The Senior Pet Podcast
The Senior Pet Podcast
Stacey Bone
Help your young pets live longer and your older pets live better. Veterinarian, Dr. Stacey Bone and Pet Industry insider, Ron Devries offer sound commentary and real-world guidance on issues surrounding Senior Pet Health. Listen in and learn why Old Age Isn't a Disease.
Should I exercise my senior pet and how??
Dr. Bone and Ron discuss how to keep your senior pet, both dogs and cats, active. Activity is important for physical and mental well being and this is great advice for all senior pet owners.
Oct 22
35 min
Arthritis Recap: Bite-sized Pawd
Dr. Bone and Ron do a quick recap of everything they have covered on arthritis in our senior pets over the last few episodes.
Sep 1
10 min
Supplements and CBD for Arthritis??
After a bit of a break, Dr. Bone and Ron are back and covering their next installment in the arthritis series looking at using CBD and supplements for arthritis. There are a lot of products on the market and discuss the most common forms and evidence...
Aug 18
36 min
How Can I Treat My pet's Arthritis?
Dr. BOne and Ron continue the arthritis conversation with what most pet owners want to know: How can I treat Arthritis. From medications to alternative therapies, your hosts cover the good and bad and what evidence exists to use it as a treatment.
Jul 8
39 min
Does my pet have arthritis? What are the signs?
Dr. Bone and Ron discuss what symptoms a pet with arthritis will show; sometimes it isn't what you think! And they discuss how we diagnose arthritis if there are symptoms.
Jun 9
30 min
What is arthritis and how common is it?
Dr. Bone and Ron start the series on the single most common condition that affects senior pets, osteoarthritis. They cover the disease itself, how common it is in our senior pets, and what causes it.
Jun 2
29 min
Anxiety and Your Pets
Dr. Bone and Ron discuss the dreaded anxiety with a focus on feline anxiety and urinary issues, separation anxiety in dogs, and how to treat anxiety in your pets.
May 28
33 min
What pain meds can I give my pet and what is going on with the pets testing positive for Covid 19?
In this Bite-Sized Pawd, Dr. Bone is answering the question of what pain medications can I give at home for my pet if they are hurting? He goes through the do's and don'ts of home pain med treatments. He also gives a quick overview of cats testing...
May 3
17 min
Do Veterinarian's Pets Get Sick?
Have you wondered if veterinarian's pets get sick? Do vets miss things on their own pets? Dr. Bone and Ron discuss some stories of issues with their own pets and some pet stories from other veterinarians. The hot spot of this episode is about...
Apr 15
41 min
Is this an Emergency? AND a quick Coronavirus Update
Dr. Bone discusses what is considered an emergency in veterinary medicine.
Mar 26
17 min
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