The Skorpion Show Podcast
The Skorpion Show Podcast
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I’ve been in love with The Skorpion Show for years. I am so happy that Kevin decided to move forward with the podcast!
Britt Sharell
Love them
Finally made it over from YT to support these men right here! Love you all. Pls never retire for at least 30 more yrs! Love ya! RandomBooze
J. Booze
I love this podcast
Great podcast great vibes and people.
Sasha fierce 679
Love y’all!!
Been watching y’all on youtube for maybe 8-10 years. Love seeing y’all grow and evolve. Keep up the great work!
I’ve been watching these guys for years.
I’m honestly so pleased to see that you guys have never given up. And finally I can listen to you on my Apple podcast app!
Kevin and Makael 🌸
Been watching you guys for 10 years love you!!!! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 y’all are the BEST 😜
Finally, a Podcast!
I’ve been watching this show on YouTube for years. So glad you now have a podcast for easy work listening. I love the dynamic between the two hosts.
My 1st Podcast
This is my first time EVER listening to a podcast! And it had to be with you guys 🙌🏾! I’ve been with since the beginning on YT - keep up the consistency!!
So happy for you guys!!!
I’ve been watching the skorpion show on YouTube for years and even attended one of your bbq’s in Philly. Finally I can listen without watching this makes it even more convenient while on the go. So many blessings to you both and thank you 🙏🏾 xo
Y’all are the OGs. I haven’t even listened to one episode yet but i rated 5 stars cuz i know you for your WORKS! Thank you for giving me entertainment during Rona2020!
Hilarious and entertaining
I have been following and listened and watching the show since it’s beginning episode on YouTube and I am so glad y’all finally started a podcast. I am constantly looking forward to hear you guys being hilarious as always .. the recent episode when makael called the nursing home I DIED with laughter! Thank you for being so entertaining much love from Namibia, Africa
ley from Namibia
Been following since early YouTube days, can’t believe y’all JUST now getting on the podcast scene, y’all are one of the OGs of this industry! Very consistent and cool. Keep it up
Love it!
Kevin and Makael have become part of my Friday morning routine each week. I’ve enjoyed each and every episode and look forward to the next.
Wonderful And Entertaining
I love this podcast!! I love the hot topics
Hey y’all
Great conversation !!
Love this
I’ve been a fan of the Skorpion show for years. Love this podcast. Hilarious 😂
So if Lizzio was skinny she can show her body... but because she fat she need to cover up... ok got thanks for the insight.
Great Podcast
Love both Kevin and Makael. I have been following them on YouTube for years. Such a great show!
Love Love Love
Been a fan of The Skorpion Show for about 9 years. I’ve been waiting on this for a couple years. It’s breathed new life into you guys. Glad to see that you guys are enjoying it. Cant wait for guests and interviews. Keep up the great work 💚💜
Janet Lover
Very Smart to Have a Podcast
Hey! I’m an OG Skorpion Show fan and I’m so happy to be able to listen to you all now via podcast especially since that’s what I like to do while driving to work and on flights. I wish you all continued success and I will listen and watch on YT as long as you all create content.
Ynobe N.
Love you guys!
I have been watching you guys on YouTube for YEARS! I love you guys and the podcast does not disappoint. My very first podcast I’m listening to and the only one I’m subscribed to lol. Keep up the good work guys!
Paigey F. Baby
Two of The Best Doing It
I’ve been watching The Skoprion Show on YouTube for a long time (going back to the Concrete Loop days lol) and I’m thrilled they’ve jumped into podcasting. Kevin and Makael have been some of my go to commentators on pop culture and entertainment. I consider them to be part of the wave starters of cultural commentary on YouTube that has birth the podcast generation we see today. Seeing them finally step into an arena that I think they influenced to a degree is big to me. When you listen to the Skorpion Show you are going to laugh, be informed, and entertained as they discuss the top story of the week. They are a dynamic duo who cover a full range of topics from politics, gossip, and any and everything in between.
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I used to watch them on YouTube all the time a few years ago when I was in college. I got excited to see that they are finally in the podcast world. I still love the content of their conversations. However it is inconsistent uploading. They sometimes don’t keep in mind that we can’t see what’s going on & parts gets a little confusing as an audio only supporter.
Kevin and Makael have been my faves for years!!! They are funny as hell and keep up with the current events!!! I love this podcast format because now I can listen to them while at work without having to be on my phone!! Keep up the good work guys!!
When are you coming back?!
I loved this show. You and Zach are an awesome duo btw! Please come back soon Tre we love and need you <3
Lovable as usual
I’ve been waiting for y’all to make the show into a podcast! It’s about time! I’ve been a loooooooong time YouTube fan and will continue to be long time podcast listener as along as y’all will have me. Lol
Y’all have the best podcast out there
Y’all always have me laughing!! My favorite part is when viewers send in questions and y’all give opinions
I love y’all.. been a fan since the very beginning! So proud.
A good move and a nice addition to the YouTube Channel.
A very good show, I look forward to listening to The Skorpion Show podcast. I love your podcast Kevin & Makael. I’m happy to hear Mama Skorpio on the podcast today!
Absolutely Loving It
Been following The Skorpion Show since the beginning! You all have had me dying laughing and kept me company for 10 yrs or more on YouTube and it’s only natural I keep up with these awesome podcast. Love you guys! Keep up the great work!
K C West
Great Show!
I’m so happy you two transitioned to the Podcast world! From entertainment news to the world of politics you two never disappoint me with your discussions. I can’t wait for the new show on Friday.
Great show!
Great show! Excited to see how they transition into the podcast world! Wishing a great transition!
My Absolute FAVS on the internet!
A Long Time Fan!
I love the commentary between these two! I have been watching Kevin and Makael for years and I’m so glad they finally entered this platform. I wish them much success!
Been a fan ! Love the growth
Congrats guys , I’ve been watching y’all for 8 years and caught up to all the previous ones before I found out about y’all . Love the growth and always enjoy y’all viewpoints, stories and genuine good energy. Keep it up !
The Skorpian Show
Love them!!!
Just as Good
The Podcast is just as good as the Youtube Channel. I love listening to them in the car.
So Necessary
The hosts compliment each other so well. The podcast goes so quickly because of how honest, raw and enlightening it is. Definitely look forward to it each week.
Great Listen!
I'm on episode 2 and love the podcast!!
Amazing Podcast
😍 I love this show!
Danie Gurl
Excited for next Phase
Subscribed to YouTube channel in 09, can’t wait to listen to the podcast
Love the show♥️❤️♥️
I am so excited that you guys have decided to venture into the podcast world..I have been a fan of the both of you since 2013. I also love watching your family and friends when they come on your show especially mama scorpion.
jam in a jar
The Skorpion Show is BLACK HISTORY
When I think of YouTube I instantly say, “Kevin and Makael.” The originators of Black you tube. I can think of episodes from a decade ago and it’s like nostalgia. I’m so happy the show is now on other media streams. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Please don’t let the numbers fool you. These men have been some of the driving forces behind some of the biggest moments in history. From Beyoncé(Video Release), Lady Gaga, Michelle Williams, K Michelle the entire ORIGINAL cast of, “The Real.” They’ve all been interviewed by them. So proud to be a supporter. Cheers to this next chapter
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Love You Guys
You guys are doing a wonderful job 😀
Long time subscriber to their incredible YouTube channel and the podcast is just as entertaining and insightful! Though it’s probably time to change the name to The Kevin and Makael Show..also it would sound better if they both introduce themselves in the beginning. Makael didn't come in until minutes later, you wouldn’t know he was there. Which is ok for YouTube because we see you, but not good for podcasting.
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Love y’all
I’ve been a fan since 2011 ... pray that your success exceeds all of your expectations
OG fan since 2011 and still so proud!!
I've been an OG fan since 2011 and I'm still so proud of Kevin and Makael for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something different other than just YT videos. Keep it up!! :)
Glad to see the evolution of the show been hoping y’all would do a radio format.
Such a great show!
I’m a longtime fan of the YouTube channel. I am over the moon excited to listen to their podcast, because I will have something to listen to and catch up on all my favorite gossip and news while at work without looking at it.Thank you Kevin & Makael!
My Favs
I love you 2 forreal! I’m an OG follower. Maybe 9 1/2 years lol.
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