The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
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Man of Fire
Listening to Man of Fire and close to end Pastor E! Hit us with don’t change who you are. Remain who you are despite situation, circumstances, people, etc... if you are a giver don’t stop being a giver! Give what you have whether it’s a little or a lot! Blessed me!!
Changed my whole outlook on life.
I’ve started this podcast from the episode one on March 22nd, 2021. It’s not March 28th (my birthday) & I’m on episode 13. I have a long ways to go, from those very short amount of episode, it’s been life changing for the absolute best. I got let go from a great job opportunity for reasons I don’t know. But listening to these guys helped me fine my passion for my own dreams again! It’s so much more I want to type about how brilliant this podcast is . I just want to thank you guys man. Much love.
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Hopeless Thoughts 1
Man on fire
They came with straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 delivering that “favor” message was HEAVY ‼️
jjjjf k
Bait, hook, caught up in positivity!!!
I just want to say thank you guys for speaking to me in a language I understand! I have been listening from the first podcast y’all started, I am 2.5 months from discovering y’all and I said that I had to start from the beginning not where you are now. My thoughts have changed, my vision is clearing up, I was a bit hazy since this COVID-19 pandemic started. My sales had been down mow I listen to y’all to get that extra push to keep dialing and talking and pushing myself once again. I can’t wait to take the next step once again! Thank you for the motivational inspiration and positive messages! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👊🏽👊🏽
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The world needs more of this...💪🏾
Thank you for sharing your stories and the life lessons in them. I believe when we share what we learn we elevate humanity. Each one teach one! -Napo
Pure Premium Motivation & Mentorship
I spend all of my spare time with S2S Podcast. Not only do I look forward to the weekly motivation, I also listen to all the previous podcasts that were made before I caught on. I just want to thank you guys for helping me to realize that I’m in my own way and that no matter what I can and I will WIN!
Winners Win!!
It’s so many negative and energy draining things going on around us all the time. I spend my life focused on the positive things that add value to my life and fill my cup until it runs overs. That’s why I love this podcast. So if you want some positive energy, good vibrations and information with the potential to change your life. Check out the Secrets 2 Success. Much love Karl, CJ and E.T. and Jemal Marvin from Chicago
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Complete success
Secret 2 success podcast is by far my favorite thing to listen to. Above any other podcast. Above music. Above anyone who calls my phone. Such an inspiration to 2 4 black men come together and build something so great without an ego, agenda, or any other drama being in the way. Men with values. Men with beautiful families. Men who have succeeded in life, not just made a lot of money. Success includes family, health, wealth, knowledge, and such much more. With that being said, these may be the most successful brothers I have ever seen and this is an inspiration for me.
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Azaniah Elichai
This podcast is seriously life changing
Literally the greatest podcast i’ve ever heard in my life. Learn so many things every episode from these guys. Thank You
Correction is hard for many people , because they refuse to open their eyes and look in the mirror and reflect on who Am I and don’t even question themselves by relying on the confirmation club to reaffirm the unwholesome decision. The Podcast was a go!
You just look forward to this podcast dropping every week. So much simplicity in this podcast. I love you guys. I feel like y’all my uncles man.
Young Protege
MJ Thomas
I’m always blessed by each podcast!! I’m very thankful for each participant (host) and for what each person brings to the table!! Praise God for you and your families!!
Highly recommend the listen! There is so much to learn from every episode!
Ima listener
Life Changing
Thanks to people like E, we can all grow from ANYTHING that happens. Stay blessed and keep making great content.
Every time I listen to a new episode I find myself even more amazed then the last one! What these guys are doing for the culture is like no other! Keep this going please we the people need it! Blessings
Never fails!
This podcast is EVERYTHANG!! I am talking FULL CYCLE life support! I am so happy the Creator saw fit for this union to come thru in my life! See ya next week! 😂😂☮️❤️
A Good Brown Girl
Thank you!!
Thank you for the best podcast out there. And for the help in my life. Because of ET, CJ, Karl, Jamal I see life way different.
Love the motivational power y’all bring every week blessed to hear the good energy y’all give out
Ladies...don’t sleep on this energy!
I’m a huge fan of the podcast and all of the member’s contributions. I’ve had people ask me “is it too masculine?” ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you have this mindset and energy, it resonates on all levels of your humanity- not your gender identity. Ive shared the youtube links with friends and they have actually signed up for ETA courses as a result. I promise this is beneficial to your life and goals!
Should be #1 rated podcast
Hands down should be the number one rated podcast. The information and value these guys bless us with on a weekly basis is insane. It’s no way you can listen to this podcast weekly and something in your life doesn’t change for the good. It’s impossible not to! I’m grateful for this podcast and even more grateful that it’s free!! As we are living in a time in the world where no one wants to give free information anymore. Thank you secret 2 success family!!!
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Frazier The Great
Secret to success
This podcast is the motivation I need to get my life in order. This podcast is helpful! I love the guys the information they give out, I love that all the guys are genuine and raw and real!
S2SPodcast is so fruitful
Man these guys have literally taken me down a rabbit hole from TGIM, to this podcast weekly, to a text community, A Place of Change Ministry, to conferences. Rather it’s starting the day off, driving in the car or working out I’m listening to these guys give life ( GIVE NO CHARGE ). The impact that these guys have made in my life 🙏🏾 (grateful) They do a great job at teaching personal development, financial development and keeping it witty all at once. There’s great chemistry in this group of guys. This is a must have podcast to have in your rotation. For real feel like I know these guys lol.
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Real and actionable
Love listening to the quad speak from personal experience on how they’ve conquered odds to become successful and how it’s an ongoing process. Fun and engaging!!!
Grateful 🙏
Eric , CJ , Karl & Jamal has changed my life for the better. I Thank God for leading me to there podcast . I don’t just listen to them but I also take something each podcast and apply them to my life I have seen my life do a 360. My relationship with God has become stronger. I’ve lost 35 pounds & counting I’ve become more Discipline with my money saving so I can invest in my first property. They really help you to revalue your life not only that they are very firm & just makes you believe you can really do all things which you can but seeing them not only preaching but they went through everything they are speaking makes you believe if they can do it why not me & my family . It isn’t easy but I’m grateful that when it gets tougher I can turn them on & I know they are going to make me laugh but also get me right back on track . Thank you so much y’all are best friends I never met but huge motivation
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Favorite podcast HANDS DOWN
S2S podcast is by far my favorite podcast and I listen to quite a few. With the S2S podcast I can’t even go a week without listening. These guys are funny and full of personality but at the same time can take ANYBODY to the next level with all the gems they drop on this podcast. Sometimes I feel guilty that it’s all free lol. Great job guys. See y’all at the 120 in person boy 🤣
Changed My Life
I’ve been listening to ET for a long time and scrambled across S2S podcast about 4 years ago. At that time I was transitioning from leaving a marriage and trying to find self development. Well I found that and more. The motivation, stories told, and gems dropped elevated me into becoming a 6 figure man and exceeding anything beyond what I believed I could do. The pandemic hit me hard and I fell hard but now after losing my job last year I kept grinding, stayed faithful and started my own demolition construction business. Also taught myself real estate and did my first wholesale deal.
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Joe Cobb LLC
Need it in my life
Take mental or hand written notes because these guys will help you change your mindset. Get better, do better and be better.
Mr. Kizzee
Hands Down!!!!!
Hands Down the best podcast EVER!!!! We may never meet but this podcast brings me closer and closer. ET, CJ, Karl & Jemal wax deep every week it’s done A LOT for my growth! I appreciate all of you! PS “It’s Yellow Cake” 😂
These guys never disappoint.
Life's Grand
Straight 🔥
Podcast has been a blessing to me when you see people that look like you inspiring the world!
Love Them!
It’s refreshing to hear successful men come together and be transparent about their life experiences. It’s beautiful how they engage both men and women! I’m inspired every time I listen!
Keep GRINDING on em
I just want to personally thank you guys for sharing y’all opportunities for the world to create their own opportunity. 💪🏾
Thank you!!
I just got the book in the mail and I am so pumped to read it! You guys are an inspiration and motivate me beyond belief!! Much appreciated.
Authentic. Real. Inspiring.
Secret to Success shares content that will change your life when you take action. These guys hold me accountable, guide and motivate me during the grind, and they love Jesus! Amen.
This is what you NEED to kick your butt in shape!
This podcast gives me everything I need to emotionally/spiritually/physically be empowered! It does not matter what time I listen to the podcast it hypes me up! It pushes me to do better, be better and prepare my future for the better. I love that there is so much content to gain knowledge from whether it’s sport analogy's, their current updates on their lives or the grind and push they give. My favorite time to listen to the podcast is when I’m running or on the treadmill because it keeps me focused. Reminds me to focus in my 🌟🌟self-discipline! 🌟🌟 (That’s the magic) THANK YOU FOR THIS PODCAST! Thank you fo sharing your knowledge!
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Best podcast
S/o to ETA
This is hands down the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. Everyone has something important to say and the information is timeless! Much love to the guys! @ak.thedon
Encouragement hits differently when it comes from faith-led, humble and genuine beings
My husband introduced me to ET (well social media did initially and a voiceover on a song, when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath (e)) I saw E’s videos and I thought nah, that’s not my style. It wasn’t until I started the podcast that I could hear what type of men these guys are and how selective the team is when it comes to surrounding themselves with like minded individuals. I’ve since become MRER fam, attended conferences and listen in to APOC ministries from time to time. I love the real brought to us through the team, Karl stepping out of his comfort zone, C being a SERIOUS jokester, Jamal coming on and giving the blueprint to this real estate game! Being able to drop true gems while keeping us entertained is unmatched! I am usually listening in on the way to and from work and I may catch the YT later but this here is enough so thank you all for the work you put in to deliver QUALITY product!
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Blessed and Highly Favored
The secret to success is to follow this podcast and apply the information to your life!
This podcast is AMAZING!!! After getting over myself and getting outta my feelings, I’m taking learning how to leverage myself and bringing value to my tables as Grounds Crew and Flight Attendant seriously. My nephew is in high school and I reference this podcast and the Monday Morning Motivation to him constantly. Thanks for all you do and keep it coming!
Weekly game for FREE!!!
I love this podcast I’ve been listening to it for years now. I started from the beginning as well as listening to the new podcasts weekly.. Iron sharpens iron. Thank you guys for everything. I’ll be sure to bless you all when I’m able. Much love!
No average Joe/Jane!
This podcast are for the ones wanting to achieve more in life, this is not for the ones seeking an average life. Working to get rid of tendencies!! Student for life and starting small with my MRER!
Thank you!!
I have been listening to the S2S Podcast for about a year now, and I genuinely look forward to the new episode each week. As an entrepreneur, business owner, wife, and mother I have learned a lot from the information/experiences you share. I am grateful to have resources like this because when you are trying to level up, and achieve things that have not been modeled or demonstrated for you, it is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people. S2S is by far one of the best podcasts I listen to. Thank you for everything you do; the world is a better place because of eschew one of you!
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The secrete to success
This podcast is super dope! I look forward to Thursday’s for inspiration. This podcast have been a blessing in all areas in my life. Spiritual, marriage,family, business and laughter is good for the soul! Thanks guys, Don’t Stop!
Mo Benefield
As always fellas, great content! Application is key, we have to put into motion what is being given to us by these great men! Appreciate you all for your contributions and efforts to help!
Love this podcast! They all really drop many jewels.
New 1 Podcast in my 👀
Love love love you guys .. it seems like the universe hears me and when I listen to the podcast you guys answer 🤔 it’s scary but so awesome 👏🏽💯💜 🔥
Weekly Food for thought
These guys consistently feed us weekly with gems worth paying for. My week isn’t complete until I’ve listened to the pod. ETA is greatness personified.
Thank You
Thank you to this group of brothers for the inspiration you provide for me. I’m at a transitional point in my life right now and you brothers help me face my fears and move past doubts. I always hear what I need to hear, right when I need to hear it to keep GRINDING! Thank You and keep the content coming.
Al B. Jones
Thank You Guys!!
This Podcast has been life changing for me!! I thank you guys for collectively coming together and sharing with us all of the deep and powerful information. Much Love and Blessings!!
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