The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast
The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast
Pat Flynn
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Budding Entrepreneurs must listen!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 8 years and it’s still on the top of my list. Pat always delivers valuable info in his episodes. Also Pat is the best interviewer I’ve listened to. He has a gift for it. Thank you Pat for always giving💙
Jennifer from NC
So good
I love this podcast. As an entrepreneur its good to listen to podcast that shares such a wide range of experiences, knowledge and value to its listener. I had to binge listen after one episode because it was that good and filled with so much actionable steps to take.
Mompreneur Oanike
Too much
Ads are so annoying
badiii uuee
Awesome Story!
Loved listening to your story of taking that first leap to being an enttrepreneur. It's always so cool to hear about the background of the success. Keep up the great work and the awesome show!
Pat’s advice has helped me for years
I’ve been a huge fan of SPI for years, so this review is long overdue. Pat and this podcast has helped me launch my digital course business and start my own podcast - I’m forever grateful for whoever it was that originally recommended I listen, because it’s truly changed my life. Thanks so much! Keep up the solid work.
Pat always adds value
Whether it’s with a solo episode or through an insightful conversation with one of his amazing guests, I always learn something from each episode. I have not only learned about podcasting, online marketing, and creating passive income as an entrepreneur. I have also discovered all sorts of areas of business I previously knew nothing about. Check out a few episodes and you will be hooked.
Greg Harrod
Loved the Surprising State of Podcasting
It was super helpful and encouraging especially for me, getting ready for my podcast launch. I appreciate that a lot of the episodes on here are heart level and then tactical which is huge for self leadership and being able to serve others well. I shy away from content that feels overly punchy or gimmicky, but I sense I’ll be getting a lot of growth and maturity as I go through more episodes. Thanks!
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Dami M
Team Flynn for the Win!
Pat and his team have the best stories, advice and encouragement for entrepreneurs and those even just dreaming someday about starting a business. Pat’s compassion and passion come through every episode, and his humility helps you feel that you can get there too.
Ali ManRay
Constant self promotion and advertising
The show topic is exactly what I was interested in but the content is just the host self promoting himself and his products as well as hawking other products he’s clearly getting paid to plug.
Etsy Student
Love Pat’s advice
Pat Flynn explain explains the intricacies of podcasting in an easy and approachable way. Great podcast.
Great Lessons and Motivations for Starting Own Business
Been listening to SPI since 2014-ish, have heard the entire backlog. It’s time to say goodbye, but I highly recommend this show to anyone who wants to learn the hows and find the whys of starting your own business. Pat shares all his personal entrepreneurial experiences, and the guests in a vast variety of fields also share valuable lessons. While there is more bias toward solopreneurship or lifestyle businesses, as opposed to unicorn tech startups, I’d argue the materials are more accessible to the “average” people. Next time I embark on an entrepreneurial journey again, I’d definitely be referring back to the ample notes I’ve taken from this podcast. Keep up the good work!
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Good quality advice
Pat knows what he is doing. Always great value. Thanks.
Mandi Ellefson
Good content annoying voice
Good content. Super, uber,duper annoying voice.
Brand New Career @66
Yall shivered me timbers! Every single point struck me thru the heart as I’d say, “Oh! Already doin that! Orrrr Geeez what a great idea! I can do THAT!”. The creative juices spawned from wisdom and the tribal inclusion are awesomely felt.
Madame Zilch
Oh. My. Goodness. Soooo Good!
I was introduced to Pat’s SPI podcast while listening to Pat being interviewed on someone else’s podcast. I’ve been listening to his interview with Racheal Cook and it’s a fantastic interview. I really enjoyed Pats interview with YT filmmaker Matt D’Avella. Pat asks thoughtful and interesting questions which stoke great answers from his guests.
So Informative, Awesome!!
I am just getting into binge-listening these episodes. Pat is down to earth, but incredibly knowledgable. I can’t wait to get through all the episodes. I am already gaining clarity and direction from his great and direct interviewing technique. He always stays on point and works hard to make sure a ton of value is provided to his listeners. As a fellow architecture student at UC Berkeley, as well, I wish I had taken this route a lot earlier!
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One of the best out there
Been a fan for a long time! Thanks for providing this to people. Keep it up! :)
Pat is Good People
Wow- talk about someone who truly wants to serve his audience and deliver value, and create raving fans! He has done just that, just look at his reviews. Everyone who is interested in starting any kind of side-hustle, any kind of creator, any entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, etc., should subscribe and listen to this podcast. Then go to his website and check out the awesome list of resources. Then take one of his courses. There’s gold in them there hills.
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Such a great Podcast
I have been a listener for quite some time and I have learned so much over the years. Pat’s message really resonates with me and I love his honesty and service attitude. I became one of his students when he first launched Power Up Podcasting and he is absolutely right, podcasting will transform your life in ways you cannot even imagine. You have a 10 starts podcast, such a shame I can only give you 5. Blessings!
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Such a valuable and upbeat podcast - Pat is the best!
I mean … the best …
Pat is obviously considered an A-list business professional in the entrepreneur space, so it's insane that we have access to his library of biz wisdom in this podcast, let alone the fact that its FREE. Every episode is chalk full of novel ideas OR ideas you may have heard before, but with a Pat Flynn spin that usually makes more sense and is mor effective. Listen to this podcast every chance you get - your business will thank you for it!!
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Only business podcast I listen to...
I can’t say enough good things about Pat and Smart Passive Income. There is a lot of noise about how to build an online business today. I am so appreciative of having one place that I can go where I know I will be the best, most relevant, authentic information on everything from growing your email list, to affiliate marketing, to starting a podcast.
Listen and Learn
I've learned so much from Pat over the years. He provides immense value on this show. I especially enjoy the episodes when it seems like he's directly talking to me. Very powerful. Mark Savant, host of the After Hours Entrepreneur
Voice over
I loved this episode, but then again I love all of Pat’s shows!
Clear and straight to point
Awesome speaker and love the way how straight you topic with some real time examples as well references to books and others. Thank you and Awesome episodes
If you’re looking for value, tips, interesting ideas, thought provoking business implementations, you have found your guy, Patt is doing the world a favor and I look forward to listening to his next episode!
vlad |||
Smart Passive Income
Incredibly helpful podcast for entrepreneurs with practical, actionable tips and an inspiring host.
Awesome Podcast to Subscribe to!
Kudos! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Great podcast & resources
I’ve listened to Pat for a bit now and have some podcast ideas. Just never found the time to get everything perfectly ready for me to launch. This podcast has been very inspiring. The resources and info Pat provides on his platforms made hitting publish a breeze (and I was super intimidated by the technical aspect). Thank you so very much, Pat!
Fun, easy listening, and valuable!
Pat leads a captivatingly diverse lineup of business leaders and their entertaining and informative stories. A very insightful and helpful show!
Business Improv
Listening to Pat Flynn is time well spent
Pat Flynn presents value with every podcast. I take nuggets from every one. I appreciate you, Pat! I am #LivingSomedayToday Jude
Fellow financial freedom chasers
Hi guys, I just wrote my first biz book. It’s our play book on how we went from 3 mil to 20 mil in 5 years. Only on amazon- B2B Sales Degree Any support from fellow entrepreneurs is greatly appreciated! Hope you like the read !
Just what I needed
Hi all! Woke up feeling Imposter Syndrome, Fear of Failure, all that. Listened to the interview with Jordan Harbinger. Both Pat and Jordan go over their missteps and success stories. Just what I needed!
Blah blah blah
How many times can Pat Flynn go over the same stuff. Again and again and again. It's ridiculous.
Pat really gives it his heart and has a great story to try to emulate.
Great timely info - binge watch with care
Pat gives gives gives, shares so freely with such a beautiful abundant mindset. His topics are timely and evergreen. Love the show.
High Value Information for Entrepreneurs
Pat is incredibly entertaining as well as informative in his SPI podcast. Been a big fan of his for some time and always find value out of his episodes and how he distills information for listeners.
Jordan S Carroll
Practical and thought provoking
I recently added your show to my list. Every episode I walk away with so many takeaways. Especially in these times I appreciate seeing someone like you give of yourself to help others in the community. Hat tip.
Informative and Fun
I don’t recall where I stumbled across this podcast, but I’ve been listening to it for about 3 years now. I have a dog training business, and 95% of it is working with clients in person. When I first started listening I didn’t know how it would really apply to my service based business, but I found all the information really interesting so I listened anyway. With time, I made the leap to begin creating my own content, and I’m pretty close to having some self paced courses and webinars ready to go. I never thought I would go in that direction, but I was inspired by so much of what I learned here. Plus - work smarter not harder :) Thanks Pat!
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Pat’s The Best
I have been listening to Pat for around 10 years. Everything he does, he has the best intentions, gives the best information to help you out, and his podcast is one of the only ones I have to religiously listen to. It’s pure awesomeness.
The only consistently good podcast 🤩
I love Pat. He’s one of my virtual mentors even though he might not know it. His podcast(s) has helped and provided me the guidance, courage, and knowledge to start and run my business. His podcast is definitely the best out there. Why? 1. Each episode is not too long. They’re concise and filled with value. 2. Pat does not spam his ads/sponsorships over the episodes. 3. Pat is such an honest and humble person. Thanks Pat! Been meaning to leave this review for a long time but I have been using a different app to listen. I just re-downloaded Apple’s app and here’s my review. Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾! (Probably the only Malaysian who listens to your show 😆) PS: I’m a Cal Poly Pomona alumni Class of 2013 😉 Say hi to April for me.
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The Podcast That Jumpstarted My Solopreneur Journey
The Smart Passive Income Podcast was the first podcast I ever listened to only a few short years ago in 2016. Since then, Pat has helped me to expand my mind and develop my entrepreneurship brain so I can serve people at a higher level through forming my own company. The tools (hardware/software) that Pat shares throughout his podcast episodes have helped me launch my own podcast and his marketing strategies have also helped me hone my own message and have allowed me to get creative with how I want to market my business. I can’t say enough good things about the Smart Passive Income Podcast. I’m till an avid listener 4 years in. Thanks, Pat!
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My favorite podcast!
My go to podcast for all things business and even some lifestyle (like parenting) too!
Very Insightful
There are few podcasts that are as insightful as The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast with Pat Flynn. Pat is an excellent listener, and his commentary with his guests provide the listener with a multitude of varying opinions and perspectives about the nuances of entrepreneurship. The format of the show is fantastic and fresh. Keep up the good work!
Witty & Creative!
Congratulations on the continued success of your show, Pat! Keep it up 👍🏾 EJ Samuwel - Host of EJ’s Think Tank Podcast | Consultant | Best Selling Author
EJ Samuwel
Made creating and launching my podcast a reality!
I have been listening to both the SPI and Ask Pat podcasts for over a year and have a few of Pat’s courses including the Power Up Podcasting course...I’m launching my podcast on Tuesday - episodes are already on iTunes and I am SO excited and I couldn’t have done it without Pat’s help and guidance. Wanted to share and if you are thinking about starting a podcast Pat’a course is the best!! 😊🎧😊🎧
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Simple best entrepreneur podcast EVER!
Pat, you are great. The info, your courses, and precuts are excellent. My favorite episode is the one about book writing, marketing, and creation. It was great and inspired me to write my book and I teamed up with Azul to help me. Thank you immensely!
David RD
One of the best!
I love this podcast for a lot of reasons. What prompted me to write this review is something that Sean said in the Christmas episode this year.. To not wast too much time listening to ALL of his stuff.. That if you did that you would have no time to take action.. Great sound advice! Most podcasters I think just want you to consume with no action taken. What Sean is trying to do hear is inspire people to walk the walk!! It’s made me start. Podcast and video cast in my field ad we are 54 episodes in!! I won’t plug it here.. Just wanted to say thanks!
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On Ep 402 from Mike, long time listener
MAN! That replay clip of your first podcast audio was gold! How is it possible to sound 2 inches shorter? lol And also, you're right about the video recording lights: they should totally be green Thanks for the wisdom in each episode!
Cannot unsubscribe
No matter what I do to try to unsubscribe new episodes keep showing up, clearly this is how you get you numbers up
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