The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
The Shinybees Knitting and Yarn Podcast
Jo Milmine
The podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures. Hosted by UK knitter Jo Milmine, there are regular interviews with all your favourite designers and dyers. Get the latest knitting news, yarn and pattern book reviews, show updates along with local yarn shop visits and knitting related travel. Business minded? Enjoy the interviews with knitting and yarn entrepreneurs for top tips and inspiration on making it in the industry. Enjoy the finest funny knitting pattern 'picks' that Ravelry has to offer.
Ep 165 - Getting Rid of Moths in Knitwear
Moth infestation in knitwear is every knitter's worst nightmare. In this episode I cover some of the background of which kinds of moths chew knitwear in the UK and how to get rid of them.
Nov 24
30 min
Ep 164 - Knitted Wreaths For Christmas
With all the joy sucked out of life at the moment, it's time to turn festive up to 11! As a massive Christmas fan, I'm always one to have the real tree picked out, chopped down and in the house by the last week in November. This year, I'm planning to go a little bigger on the decoration front and add quite a bit more to interiors to get in the spirit. A So this week I have a pattern selection to share with you for knitted Christmas wreaths.
Nov 18
27 min
Ep 163 - Delicious Little Joys
Delicious little joys is the theme and the idea is to embrace the idea of looking for delicious little joys in the every day. Indeed, it’s about actively building in joy to your day. It’s gonna be miserable in the Northern hemisphere soon, so finding ways to bring joy will be a positive thing. Yarn is any that brings you joy. Pattern is any joyful pattern. We start on 15th November and will continue until we don’t need any more joy (which might be around 1st February 2021.
Nov 13
36 min
Ep 162 - The Boyfriend Sweater Curse
You may or may not have heard before about the infamous folklore that is the Boyfriend Sweater Curse, This occurs when a knitter undertakes to knit a jumper for a significant other, and this leads to the breakdown of the relationship - sometimes before the recipient has even received the gift! In a 2005 survey, 15% of knitters reported having experienced this very curse. 41% believed that it might be true. SO it's worth knowing about, even if you don't believe in it.
Nov 3
32 min
Ep 161 - Colourwork Sock Inspiration
Ten pattern suggestions to power up your colourwork socks. Knitted colourwork sock pattern inspiration
Oct 27
33 min
Ep 160 - Dorset Buttons with Tania Ashton Jones of TJ Frog
Tania Ashton Jones of TJ Frog joins us to talk all about Dorset Buttons, their history, the Isle of Skye, where she currently lives, as well as her very special range of high provenance yarns and beautiful project bags. If you've ever been curious about the Isle of Skye, you should give Tania's podcast a try.
Oct 20
41 min
Ep 159 - Socktober, the Month of Socks
Socktober lends its inspiration this week, where I have a rundown of ten previous banging' Shinybees episodes that cover some great sock themed content. There are a couple of interviews, as well as some expert advice from Clare Devine on the Sock Surgery, all handily signposted from this episode.
Oct 6
39 min
Ep 158 - You Forget What You Know
There are some great knitting sites available and I often forget that not everyone has discovered them yet. T So, this week I have shared some of my favourite knitting sites that I come back to often, specifically to help those new knitters that have started listening tot the podcast during lockdown, or that have started listening after returning to the needles.
Oct 1
28 min
Ep 157 - The RAF Comforts Committee
The RAF Comforts Committee was formed by the Air Council in October 1939 to determine the type and quantities of 'knitted comforts' required for the RAF as well as arrange for their collection, storage and distribution through their depots. Inspired by a random eBay purchase of an RAF Comforts Committee pin badge some years ago, and recently rediscovering said badge, this episode delves into a little of the history of the RAF Comforts Committee.
Sep 18
22 min
Ep 156 - Back to School Knits
This week is sponsored by Back to School, specifically the absolute abomination that is school shoe shopping. Despite indeed having no school for the kids, I decided to brave Clarks and get the pre-requisite footwear on a special early morning appointment.
Aug 25
35 min
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