The Six Figure Photography Podcast With Ben Hartley
The Six Figure Photography Podcast With Ben Hartley
Ben Hartley
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Best Podcast on Photography Business IMO
I’ve listened to tons of photography podcasts, and this is the best one for marketing/ actual business in my opinion. Ben has great guests, and is himself a very charismatic dude and good interviewer. He draws clarity out of his guests and knows himself what he’s talking about in terms of growing a successful business as an artist
Fantastic show!
Look forward to the show every single week. Ben is a wealth of knowledge and delivers a quality program week after week. Thanks Ben!
Excellent Advice!
Gold mine of fantastic material in Ben’s podcasts. I wish I started listening to this a year ago when I started my photography business. Definitely a must-listen podcast series!!
Inspiring & Educational
This is hands down, one of my favorite podcasts. I’m constantly finishing an episode feeling inspired and educated. Thanks for doing what you do, Ben!
KG Photo
I learn a lot every single time I listen
Ben is upbeat and gracious to his guests which makes him a pleasure to listen to but it is really his ability to draw information out, explain it in a way even beginners can understand and relate it back to practical ways it can be applied to your business that keeps me coming back again and again to listen.
Annoying "Solo Ranting." Dire need for organized talking points.
I felt compelled to try and save people their time and ears from this podcast. I had attempted to listen to a few of Ben's podcasts but never did because of his lack of organization and poor presentation abilities. I was prompted by episode 135 on January 20th, 2020 to write this out. Ben spends about 5 min animatedly musing, and "solo ranting" (that's how Ben acknowledges his approach to communication) about how fast he can say his podcast's title, talking about his other platforms, etc. At 2:50, he attempts to give an overview of what the podcast will be about but then reverts to talking about live streaming on Facebook and refers to his actions as "solo ranting." Try sticking around until 4:30; it almost sounds like he's going to launch into the material, but no. You are subject to hearing him scamper and try to organize his thoughts. If you can make it to 5 min, good for you, you might end up gleaning some insight into whatever he had planned to talk about. If you end up reading this, Ben turning your FB live stream into a podcast was not a great approach. I don't think live streams translate well to podcasts. If you plan to teach and share knowledge on a podcast, show up prepared, and get your talking points across.
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I learn something new every time I listen!
This podcast is AMAZING! I love listening to it because it always gives me new insights and new information I’ve never heard before. Most photography podcasts just say the same things as everyone else over and over again and it’s like HELLO I already know that. On this podcast I get tangible new tips, insights and amazing business tips that I don’t here anywhere else! I highly highly recommend this podcast to Photographers!
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A Must Listen for Every Photographer
I’m so happy I started listening to this podcast! I can’t believe how much amazing content Ben gives FOR FREE! I’ve loved every episode I’ve listened to so far and have learned something from all of them. I feel so fortunate to have this free educational resource and I hope Ben keeps making episodes forever.
Kayla Cat Lady
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re well established as a photographer, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Ben does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving photography business, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Ben is the best!.
I love the topics and the wonderful and insightful messages from Ben. He's a great teacher and leader in the photography world! Highly recommend! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Helpful and Fun… You’ll learn a lot and laugh!
This is my favorite photography podcast. While others may be equal in the amount of helpful information, the host Ben sets this one apart. Ben you crack me up! He can be pretty darn goofy at times and keeps things to a level of where he’s learning along with you. He asks the right questions and keeps things light and energetic. I come back to this show time and time again. Thanks!
Sooo…my names Leslie and I totally…
thought you were talking to me through the podcast 🤣 I was thinking, WOW this is really customized LOL! Great podcast, I love learning the ins and outs of business in all aspects. Hey Leslie, great name girl!
Quality Content and Amazing Heart
Phenomenal and priceless content❣️ I’ve been growing with Ben Hartley at my side since I discovered his podcast. Through his podcast I found out about a masterclass he developed and attended it ( you should definitely go❣️). You will learn about things you didn’t even know you needed to learn about as a new photographer. As an established photographer he provides a fresh perspective to help you grow your business, your strategy, and gives you great advice to be able to open more time for yourself.
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This podcast is so helpful!!
My husband and I absolutely love Ben’s podcast! We have listened to countless episodes over the past year and a half of starting our business and each episode has been so incredibly helpful to us in really finding out how we can thrive in our business. We’re so thankful to this podcast for teaching us so much, and we’d totally recommend this podcast to any other photographer!
Corinne + Ryan Priest
As someone who owns a food photography business, I find all of the information and insight so incredibly helpful! Everything I have learned has helped me grow my business even more!
Taylor Gillespie
So much good positive content!
I’m still getting caught up from episode one but absolutely love listening to this podcast while editing! So much good content and I recently went back to listen to a few podcasts again and took more good information from them. I also love the positivity in an industry where it can be super competitive and easy to compare.
Heather in Okinawa
The amount of value in here is INSANE!!!
If you need super valuable information you just can’t find on YouTube or online then you need to listen to this podcast. Ben brings a ton of amazing guests with massive amounts of valuable information that can help you define how to make your business profitable. I love Ben’s approach with his guests because he’ll request that they be specific with their experiences so us as a listener can truly benefit from this podcast. This podcast alone has helped me really push my business forward. It needs more than 5 stars!
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Mr Mentos
I love Ben's energy and excellent guests
Hey Ben, Congrats on such a great podcast that helps people grow grow grow and gives people the opportunity to learn from such knowledgable guests. I especially enjoyed episode 97 with Shawna about sales.
Luci Dumas
5 stars aren’t enough!!!
I highly recommend Ben’s podcast to all business owners and creatives! It is unbelievable that Ben offers this podcast FOR FREE! His energy, passion, and business insight is unparalleled. He is a great interviewer and I am always left encouraged and inspired after listening! He has helped my business grow in so many ways and helped me reach six figures. Ben, I can’t thank you enough for this podcast!!!
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The Best
Looking for info? Looking for encouragement? Looking for brilliant ideas?here it is.
Amazing resource!
Ben is such a great interviewer! I love how he asks the hard questions and doesn’t let a guest get by with fluff. He gets to the real stuff and the most helpful stuff very quickly! Love this show!
Incredibly insightful
This podcast is far and away one of the best out there. For anyone who is starting photography, veteran photographers, or simply creative solo entrepreneurs that need a little motivation and guidance, there are plenty of golden insights to be found within. Ben Hartley knocks it out of the park with his enthusiasm, good humor and dedication to helping others maximize their potential. I’ve struggled with procrastination, anxiety, financial uncertainty, and self-doubt while building my photo career over the last few years. This podcast has given me new hope and support, for which I’m grateful. Definitely worth the listen. Cheers
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Just rolling and so informative for any stage of photographer
Incredible show
I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Ben delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destined for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it.
Favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to Ben’s podcast for several years. He’s truly amazing and dedicated to giving so much information. It’s been life changing all around. Thank you so much Ben!
I have personally learned and been influenced IMMENSELY in my life from the direct impact of Ben Hartley. I look up to him not only as a photographer and educator, but as a human being as well. He's one of the legit kindest, most authentic, transparent, BS-free people I have ever met and I am forever grateful for his influence on my life. I highly recommend absorbing as much of his - and his incredible team's - content as you possibly can. Listen to all the podcasts, buy all the courses, go to Abundance. Do it all and you will see MAJOR return on your investment of time and money. I can't even fully put it into words - you've GOT to do yourself the favor of experiencing it yourself. Just do it. 👊🏼
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Opening my mind up.
Can’t say enough about this podcast. I’ve been a full time wedding photographer since 2011. We’ve got a pretty established team and associate team and have been a part of a lot of pretty amazing things and yet, business is never an easy beast to tackle and the industry is ever changing. Listening to this podcast has challenged so many of my bad habits, lazy practices, and marketing ideas and I’m loving the way it’s encouraging me to serve my clients better and be a better manager, boss, friend, and creative. Ben is a pretty incredible guy and his work ethic and drive certainly show.
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stuck paying for nothing.
Super helpful
A great podcast for photographers, especially those new in the business or people stuck in a rut. I have learned so much about marketing and business. I have already sent it to all my photographer friends.
Favorite Photography Podcast!
Ben’s Six Figure Photography Podcast is my favorite photography podcast to listen to. It’s always super helpful, entertaining, and helps me make changes in my business to help it grow. The results speak for themselves!
Ben Hartley has Heart
I have been listening to Ben’s series of Pod Cast for a few weeks now. I think the content is really outstanding. Ben and his guests have been so inspirational to me.
Life Changing!
I started listening to the Six Figure Photography Podcast last August. At that point, I was struggling to really "find my place" in wedding photography and earn what I thought my services were worth. After listening to almost all the available episodes in two months, I had new systems in place to make running a photography business easier, a whole new pricing scheme that was more expensive than before - but people were more eager to hire me! - and a fresh, enthusiastic approach to my career. If you're a photographer trying to make money with your craft, this is the podcast for you. Whether you're just starting, a hobbyist, part time, or full time, you'll find countless gems of brilliance in each episode!
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Amazing podcast! Amazing dude!
Absolutely fantastic information by someone who genuinely cares about people just as much as he cares about business. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!
The best of the best!
I had the opportunity to learn from Ben Hartley in person at Showit United And was immediately drawn to his passion and style of teaching. I was excited to see that he also has this podcast and has some of the best in the business as guest speakers!
Love this podcast!
Ben is great! He covers so many topics with experienced guests that come in and give their own knowledge while Ben give his as well. It's an easy listen with motivational tips and techniques!
Helpfully Practical!
I listen to a number of podcasts - the unique thing with SFPP is its extreme practicality.. More than most!!
Ben of Flatlands Coffee
I cannot say enough kind words about Ben Hartley and the Six Figure Photography Podcast. This is hands down THE most helpful podcast I have ever listened to. I literally would listen to 2 episodes a on my morning commute to my corporate job and one on the way home from my corporate job. With each podcast I learned more and more about how to effectively and efficiently run a photography businness and just kept on implementing and implementing what I learned. Thanks to Ben I am now able to say that I FINALLY got to quit my corporate job (something I dreamnt about for years) and am now running a successful photography business allowing me to provide for my family all while being able to be with my kids A LOT more often than I was when working in the corporate world. This podcast legitimatley changed my life and there's really no words that I can ever say to thank Ben enough for his kindness. This podcast is perfect for anybody in business, not just photographers. Treat yo'self and tune in!!!
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Casey McMinn Howard
Great diversity of topics with great guests and content!
I discovered this podcast while exploring other business and photography-related podcasts, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it -- I've learned so much from Ben and some of the incredible guests he's hosted (Abbey Kyhl and her Pinterest strategy are rocking my world right now). Ben's energy is fantastic (without being over-the-top or inauthentic) and offers amazing advice for photographers running their own business. Highly recommended!
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Super Inspiring
Ben and his guests, have on more than one occasion, motivated me to make changes, big and small in my business that have been seriously beneficial. Looking foward to what 2019 holds! Thanks for the great content!
Jill C. Smith Photography
The Best
Ben’s podcast has made a huge impact on my business. My outlook is completely different than it was when I started listening a few months ago. He has amazing guests and is himself a great resource. Highly recommend!
Life: changed!
Ben, you’ve created a life-changing show. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first listening to podcast with a flashy, get-rich kind of name. But after the first episode, your show turned to gold. I have learned so much from you, your positive attitude, and of course your amazing guests. Due in part to your positive coaching and outlook on a life of photography, I just last week quit my full-time job and I’m going photography full-time (families, couples, portraits, etc.) with Mollye Miller Photography. Thank you for everything that you do. I know sometimes it might be tempting to put off the podcast and work on the other million projects you want to start, but I just want to say that your work is important and I appreciate it with my whole heart.
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Practical and Upbeat
I just found this podcast yesterday and have started binge listening right away. I love the energy of the host! Photography is my hobby, but I’d love to turn it into something more. The conversations are inspiring and practical!
Hone your business skills
This pod cast is packed with great information each and every week. If you are serious about your business than your already subscribed.
Camera Mam
Relevant, Inspirational and Applicable Knowledge
I am a wedding and portrait photographer 1 year into my business, and have learned so many practical real world things from this podcast. Ben picks amazing guests and has so much knowledge to offer himself as well. He doesn't get hung up on gear like some other podcasts do either. I always leave feeling inspired but also empowered to do great things in my business. Thank you!!
Make This Podcast a Part of Your Routine
Whether you are a n00b or not, this podcast speaks wisdom to every facet of detail that photographers will ever have to deal with: taxes, legal protection, marketing ruts, self-doubt and beyond. I found this podcast a couple months ago and have been devouring it every. day. Ben and his guests break things down in a way that is not over your head, and makes you feel like you’re just listening to a group of friends talk! Obviously I can’t say enough, but I will add one more thing. This Assistant to the Regional Manager should be promoted to Assistant Regional Manager (ASAP as possible.) Thank you Ben!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Thank you!
Thank you for always having amazing guests! I always look forward to your podcasts, I learn so much and really appreciate all that you do for the photography community!
Can’t stop
Been wanting to get into photography and Through this podcast have learned so much and it has helped me to start planning properly before I even begin so that way I can build a six figure income from my photography! Thank you Ben!!!
Ben your podcast is the first to seriously change my business and my confidence in myself to say “YES I’m worth it and I can!” - I’ve really amped up my experience and my clients are now talking about me, I cannot thank you ENOUGH for giving back - look at you bringing up the industry!
Trisha K. Photography
the bag of D’s episode
I listen to the podcast weekly as the episodes come out and I’ve heard every episode before, but that didn’t stop me from heading back down to the beginning today while doing some mundane work around the house. I stumbled upon episode number 42 which I’m pretty sure is one of the best episodes of any podcast out there, I took so much away from it, again. Do yourself a favor - go listen to every single episode of this podcast and better your business and yourself.
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Taking notes!
The last way episode 88 is a reminder of the great info this podcast provides. I love useful tips and actionable items.
Chelsea Lane B
Endless Resources!
I am so grateful for the endless amount of resources and wealth of knowledge I’ve gleamed from this podcast! I love sharing this with other photographers, thank you SO much for all your time and work!
Rose Haas
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