The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman
The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman
The Sound Podcast
Peter Anspach of Goose
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Nov 23, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
: Hot Tea
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Rising stars Goose got on the COVID-19, pandemic, isolation train pretty quickly back in the spring, and created a virtual summer event called "Bingo Tour" that consisted of four shows and six additional days of activities for their community and fans all live streamed for a fee in late June.. Those shows and indeed the entire programming for "Bingo Tour" were very well regarded and well attended. On November 25th, the band will release a video compilation of those live shows, along with a 55 minute behind the scenes look into the making of what was an unprecedented week of digital content. I caught up with Peter Anspach, the band's keyboard and occasional guitar player, to talk about the event, and what fans can expect from the Bingo Tour Movie. Our conversation started when I asked specifically about pioneering this notion of creating an event for their fans and how quickly they got the ball rolling on creating it. For more on the band, or to get the Bingo Tour Movie visit 
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