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The Seat 1A Podcast
Geoff Dahl and Vinod Viswalingam
Experience 078. Swiftly Getting Through Airports. Why is This Airport so Busy Today?
41 minutes Posted Dec 18, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

In this experience we look into the reasons why airports may get much busier than normal.

We start out the podcast with a trip review of Vinod who recently flew to London-Heathrow.

It was his virgin flight on an Airbus 350. There was no free seat selection with the ticket that he purchased. When Vinod flew out of Vancouver the British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Plaza Premium lounges were all under renovation. This led to an interesting temporary lounge in Vancouver’s International departures.

The flight was quiet and uneventful with a landing at Heathrow Terminal 3. It had been decades since Vinod had flown into Terminal 3.

Vinod had a chance to meet up with Paul from Layovers while in London.

On his return to Vancouver, Vinod had a bag that was at the weight limit. Thankfully there were friendly service staff to help him with the situation. Vinod used the Flighty app which performed very well. The flight had an empty seat beside him and was quick and efficient on the trip back to Canada.

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We dive into events that take over an airport. Taylor Swift is a current example who has caused airlines to do incredible things.

Sometimes there are things that you're aware that some airports will be busy like holidays. Other times you may not be aware of things like sporting events, large conventions, trade shows or political events.

It can throw you for a loop if you don't know things that are happening at that airport.

Geoff remembers flying into Cairo during Hajj and it was a connection point for flights from all over Africa.

Finally, there are large international airshows with some beautiful aircraft that may or may not delay you when flying. But you could end up with a wonderful view from your window.


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