The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
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Such an inspiration
Love the podcast the content is amazing each and every week. It gives me hope knowing that you can love God and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. It’s the foundation for me 💪🏾
E!!!!!! Yo went in!!!! Just when I thought this pod was a gift, today was 🔥 Once Again another great episode. Its refreshing to hear they’re excitement and motivation discussing success! It’s very contagious and makes you want to be great! I love the practical discussion along with golden nuggets that’s dropped continuously, and the guys make you feel like fam. Shout out to the ET Team, you really are changing lives especially mine. I started with TGIM graduated to researching full speeches and most recently attended Ignite the Dream; Amazing keep doing great work. I can legit say that All three of the guys has help assist in changing my life as far as mindset, action, execution and Advancement. I am grateful to God that all Three the Team has stayed dialed into their most genuine Selves!
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The best podcast
Definitely the best podcast. I look forward to Thursday’s now. 💪🏾
mario mcclendon
Started listening to the podcast in 2019 after I realized I need a positive inspiration and fuel each week. This is now an ABSOLUTE MUST. For met to listen in every Thursday. Truly appreciate the consistency you all have shown Karl, CJ, Jamal and ET as well as the team that backs you.
Great job
This podcast is great because they don’t just tell you stuff but they practice what they preach. Mindset has the ability to change your life.
Love these guys.
Being a minority, these positive black men who are married, love their wives, and have thriving businesses is a huge motivation for me. I try to be a better person each day. These guys are a living example of what I want to become in this world, for this world. Their round-table style banter with each other is great. Being silly loading up a story but each story has a lesson involved and then they enforce the lesson with motivation. I learn something each time I listen to the podcast.
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S2S Podcast
Podcast has drove me out of some dark places , I’m a huge fan and can’t thank y’all enough
Fire Under My Rump 🔥
This podcast has helped me hit goals and set a new standard for myself daily! I love listening to wisdom of these gentlemen and am excited to keep progressing forward.
Alayshia Denise
Best podcast ever
The only podcast I listen to daily I wish it came on everyday…love the energy love the vibes!!!!!
Has and continues to hold us down.
Man I have been listening to you guys for years now. Let me say im a 24 year old male working im a aluminum mill. I have worked anywhere from 8 hours to 16 hour shifts. Listening to you guys has kept me solid in my work mindset for the last 3 years. I apologize for such a late review but for the longest I’ve been stuck on what i should say. I wont make this long so let me say this. Thank you for your commitment to us & the podcast !
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S2S is King
Hands down the best podcast on the market! The amount of content that comes from this platform is astronomical! Thank You. I do have a podcast coming up soon and I plan to structure my podcast like you all. Organic and Pure! Cuz that’s all we have in this world. Namastè
Hey I luv the show. The energy is amazing. I looking to get more involved in creating my own podcast here in Memphis. I would be honor if you may have some tips for me. Thanks in advance Keep up the great work…
I love it!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!
Try- onaire
From The Beginning
Folks I just wanna say thank you for being that constant positivity. Right now I went back and started listening from episode 1 season 1 and am currently on episode 13. I love every minute of this PodCast so please NEVER Stop.
Not so secret successful review
Straight up I love this podcast this podcast is amazing I didn’t listen to it for the last nine months and I’ve been listening to 2 to 3 a day just to catch up to everything that I’ve missed these guys make me laugh and one time I almost cried. More than anything I am constantly edified and inspired. Organify what’s good though!? 😎😇
Episode 284
Definitely have been there where the old me meets the new me. I literally caught my self right after I blew up and had a short pep talk with myself, in my head and told myself to not give the other person that power over me. I quickly gathered myself and went back to my new self 🙃 it was mind blowing and amazing to see my growth! Besides that, this is a fire episode! Like always!!!!
Worth your time
These gentlemen have been there ...done that ..they talk about the highs and lows on the journey to realize your goals and dreams .awesome!!
I have nothing but positive things to say about this podcast. I tell all the people in my circle to find the answers they’re looking for, to just turn to any of the podcast episodes and they’ll find it.
Top Grade Podcast
Thanks to E, CJ, Karl, and Jemal for being themselves and putting out quality content, consistently, weekly! Everything needed for personal growth is here from scripture to humor. I’ve been listening for some years now and appreciate the work y’all put in. Thanks fellas.
A Avents
My husband and I enjoy listening to you all. It is a motivation like no other to be able to hear, see, and physically move with the information and guidance you all give. I feel like you guys are like my cousins sharing wisdom to better the family. Keep it up
Growing up listening to this is life changing
By the off chance anybody reads this, I’m in a really deep dark cave and listening to this podcast make me feel like I got 4 amazing father figures guiding me through it and helping me enjoy myself. Every time I turn it on I forget all the doubts I have about the trade school I’m making.
Show your work ep277
Thank y’all for continuously blessing our lives every week with this great podcast but ep277 really open my eyes.
Reginard opoku
Great vibrations really enjoy this team . Make you feel well welcomed and experience great advice and tips in life business and entrepreneurship
Killer Podcast
You guys are doing a great thing helping out the unguided
Dre From Harlem
Great podcast
Best on the net
Absolutely love ET and the team
Great podcast.. lots and lots of wisdom and real ness .. really elevating my life as the guys speak.. very powerfulll ‼️‼️‼️#120
Best podcast
Fantastic. Been listening to ET since the beginning of his YouTube beginnings. He has truly changed my life by being a catalyst for growth. Now I get to grow not only from him, but from his inner circle. The information and content is unbelievable and entertaining. Love the ETA fam.
Just wanna take this time to express my appreciation for you gentleman. The morals, the love, the lessons, the wisdom, the knowledge. I’ve been heavy on the podcast for almost 2 weeks when I heard GOD say there were some things he and I must work out so I also joined APOC. They change I feel in my heart ... wooo! Thank you Jesus for these four brothers!
Great Podcast
Heard the Guru story in 2013, been rocking ever since. Life changing content! Thank you God for ETA!!!
Jam Packed
So much jammed into each episode. I love it!
The Chef Rock Xperiment
I listen to this podcast at least 3 times a week. Love the chemistry and realness of the guys. Different episodes someone unexpectedly takes the key speaker roll and drop jewels. All the guys are knowledgeable in life and have enough confidence to lead others to greatness. A so needed podcast for all who want to be great!
Ron T 81
Man of Fire
Listening to Man of Fire and close to end Pastor E! Hit us with don’t change who you are. Remain who you are despite situation, circumstances, people, etc... if you are a giver don’t stop being a giver! Give what you have whether it’s a little or a lot! Blessed me!!
Changed my whole outlook on life.
I’ve started this podcast from the episode one on March 22nd, 2021. It’s not March 28th (my birthday) & I’m on episode 13. I have a long ways to go, from those very short amount of episode, it’s been life changing for the absolute best. I got let go from a great job opportunity for reasons I don’t know. But listening to these guys helped me fine my passion for my own dreams again! It’s so much more I want to type about how brilliant this podcast is . I just want to thank you guys man. Much love.
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Hopeless Thoughts 1
Man on fire
They came with straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 delivering that “favor” message was HEAVY ‼️
jjjjf k
Bait, hook, caught up in positivity!!!
I just want to say thank you guys for speaking to me in a language I understand! I have been listening from the first podcast y’all started, I am 2.5 months from discovering y’all and I said that I had to start from the beginning not where you are now. My thoughts have changed, my vision is clearing up, I was a bit hazy since this COVID-19 pandemic started. My sales had been down mow I listen to y’all to get that extra push to keep dialing and talking and pushing myself once again. I can’t wait to take the next step once again! Thank you for the motivational inspiration and positive messages! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👊🏽👊🏽
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The world needs more of this...💪🏾
Thank you for sharing your stories and the life lessons in them. I believe when we share what we learn we elevate humanity. Each one teach one! -Napo
Pure Premium Motivation & Mentorship
I spend all of my spare time with S2S Podcast. Not only do I look forward to the weekly motivation, I also listen to all the previous podcasts that were made before I caught on. I just want to thank you guys for helping me to realize that I’m in my own way and that no matter what I can and I will WIN!
Winners Win!!
It’s so many negative and energy draining things going on around us all the time. I spend my life focused on the positive things that add value to my life and fill my cup until it runs overs. That’s why I love this podcast. So if you want some positive energy, good vibrations and information with the potential to change your life. Check out the Secrets 2 Success. Much love Karl, CJ and E.T. and Jemal Marvin from Chicago
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Complete success
Secret 2 success podcast is by far my favorite thing to listen to. Above any other podcast. Above music. Above anyone who calls my phone. Such an inspiration to 2 4 black men come together and build something so great without an ego, agenda, or any other drama being in the way. Men with values. Men with beautiful families. Men who have succeeded in life, not just made a lot of money. Success includes family, health, wealth, knowledge, and such much more. With that being said, these may be the most successful brothers I have ever seen and this is an inspiration for me.
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Azaniah Elichai
This podcast is seriously life changing
Literally the greatest podcast i’ve ever heard in my life. Learn so many things every episode from these guys. Thank You
Correction is hard for many people , because they refuse to open their eyes and look in the mirror and reflect on who Am I and don’t even question themselves by relying on the confirmation club to reaffirm the unwholesome decision. The Podcast was a go!
You just look forward to this podcast dropping every week. So much simplicity in this podcast. I love you guys. I feel like y’all my uncles man.
Young Protege
MJ Thomas
I’m always blessed by each podcast!! I’m very thankful for each participant (host) and for what each person brings to the table!! Praise God for you and your families!!
Highly recommend the listen! There is so much to learn from every episode!
Ima listener
Life Changing
Thanks to people like E, we can all grow from ANYTHING that happens. Stay blessed and keep making great content.
Every time I listen to a new episode I find myself even more amazed then the last one! What these guys are doing for the culture is like no other! Keep this going please we the people need it! Blessings
Never fails!
This podcast is EVERYTHANG!! I am talking FULL CYCLE life support! I am so happy the Creator saw fit for this union to come thru in my life! See ya next week! 😂😂☮️❤️
A Good Brown Girl
Thank you!!
Thank you for the best podcast out there. And for the help in my life. Because of ET, CJ, Karl, Jamal I see life way different.
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