The School of Influence Podcast with Amanda Russell and Neal Schaffer
The School of Influence Podcast with Amanda Russell and Neal Schaffer
Amanda Russell and Neal Schaffer
Why do some people or brands command cult-like followings, while others struggle to stay afloat? Why do some people rise to social media stardom, while others can't get anywhere? The answer: Influence. But is it a genetic trait or something you can learn? What is their influence derived from? And what are the takeaways that we can implement in our business and/or personal branding? Two of the world's leading experts in influencer marketing have come together to bring you the answers with concise, no nonsense interviews of top influencers across categories. Amanda and Neal's unique dynamic is both engaging and provocative. They ask the tough questions, to get the real, raw answers that you can put into practice TODAY. No fluff, no BS, just the real story!
14: Rand Fishkin, Founder of MOZ and CEO of SparkToro, on Building Influence through Building Technology to Help People
Rand Fishkin did not wake up one day and decided he was going to build one of the leading SEO software platforms. He has been on a mission to help people, whether it is search engine optimization with MOZ or making market research accessible to everyone through SparkToro. Rand shares his incredible entrepreneurial journey and is a living testament that nice guys don't always finish last. For more information: •SparkToro: •Amanda Russell: •Neal Schaffer:
Apr 7
33 min
13: Serial Founder/Investor of PELOTON and ACTIVE, Dave Alberga, on Silent Influence and How to Leverage It for Astronomical Business Impact
Whether it's A-list celebrities looking to launch their own brands or successful entrepreneurs looking for advice, there is one person they call: Dave Alberga. Dave is the silent and humble influence behind many of the biggest brands you know. It seems as if anything he touches turns to success, and for the first time ever, he opens up about the factors he believe have led to this. His answers will surprise and delight you.
Mar 31
27 min
12: How Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Layke Became an Entrepreneur and Industry Influencer
In business, ambitious people either aspire to become an influential leader in their industry, or grow a company into greatness, Dr John Layke managed to do both, and he is far from stopping. What has been his formula to translate influence across categories? Find out in this riveting interview. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group: Beverly Hills MD: Amanda Russell: Neal Schaffer:
Mar 24
31 min
11: Founder of 'Women in Influencer Marketing' (WIIM)  Gives Her Thoughts on Influencer Marketing
Jessy Grossman not only manages influencer talent, she also founded the rapidly growing community of women marketers. Her view of influencer marketing comes from the lens of influencers as social media content creators. Women In Influencer Marketing: Jessy Grossman on LinkedIn: Amanda Russell: Neal Schaffer:
Mar 17
22 min
10: John Lee Dumas: The Common Path to Uncommon Success
How does one become an influencer in a crowded online space and launch a successful business? John Lee Dumas began as a podcaster and now generates 7 figures from a variety of digital and physical products. His Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast is one of the most popular business podcasts of all time. JLD shares what he has learned on his entrepreneurial journey and a culmination of his analysis with his new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success. Reference Links •The Common Path to Uncommon Success on Amazon: (affiliate) •John Lee Dumas Website: •Amanda Russell: •Neal Schaffer:
Mar 10
32 min
09: Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez Explains the Human Science of Influence
Barry's Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez explains the human science that enabled them to influence the way people work out, and got celebrities flocking to them! Joey shares how Barry's Bootcamp changed the game for fitness and created a cult-like following with an audience that includes Hollywood's top A-list celebrities flocking to them and bragging about it. Not an easy feat, but Joey reveals exactly how they did it, starting with building the infrastructure. Reference Links •Connect with Joey on LinkedIn: •Join Barry's Bootcamp! •Amanda Russell: •Neal Schaffer:
Mar 4
34 min
08: Shane Vitaly, Founder, Vitaly: Breaking the Rules to Build a Mini Empire - and Influence a New Category of Brand
The motorcycle-driving, tattoo loving classic 'bad boy look' that Shane Vitaly had rocked since his anti-authoritarian childhood was not a likely candidate to create a global jewelry brand...for men! And yet by age 34 he boasts an 8 figure (and vastly growing) empire. In addition to the complete story of how he built his kingdom, he talks about identifying influencers early on and the role it has played in scaling his business. •Connect with Shane on LinkedIn: •Shop Vitaly Design!
Feb 24
35 min
07: Jen Groover: Think You Know How to Influence? Think Again
In the professional and private spheres, we are constantly searching for ways to maximize our influence. In this interview, Jen Groover challenges the old persuasion styles of marketing that hold most people and business back from actualizing their growth potential. She argues that influence is something that can be learned but it starts with a transformation in how we think. Reference Links •Jen Groover's The More Method: (affiliate) •Jen Groover's Website:
Feb 17
29 min
06: Carmax Co-Founder Austin Ligon on The Gold Standard of Branding
Austin Ligon has demonstrated influence at the highest level, the ability to not simply launch a new product, but an entirely new concept, in an industry peppered with skepticism: buying cars. Our conversation with him covers his time as cofounder of CarMax from its inception to his retirement in 2006. Since then, we discuss his key roles in other ventures as director of Redfin,, CarTrade and Startup Angels. He continues to influence aspiring leaders by serving on the board of St. John College, Yale School of Management and University of Texas, Plan II Honors Program. As one of the inaugural members of the UT Texas Fellows, 2018, he mentors others who aspire to new heights in their own roles as influencers. His perspective of leadership and active engagement is inspiring to all.
Feb 10
47 min
05: Nigel Barker: America's Next Top Influencer
The man who literally broke the 'model' for what it means to be a fashion photographer. Having worked with every major iconic face of our time, Nigel not only understands influence, he has amassed what can be considered industry-changing influence - from prime time reality shows to furniture collections, clothing labels and gyms, the man knows what it takes to grow one's brand, no matter the space. Reference Links • Nigel Barker: • Amanda Russell: • Neal Schaffer:
Feb 3
39 min
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