The Soul Mammas Podcast
The Soul Mammas Podcast
Nicole De Leon: Podcast Host and Fired up Soul Mamma
In a world where so many women have shed past notions of what being a mom looks like, who can listeners turn to for real talk on soulful motherhood? Through this weekly podcast, host, Nicole De Leon, a long-time surfer, teacher, yoga instructor, adventurer and now new mother, seeks to candidly talk about the realities of modern motherhood, especially as it affects the pursuit of one’s own interests while remaining a soulful parent. In this podcast, guest moms will share inspiring stories of how they persisted in living out their truest passions and purpose in spite of – and often as a result of – adversity and struggle. Nicole’s hope is that through this podcast mothers will be encouraged to believe in their dreams and prioritize joyful lives in order to teach their children to do the same.
123: How to push your limits & live life to the fullest, with legendary big wave surfer mom Sarah Gerhardt
What's it like to surf one of the scariest big waves on earth, and be the first woman to do it? When I think of women’s big wave surfing, I immediately think of Sarah Gerhardt-Northern California’s courageous Maverick’s surfer. When I was only a teenager, learning to surfer myself, Sarah was pushing the limit for women’s surfing at one of the scariest, coldest, most daunting waves on earth.    And not only has she dominated one of the biggest, most difficult waves to surf in the world, she is also a mama of two, and professor of Chemistry. This mama is both accomplished, on a physical and intellectual level, and uses her focus and analytical brain, to master all that she sets her sights on.    What I find the most interesting about Sarah, is that she studied Mavericks at length before actually dropping in on a wave herself. It’s fascinating to hear to progression of going from watching to actually partaking in one of the scariest things a human can do. Her husband, Mikey, one of the most accomplished male big wave surfers, is one of her greatest inspirations and she admits he’s her favorite surfer to watch out at Mavericks.    In 1998, she paddled out to watch from the channel, analyzing and watching every wave, and eventually paddled into a few herself. She admits that it is terrifying, but that knowing your surroundings, having good equipment and clocking in the hours studying the wave has helped to keep her feeling safer in this treacherous environment.    Sarah is not someone who had it easy growing up, she has experienced homelessness and poverty, and appreciates all that she has and has accomplished. Today we are going to talk about what she learned from her tough upbringing and how thats made her who she is today, how that has informed her parenting, how big wave surfing affected her parenting and what its like to face our biggest fears.  Take Aways:  Sarah’s life before surfing Mavericks, and what inspired her to surf the wave in the first place Homelessness and struggle in Sarah’s childhood and how it led to who she is today How Sarah homed in on Maverick’s and began training seriously to surf the wave How Sarah and her friends trained with heavy rocks and big wave gear to get into shape for giant wave surfing Sarah’s experience watching this terrifying wave from the channel, and analyzing every little detail of the wave and conditions. Sarah’s first paddle out at Mavericks and how she got slapped around, scared and discouraged. The next time she paddled out, she felt more confident, and how her mindset shifted. How our mindset can get us to do things we never could’ve imagined in this life. Channeling intensity into courageous pursuits When Sarah met her husband Mickey and how he pushed her to appreciate this wave even more. Sarah’s take on new motherhood versus now, and the challenges that accompany each stage. Why Sarah opted out of big wave surfing last year during the COVID pandemic.
Jun 29, 2021
44 min
122: Remi Nealon "Moms who ride big waves, facing fears and following our truth"
It's not that common to see moms who not only are dedicated wave riders, but who also charge big waves. Today’s guest mama of three and surfer Remi Nealon, had hugе big wаvе ambitions prior to having children and thought she couldn’t return to them when she had her kids.  Remi аssumеd she wоuld bе “trаding riding giаnts fоr thе gigаntic jоy оf rаising а humаn." But she soon realized thаt it wasn’t thе cаsе fоr wоmеn. Once she took off on her first solid wave at Waimea Bay, she was hooked, and she realized she COULD have both.    Not only is Remi a mom of three littles, she also raises them solo when her husband is often away for work. In addition, this mama charges some of the biggest, heaviest waves in Hawaii. Remi has such a positive headspace and mindset and that has really carried her through some of her biggest feats. She believes we can be anything we desire in this world and that connecting with her soul makes her a better mother.    Today she is going to go deeper into why mothers should live out their greatest passions even with kids in tow, how she worked her way up into riding giants, and how she juggles surf time and time with her kids. 
May 11, 2021
44 min
121: How to return to the water as a surf mom, sleep deprivation, & learning to love our bodies with Katharine Gerhardt
In 2021 the pressure we put on ourselves as moms to be all and do all is at an all time high. Today’s mama is a longtime surfer who admits she is still adjusting to motherhood-after almost 3 years. Katherine Gethardt, mom of a toddler & former model/ actor, talks about learning to accept her new identity& body more openly. She also shares about how intense sleep deprivation in new motherhood can be, how co-sleeping is sometimes frowned upon, and how it's okay to not always fit into one motherhood box!   Today we talk about:  Choosing to have a child later in life and being considered an "older mom"  The identity shifts that went along with returning to the water as a new mama  Learning to accept her new body postpartum and realizing that her former world in the modeling industry wasn't healthy for body image.  Navigating the physical changes that go along with new motherhood  How she chose to co sleep with her son and how it made her felt guilt.  How sleep deprivation affected her personally, and how it can change our entire lives.  How she tries to eliminate mom guilt from her life, but it's not always easy 
Apr 13, 2021
42 min
120: postpartum Insomnia, overwhelm & re-discovering our identities as as mamas  with pro kitesurfer Meli Gil.
Do you ever look back on new motherhood and realize you were really struggling and didn't even know it at the time? Many guests, along with myself, have shared about their experiences with postpartum anxiety, insomnia, depression or depletion. We often look back on it and realize we could've used help and support and often didn't reach out for help during those challenging times.  Today’s guest is Meli is a yogi, conscious living teacher, surfer, pro kiteboarder who experienced postpartum malaise and a feeling of not being "good enough." She also is someone who struggled with insomnia and exhaustion. This can be quite jarring for women who previously filled the day with many creative or athletic endeavors-it can shake our identities.  Today Meli is going to talk about her experience with new motherhood vs. now, how she maintains her own business out of Jupiter Florida and manages to kite surf amongst it all. Meli belives we have the power within to create our most abundant, meaningful and fulfilling lives, and attributes yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to this.  Meli uses conscious living practices (yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self reflection) as a framework to accomplish her goals, nourish her wellbeing and build up her confidence. She believes perseverance and the pursuit of what matters most to you is the key to "success."
Mar 9, 2021
37 min
119: How to keep it real as a mom & how authenticity can lead us to happiness
What does "keeping it real" and authenticity have to do with success, or happiness? I believe it's everything. And so does today's guest mom Mona-Jane Hannemann. Mona is an active, fit mama of two who loves working out and being outdoors. She also believes she doesn't fit into one motherhood box. Her social media following is large and successful, but it wasn't due to trying to change who she was. In fact, I believe, it can be attributed to her "real" down-to-earth nature, and humble approach to life.  Mona has seen her own mama friends struggle with doing the things they once loved after becoming mothers and promised herself she would try to incorporate her passions into her daily life as a mother.  Mona, is a self professed fitness nut, and her drive is inspiring others to live the lives they love and be their best physically in the process. Mona received a degree in Exercise Science, and lives on the North Shore of Hawaii, somewhere that really mirrors her outdoor lifestyle.  Today we talk about:  How stepping into new motherhood wasn't easy for Mona, but how she adjusted by taking her oldest son with her on all of her adventures.  How being an ocean mama can sometimes not seem very "conventional"  How we both admit to mom guilting ourselves over things like having dinner prepared nightly. Not every mom is the same! Not fitting into one motherhood box, and why that is OKAY.  How to own our own authenticity.  Why being "real" is what people are gravitating towards on social media.  Mona-Jane shares about her humble beginnings and how much it taught her about gratitude and hard work.  How maintaining her successful social media accounts looks day to day as a mom of two  How sometimes we have to work in the middle of the night in order to get our passions realized. 
Feb 16, 2021
49 min
118: How to say NO to mom guilt for good with mom of six Kristin Andrus
Mom guilt. We've all grappled with it. But how do we get rid of it for good so we can be the most authentic version of ourselves for our kiddos?  Today’s guest is a mama of not one, not two, but six kids. Kristin Andrus is going to share about how her own mom taught her kids that taking time for herself was more than okay. Kristin's own kids know that mommy takes time for yoga, working out, or health pursuits, to name a few.  Even with such a big family, Kristin also manages to remain quite energetic and effervescent.  Kristin's You Tube channel has 250 free at home work out vidoes for moms who like short at home work outs. Her faith drives her life and commitment to her family is at the core of everything she does. Community means a lot to Kristin, and she is going to share how important it is for moms to reach out to other moms around to share their authentic stories.  Today Kristin is going to share honestly about:  How to articulate that we need time to ourselves sometimes Talking to our partners and being on the same "team"  How we can end up resenting our partners if we aren’t taking time for our own happiness.  New motherhood and how adjusting to our new roles isn't always easy  How all six of her kids have different needs and she has to parent them all differently  Her secret to "success" when working on entrepreneurial pursuits with her husband How moms can sometimes feel like we aren't "enough" if we don't have a full time income Why stay at home moms, at home moms, and working moms all have an important role Why we need to celebrate being "enough" as mothers 
Jan 26, 2021
47 min
117: How you can re-write your story with divorce specialist & blended family aficionado mom Renee Bauer
One of the byproducts of the COVID pandemic is that divorce rates have gone up. Often the things that are taboo are the hardest to talk about, but I feel it takes extreme times to speak up and be honest about our inner happiness and truth. Today’s guest Renee Bauer is an entrepreneur, author, peacemaker and blended family aficionado. …and is dedicated to helping you find your Happy Even After. She is also someone who speaks truthfully about uncomfortable topics and believes wholely that we deserve to live our most rewarding and fulfilling life experiences.   Renee is a mom of a four (including 3 step kids) who has won awards, faced her fear of public speaking, litigated cases in a courtroom, and grew a business from nothing but a folding table into a thriving family law firm in Connecticut.   She has been divorced (twice) and now is married to a man who is her partner in every sense of the word. …those bumps and bruises along the way led her to the happiest, most complete, most purposeful version of herself today. I believe that doing the big, scary, uncomfortable thing can be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of your life.   Today we talk about:  How to get rid of shame or “less than-ness” in any facet of our lives whether it is our relationship, jobs or life choices. Renee's story and how she went from litigator to entrepreneur/divorce specialist  Why big life changes like divorce don't have to be the end of our happiness  How we can truly start over Why it's okay to go against the status quo and follow our truth  How to know when enough is enough  Why it's okay to leave a marriage if you are unhappy. Doesn't mean your partner is a "bad person." Why Renee is a proponent of working on our marriages Why she is a proponent of couples and individual therapy, but how to know when it is no longer working  How to approach divorce in an empathetic and loving way Why mediation is a much preferred method to litigation How to keep your family in tact after a divorce Why being amicable during the process is important for the future of co-parenting and for your kids Other benefits of mediation  How our kids pick up on their parent's being unhappy  Why two happy homes is better than one toxic one  Why Renee moved from litigator to entrepreneurship  How to live the life of our dreams and why we deserve it  Mamas! How are you doing during this time of social isolation? Come follow me @soulmammaspodcast where I go live on subjects pertinent to what's going on in the world now, and tools and tips for mama self care during this time.  Find your Soul Mamma Calling in FOUR STEPS FREE PDF Keep an eye out for my new site where you can check out past episodes, free pdf's, coaching links and my NEW COURSE Uncover your Purpose in Ten Steps! Super excited about this one mamas! email me for questions.  New PDF on the website Pick Up your Freebie on Stepping into your Soul as Mammas today!  Follow me on Instagram here!   
Jan 12, 2021
47 min
116: Do you have a challenging kid? Steps for using positive parenting to aid in positive behavior with parenting coach Wendy Snyder
Do you ever feel like you are at a loss when it comes to how to positively approach your child’s behavior? I myself have a very strong willed little girl, and often wonder if I am being a push over when I let her push my boundaries, but then don’t want to always be correcting or nagging her. Wendy Snyder, is a Godsend to mamas because of what she offers in terms of Redirecting Children's Behavior. Wendy believes in connection over correction and is going to share all about her Positive Parenting Approach with you mamas today.    This mama of two is a Positive Parenting educator, family life coach & advocate. She is certified in Redirecting Children's Behavior & The Joy of Parenting Program. Wendy founded her online business, Fresh Start Family, so that she could spread the message of positive parenting across the world. She is the developer of online positive parenting courses and also has a monthly membership program to further support families. I downloaded Wendy’s free guide and what I have already read through has helped me immensely! My daughter is resistant to change, asks why a lot, is highly sensitive, and I can relate to all of the bullets on her list. She talks about how to nurture a child’s strong will through acknowledging their creativity, or natural leadership rather than criticisms. She talks about different approaches to strong willed kids and why having them is actually a blessing. She uses positive role models and successful people, that were once self professed challenging kids as examples.  Wendy assists families to parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships. Today we chat about:  How Wendy's experience with her own challenging child led her to become a positive parenting educator  Why our own upbringing can affect our parenting approaches immensely  How to shift the paradigm towards more positivity when it comes to speaking to our children What constitutes a "challenging" or "strong willed child" and why it should be celebrated How strong willed children are often quite creative and successful as adults Wendy's advice on how to approach topics like sharing, temper tantrums, friendships, etc.  My own experience with my toddler and Wendy's tips for positive parenting shifts when I feel I am being too lenient How to avoid being "too" lenient or too strict Why being honest and humble with our kids when we our frustrated is better than hiding it or yelling How to reframe simple sentences with our kids Why phrases like "your being a bad friend" is not helpful for challenging kids. Switching the conversation and giving kids options for sharing, for instance, makes them feel less out of control How Wendy got into the online parenting coaching business  Why business isn't always easy but persistence is key 
Dec 1, 2020
49 min
115: How being an Independent/Adventurous Mama can Create Mom Guilt with Freelance Adventurer Lindsey Lapointe
Mom guilt. None of us mamas are immune to it. Many of us mamas in this community are independent, active, outdoorsy, adventure-seekers. Unfortunately this comes with societal and internal pressures which can lead to mom guilt and shame.  For example, today's guest Lindsey Lapointe would receive comments when she would go on her all women's trip once a year once she became a mother. Today she talks about how it was difficult to return to being a freelance adventurer, especially after having her second child, and how the stigma for women is different for men once we become parents.  Topics also discussed include:  A return to teaching as a mother during a pandemic  How it is not always easy to deal with identity shifts that come along with becoming a parent.  How our lives change drastically when we become parents  The challenges of having two children under 5  How Lindsey was able to return to hiking and adventuring with one child, but how difficult it was with two Gender roles and how society views moms and dads differently  Why her husband hasn't received criticism for traveling away from his kids, but she has.  The inequities sometimes faced by mommies  How her and her husband negotiate self care & their roles as mommy and daddy Lindsey's newfound affinity for hiking in the snow  Mamas! How are you doing during this time of social isolation? Come follow me @soulmammaspodcast where I go live on subjects pertinent to what's going on in the world now, and tools and tips for mama self care during this time.  Find your Soul Mamma Calling in FOUR STEPS FREE PDF Keep an eye out for my new site where you can check out past episodes, free pdf's, coaching links and my NEW COURSE Uncover your Purpose in Ten Steps! Super excited about this one mamas! email me for questions.  New PDF on the website Pick Up your Freebie on Stepping into your Soul as Mammas today!  Follow me on Instagram here!     
Nov 17, 2020
46 min
114: "How to find the magic within & live the life of your dreams, even as busy mamas with mama of two Meghan Schoneberger"
Is living the life of our dreams something that we actually believe is possible? I know I have used many excuses in the past of why that isn't really possible. But why do we tell ourselves limiting beliefs so often? Todays mama is someone who decided to trust herself as a mama enough to create real magic. Meghan Schoneberger is a talented singer/songwriter, reiki master and friend who left her conventional job to pursue her real passions and help others. I admire her courage to leave something that wasn’t serving her and pursing the road less travelled.    Today she is going to share about How to remove mom-guilt from your life Facing the shadow side of ourselves Feeling like we are spread to thin and changing that  How to let go of preconceived notions of what a mother “should be” How to examine the hidden talents within, but don’t know how to honor them. What Reiki really is How she started experiencing spiritual guides  How her life is now more the life of her dreams than it has ever been before  Why we can pivot and change our lives at any moment How courage to leap leads to great rewards  Mamas! How are you doing during this time of social isolation? Come follow me @soulmammaspodcast where I go live on subjects pertinent to what's going on in the world now, and tools and tips for mama self care during this time.  Find your Soul Mamma Calling in FOUR STEPS FREE PDF Keep an eye out for my new site where you can check out past episodes, free pdf's, coaching links and my NEW COURSE Uncover your Purpose in Ten Steps! Super excited about this one mamas! email me for questions.  New PDF on the website Pick Up your Freebie on Stepping into your Soul as Mammas today!  Follow me on Instagram here! 
Nov 3, 2020
56 min
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