I have 2 cons 1. Don’t make episode often enough (if you can’t make them that fast that’s ok) 2. I wish there were more stars to rate cause 5 is not enough
Good podcast
I like this podcast! You guys make great content and I love this podcast. Please upload more and talk about Minecraft dungeons less. I really love this podcast. I only mean constructive criticism so great podcast! ;)
Would definitely recommend!
This is a great podcast to listen to when I'm trying to catch a goat in a boat and mining sand! It makes me wait until Monday for a new episode! Out of 1-10, the chances of me recommending this is 11! Thanks for the great podcast!
I like this podcast
I love this podcast I also like the amazing Minecraft podcast
Great podcast!
By far the best Minecraft podcast around, always has new ideas and covers the latest news thoroughly. Only regret is that they don’t do it more often ;)
Love it <3
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now- it’s my go to podcast for anything. It helps me keep informed on everything that’s happening :> Make sure to listen!
The best pod in my opinion
Pixel and Joel will teach you everything about the upcoming updates, new snapshots and much more! I wish there was more stars to rate because five is just not enough!
Great Podcast
Been listening for two years now, and Johnny and Joel do not disappoint.
:) ;)
Amazing podcast
This podcast has helped me a lot 150 stars out of 100
Ok pod
But you ask too much for money
beetle is cool
Great Podcast - From a Patreon Supporter
Ever since I heard about this podcast from Pix's channel and listened to the first episode, I have been absolutely hooked and I'm sure you will be too if you like Minecraft. I am now a patron of this show and am constantly looking forward to next Monday! Stay Chunky Everyone! WarHammer3
I love it blindly
Haven’t even listened to it but I love it already lol. I watch pixlriffs on yt and his content does not disappoint. Very excited to hear this podcast?
It good I am tiered and It’s late and lots of people do this so yeah 🙂
Great for all
This podcast is good for kids and adults, and it’s great to listen to Joel and Johnny(Pixlriffs) talk about this amazing game. This is the main way I stay up to date on what new things are happening in Minecraft, and they do a wonderful job. Thanks Pix and Joel, and keep chunking away!
This is an AMAZING podcast, all Minecraft players should listen to this! Joel and Pixlriffs do a great job with covering most of not all aspects of the game! Remember the world outside is infinite, and this podcast makes it even more amazing!
GUYS!!! We need dream on the show!!! Write a review saying to get dream on the show!!!😉😉😉😉😉😉
P L E A S I N G B R I T I S H A C C E N T.
Pretty Cool 9.5/10
I would write a long-winded review about how good this podcast is, but I don’t think I really need to. It’s just an awesome podcast.
Hello, there.
This is an amazing podcast, especially on YouTube! So glad I found it there first, though. 2x speed is the best time saving.
AMAZING Podcast for all Minecraft fans.
The Spawn Chunks is an AWESOME podcast that is interesting and kid friendly(I should know as I am one myself). I started looking for a podcast and decided Minecraft was a good idea and I listened to a few and one recommended this one. I started listening and it has good content that’s good for anyone from noob to pro or someone that’s in the middle. I highly recommend the Spawn Chunks to anyone who likes Minecraft or is trying to learn more about it. -Jacob
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So good
Good um idk what to say it’s 3 am I’m bored I want an all nighter I am watching pixlriffs well listening to this um ok I am leaving 🥱 also lol I have school tomorrow, a school all nighter 😱😂😴🥱🤦
smooch kiss smack
Best one out there
For a while I’ve been looking for a good Minecraft podcast, and I’ve finally found it. Every night I look forward to listening to it. Keep up the good work Pix and Joel!
i cant think help me
literally no 3 star or 2 star ratings, this is an amazing five star podcast but my dead tired brain has decided to break the chain of no 3 star ratings help i can’t sleep it’s 12 am please
Great pod
This pod is cool!
Love it!
This show is great; I’ve seen Pix advertise it on his channel and decided to check it out; I’m glad I did. If I wasn’t broke I would support this podcast on Patreon. I would be interested to see you guys do an episode with Etho at some point, maybe talk about the fact that he’s been playing the same world for over 9 years and still doesn’t get bored and any tips he has on keeping a world interesting.
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Norms sutton
Superb podcast
I find that this podcast has useful information for pro’s, and people new to Minecraft. I highly encourage that you listen to this.
ugly steve
Great podcast!
Great podcast Johnny and Joel! Keep up the good work. An idea I have is that you should have a bedrock player on one of your round table episodes. It would be nice to get a different perspective on things and you have never had a bedrock player on the podcast before. There are many players I think would do well on the podcast, notably silentwhisperer. I think it would be good just to get a different perspective and talk about the differences between the two editions.
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Tis nice!
This podcast is very good, and very informative about the changes coming to Minecraft, and just about Minecraft in general. Would be nice to have a few more guests on the show, but other than that, a definite 5 stars. Could you try to bring more Hermits on? And could you invite Technoblade and Dream on the podcast? I’m sure all of them would bring a fun new perspective to it, especially because Techno and Dream are more PVP related.
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From Spotify to Podcasts
I used to exercise with Spotify in my ears, and play Minecraft later. Now I do a little bit of both at the same time! Pixlriffs has a great channel and I used to grind on my ocean monument while one of his videos was running in the background. Now I can listen to audios that are designed to be listened to, not watched, and still hear pixlriffs voice! Keep it up guys!
I love this
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