The Solo Podcast
The Solo Podcast
Tune in to listen to a 20 year old guy think out loud about life and express his thoughts on it with no script or plan as he tries to navigate through his life and explain everything he's got going on in his mind and everything around him.
Venting & Shit Talking
A first of what I presume many episodes in which I'll just be rambling and just chatting shit. Enjoy.
Nov 7, 2020
45 min
Self Therapy
Just another day of me being me to you. Oh and as promised. My twitter is @podcast_solo
Oct 30, 2020
45 min
Tales of yesteryear
In the inaugural episode of 'The Solo Podcast', 'Blank' aka myself, will go through a ton of subjects ranging from programming to US prisons and the justice system. I'll also reminisce about some of my funnier childhood stories that some of you might relate to and enjoy. All in all, this episode is a cluster fuck of unrelated topics that I somehow managed to related to each other haphazardly and I hope you give it a listen in your free time.  I'll also appreciate if you interact with me on my Twitter @podcast_solo because contrary to the name of the podcast. I treat it as a conversation between me and you, so if you ever want to challenge me on anything I say or just show your support, your more than welcome to and follow me on there. Hope I hear from you soon! New episode out once a week on Saturdays :)
Oct 16, 2020
1 hr 30 min