The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Ph.D.
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Always on Time!
ET, CJ, Karl, and Jemal, I sincerely appreciate all the timely advice that soothes my soul and has buoyed my spirit to keep moving forward. Lo
Lo Haze
These guys have been helping me all of 2020 and into 2021. They are some real guys, doing real things that I didn’t know were possible for me. They have motivated, inspired and been a impact in my actions to get to the other side of everything. Great Listens and I always appreciate men of color like myself doing things in a respectful way.
Such a Blessing!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for quite some time now. These men are full of sound advice that is applicable to everyday life. They aren’t full of themselves at all. They seem very down to earth, and they make you want to do better. My life has definitely improved since listening to them AND applying the advice they give. I’ve recommended this podcast to fellow soldiers, friends, associates, and foes. Any and everybody can gain at least one piece of advice from each episode. Blessings to these men and their families, and thank you for this podcast!
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Rae Bobo
Life changing
You can feed a man a fish a feed him for a day... or teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime!!!!!
When you wanna be in shape as bad as you wanna breathe
This podcast is a complete blue print on how to live life, I heard a episode almost two years ago now that got me to start taking my health serious. CJ said that the biggest lie is that muscle weigh more than fat and that got me thinking, I told my self that over and over again until I heard that episode with Lashauna and decided to get on the scale. I’ve since lost over 50 pounds and still counting. Thanks you guys for all that you do.
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Where your focus goes your energy flows!
I’ve been following ET and the crew for sometime now. Growing up in Atlanta, my home church (West End SDA) had so many people that really rocked with ET - from the pathfinder director, Quest Green to the AYS leader - Corinthia Miller. When ET came to Oakwood University a few years back I was able to see in person why they rocked with him so heavy. Now as a medical student I find myself tuning in weekly. Regardless of the topic, ET, CJ, Karl, and Jamal have a way of breaking things down so that listeners can apply it to any industry. I encourage all my peers in higher education, professional programs, and the like to tap into this energy and bring it back to your environment. I’m only 25 but I feel like they could all be my friends lol this podcast is very personal and honestly a breath of fresh air from the books. Thanks for the consistency and the valuable content! This is definitely one of the best podcasts out right now.
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A Must Listen
The Secret to Success podcast is beyond 🔥🔥 If you are not already hip to this trio, now quad of CJ, ET, Karl, and Jemal you need to get your head in the game. Week are week their dropping gems from business, to personal development, to relationship advice, parenting tips, to investing know how. You name it, you can get it here on this show. And to top it off these guys bring the information in bit size tangible nuggets with just the right dose of humor. They are a MUST listen in my podcast rotation. Don’t you miss out on the secret sauce to help you elevate yourself in 2021!!
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Kimbo F
Always bringing the 🔥
The best podcast! Genuinely the best!!! It should be a crime to drop so many nuggets on a single episode! Just 🔥
Whole podcast is fire
Each week the episodes hit new levels of 🔥🔥🔥
Lexx Renee
My #1 podcast
I listen every Friday morning. This is a great listen and they are knowledgeable men. If I had three wishes: 1. I would like to hear from the wives more often. 2. I would like to hear from Tobe and Fat more often. 3. I would like to hear from ET’s kids.
Y’all are great, I just started listening, I’m on episode 13 and I’m hooked. Y’all opened my mind to new things. Keep being great! 👏🏽
I had no idea that the YouTube video I saw so many years ago would lead me to this podcast. I found it at just the right time when I needed to hear and be reminded to stick to the plan. Now I have begun working on muscle memory and solidifying my plan. So grateful for this podcast.
Brain Juice
No better way to start your mornings than with this group of fellas! Get your mind right, listen, learn, and make moves towards generational success! #LETSGOOOOOOOOO
I usually don't leave reviews
One of the best podcasts out there to enrich your mind. Every episode I've listened to there has been a gem I walk away with. It's great to have an example of something to aspire to, everyone is successful in their own right which gives unique perspectives. Must listen!
I’m Hooked!
I felt the need to do something different as I was spending too much time on social media. I wasn’t feeling inspired or being productive. I decided to try a few motivational podcast. For the past few weeks I’ve been listening to this podcast daily and I’ve honestly have had a different mindset lately. Not only is it motivational in life goals but also spiritually. I love how these guys energy together. They sync and each one has their own personality and experiences that help bring it al together. I’ve been sharing this with friends and my boyfriend and I have been on this daily. We love it. Keep it up.
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Phenomenal Speaker
I just recently started listening to E.T. and his crew a few weeks ago, when I transitioned to working from home. I love these podcasts, the scripture with it, and mostly the motivation. I’m only on the 17th episode, so I have a while to catch up, but every day I look forwarded listening to E.T, CJ, and Karl! :)
Must get this podcast will change your life
zifzo hm
2020 the years of Hope, New journey, and being Alive
I am grateful for this podcast. ET and Cj are my fave because I am High D & I. This year has been so amazing I’ll lost 60 pounds and maintain an at home job during this pandemic. It was all do to this podcast and ET’s videos.
Delicia SW
Thanks for bringing Trey back, I missed him. The podcast is always dope.
Life's Grand
Episode 251 Capture The Flag
Another 🔥🔥🔥 episode felt with a lot of life lessons and knowledge. Thank you all
And another one!!
This is a great podcast team. I seen the YouTube video with Moore Jr. And Jamal. And it is fire!! Then to see the connection with you guys still is unbelievable how You guys get better and better thanks much for the content #numberonefan
Big Askew
The best podcast ever, I will be a guest before Dec 2024, on everything. Unless, they move on to bigger and better things outside podcasting.
JTL 21
Command your EARS TO HEAR!
After listening to the podcast, I have heard them joke, talk about sports, and some people might stop or cut it off before actually hearing what’s needed for their life. Listen to the whole podcast from beginning to end. Give it your undivided attention, then listen to the next one, then the next one, and so on. I hope it changes you the way it changed me and still is to this day.
9-5 MillionIre
Just got the book Mal, so far it’s been awesome. So good that we got two one for me and my be for my girlfriend listening to the audiobook can’t wait for the hard copy.
Better late than never
Great episode 10 I definitely need to solidly my foundation more in business and stay consistent ! I love your podcast I don’t know why I took so long I have made the commit to listen to a episode a day and most times I will replay that same episode first listening and then taking notes the second time around while I am working ! Thank you CJ and ET for this message on this podcast episode
Great information
I really appreciate the S2S podcast. I call them “my guys”. Every time I listen I learn something knew. I learned through E that I have to master my emotion and make logical decisions. I learned through Karl that I have to feel the fear of making big moves but do it anyway! My husband got into real estate because of Jemal. I appreciate C for keeping them on topic!
Momb b
If you are ready to elevate your life this is the Podcast
Some much knowledge being offered in these episodes. You can get something every time you listen! Life changing exposure! Thankful for how authentic each person is and truly want to help people! They share their life experiences and its to help YOU! My life has been forever changed! Thank you to everyone who makes this podcast possible!! 🙌🏼❤️
Julie A. Stanley
Healthy Enlightenment!
As always another dope podcast moment. I’m 5’8 175lb in pretty go shape but the knowledge dropped today by Dr. Stephenson made me say there some things I can do better and share the knowledge. Appreciate this podcast on sooo many levels! ✌🏾
The Best Podcast!!!
These guys do a great job of educating their audience in the most important aspects of life from Health, finance, and spirituality. If you don’t listen to ANY other podcast I’d recommend S2S!!!
Amazing podcast
Been a faithful listener for 2 years now, and I’m never disappointed. I actually listen to this podcast more than ETs videos on YouTube. CJ, Karl, Jemal, and ET always bring fire every episode, steering my life into a direction that will set myself and my family for success! Thank y’all again for what you do!
Thank you! 💙🌹
I came across ET at the age of 21 playing football in Georgetown college in Kentucky, I was a 21 year old freshman on the team and I wasn’t the best player so I needed the push. Throughout listening to ET I was able to start to see that I loved playing football it wasn’t my passion, I wasn’t walking in my purpose. After leaving college I went through a 4 year slump of depression while trying to listen to et and other inspiring voices, but ET being from Detroit, raised on Gratiot Avenue, I had a pull with the Gang. Since listening I have been able to start my own ideas of success for me, and create values in my life, understanding life isn’t worth loving if I’m not living for someone else. I am a young musician building a label in the extreme early stages. Was blessed to break barriers with my first album with 200k listens in my first year releasing on all platforms and my first year really living my brand. You guys have taught me this is a lifestyle, and a mindset adjustment and you guys are helping me evolve as a young black entrepreneur who’s family isn’t really involved. I don’t look for sympathy, which is one reason I coincide with E. I love you guys Carl and Cj you guys are Ill too! Thanks for being OGs for a YVNGN to learn from 💙🌹 so appreciative.
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Yvngn 💙🌹🐺
Driven more
Yo talk about the time y’all was sitting in the room with just the drawing board not knowing what to do but you know you had to do something. I forgot the name of that one. But that moment he said that made my life feel worth some.
Podcast 258
Podcast 258 is full of fire, rather principles. In the community I hear people speak in rage form all the time. It feels explosive. How we come to submit, usually because an anchor in our lives causes us to really see ourselves in the mirror is a great blessing. That hauk giving up control to be in control is power for me individually and for our community family in need of peace!!! Thank you for revealing light‼️ The Secret to Success Podcast are the BEST thing since sliced bread!!! I listen to each one, sometimes, more than once. The team is hillarious; intelligent; compassionate about giving to help others - all the stuff I love! I love to listen as I walk and learn and laugh while I walk. The information is good stuff, to my mind, my spirit; maybe because I relate even though I'm old enough to be your Mom. New perspectives are free flowing through you. The conversations are real, authentic, and relevant. My brothers, you encourage my heart! Thank you!
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THE BEST PODCAST for Personal Development
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and leveling up my mindset along the way. Once you listen you’ll be hooked! The topics are relatable and the hosts transparent. NOW PRESS Play!!
Terrell Tha Great
Awesome Podcast
This podcast motivates me everyday to take action and not just dream about it! They joke around a little too much sometimes but I still love it!
A must podcast!
Guys this podcast is fantastic! It’s the best out here, it’s funny, engaging and the fire they drop for FREE is unmatched! Much love, God bless! The S.T.A.N.K episode had me break some tears man, powerful podcast!
The breath that you gave me...
Wow! These men have definitely been touched with the greatness of our creator in mind! I’m truly amazed at the brotherhood Dr. Eric Thomas, Karl, CJ and Jemal share. It reminds me of the brotherhood I had while committing to 20 years of honorable active duty military service and the friendships and leaders who helped me get to the finish line and next chapter in life. On another level, the gentleman just don’t know that they are the big brothers I have longed for in the short 40 years I’ve been blessed to be on this earth. I found their podcast through an unlikely business proposal, but it turned out to be the best gift I could have ever received during the 2020 pandemic. I really feel like part of y’all’s day. So many people have been part of my life and I’m so thankful quit was never an option for y’all. I work over an hour away from home right now and besides my family, you guys give me the added energy to make it there and back with a smile and new found confidence. My daily grind has forever been changed and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be present in greatness and next level service to the world! Keep crushing it!!! - Greg Coppage Jr.
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Literally have changed my life
I have listened to all the episodes in 3 months but the one that his home for me is the S.T.A.N.K episode. I am a completely different person from three months ago... Thank you
Princess Stewart
Great podcast
Life changing information is shared on this podcast.
BTI Roni
Love love love this podcast
In fact this is the only podcast I watch me and my man eagerly wait every Thursday for the new episodes. Appreciate y’all.
The best
They always put you in the best spirit... you never listen without wanting to be a better human being
Best Podcast!!!!!!!
Love it! Most impactful and real podcast out there. I can’t wait to listen every week!
Name a better podcast I’ll wait 🙏🏽
Love the podcast
Apart of my routine and they’re actually available if you’re interested. Them not a computer
Thank you
I love you guys! Thank you so much for this podcast and all the content that you put out I’m so thankful 🙏🏽🔥
The Steps are Here!
From the S2S podcast I’ve learned specific steps to success such as: books to read, when to say no, scheduling and managing my time, and I could go on. The most important benefit is that while I’m listening my family is listening too. The podcast has sparked conversations that are increasing our agreements and keeping us on the track to greatness. Thank you, Nicole Burns
Nicole B. from Los Angeles
The Best Podcast in the world!!!
I listen to S2S podcast every Friday!!! This podcast has given me a different prospective on life, made me laugh, cry, push me through college and has expanding my vision to start a business. I admire their friendship, and the relationship they have with their family!! This week’s episode was lit as always and I can’t wait to get Jemal’s new book!
Podcast Of The Decade
This most definitely gotta be the podcast of the decade, I’ve been holding in a lot of knowledge dealing with real estate and idk why but been “scared” to act on it. Man after this I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore hearing Mal talk about the shooting and Karl with the contract like man y’all really don’t have to make another podcast! It’s ALL there , I’ve been binging from episode 1 too and man I tell y’all it’s ALL THERE, let’s go, #executionTime
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Life changing
I am really grateful for this podcast. It is so rewarding to listen to men who discuss real life issues and offer solutions that apply. I learn so much from listen to these great men, so much priceless knowledge.
I pick up a gem or 5 in every episode!
Such a special group of individuals that walk in their gifts and make it comfortable for me to walk in min as well as accept my flaws and grow from them. I am tuned in every week as a point of integrity/moral reference! So thankful for this Pod!
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