The Southern Naturalist
The Southern Naturalist
The Southern Naturalist
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Fun show for kids and adults!
This podcast is a great listen for anyone who is looking to learn more about bugs, gators, birds and more in beautiful south Louisiana. I feel like I have been on a nature hike every time I listen.
Great Podcast to Learn about the world all around you!
Very informative and entertaining podcast to learn about the world all around you. Also, loved the alligator story Dr. Bob!
Informative and fun
Great information from an entertaining pair. Can’t wait to hear more.
Perfect for everyone, whether you know a lot about nature or not at all
While I might be a bit biased as a former student of Dr. Aimée Thomas, I absolutely love this podcast so far. It’s like being back in class with the same enthusiasm on the topic, yet in a real easy and accessible manner. I wouldn’t say I’m incredibly interested in all of the science behind naturalism and biology, but simply as a lover of nature this podcast is awesome.
Perfect for the whole family!
I popped my headphones in and watered the garden while listening to this. Really enjoyed it and will soon listen again with my daughter. I know she is going to love it too. We’re always struggling to find things that appeal to adults and kids for car rides. This is perfect. Can’t wait for episode 2!
Wonderful podcast personalities talking about a subject that I frankly never dreamed I’d find interesting. Bob and Aimee are so smart and entertaining, and their view is the world around us is nothing short of inspiring! Kudos to the makers, and I can’t wait to hear more.
This makes me want to get OUTSIDE and explore right now!
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