The Skift Podcast
The Skift Podcast
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A must-listen for travel business people
Insightful and authentic content for travel business people. Helps you develop a holistic view of travel and tourism industry
Alireza Aghasi
Best in the business of travel!!!!
Phenomenal podcast! Intersection of travel business, marketing, and technology. The best part is the quality of guests they are able to get. They are often speaking to CEOs, VP of Marketing, Etc.
Refreshing listen!
Huge fan of Skift and was so happy to see they created a podcast! The conversations are really refreshing and authentic and the content is entertaining yet valuable. Looking forward to next week’s already!
travel nerds rejoice
Great it you work in the travel industry or are just a travel fanboy/girl.
Traveling Man 2015
the best travel-related podcast has finally arrived
this really is the first podcast around which one could have intelligent and well-informed conversations related to travel. if i could give it ten stars, i would.
iceland adventurer