The Smoking Tire
The Smoking Tire
Matt Farah & Zack Klapman
Dan Prosser (TheIntercooler)
1 hour 44 minutes Posted May 13, 2021 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Dan Prosser is an automotive journalist based in the UK. He's written for the best mags (EVO, Top Gear) but has just launched a new digital magazine app called The Intercooler that he co-founded with Andrew Frankel. It's a car magazine that brings the best writers together to write great stories, without being tethered by advertisers. Seems like a clever idea. 

We have a great chat about his unorthodox start in the business, eraly press cars, the silly power of a business card, what's good (and bad) about cars today, driving a Corvette to Le Mans at age 21, and his Alpina A110 daily driver. Get a free taste by following @theintercooler on IG, or head to the site to download the app.


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