The School of Greatness
The School of Greatness
Lewis Howes
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You are an amazing human, I absolutely LOVE your show!!!
Good stuff
Love listening you for quite some time… always interesting people, questions asked and answers… thanks for your contribution to help people realize so much more and find out the journey and solutions others have come up with
Great School..of Greatness!
Howes is able to interview someone in a genuinely curious format. While listening to his guests he seems to be going along with you and will ask the question on your mind. Many podcast interviewers fail by sticking to scripted questions, but he allows the guest to really get across what they want the listeners to know without interrupting their flow.
This podcast has helped me so much throughout the years! I love hearing Lewis’s take on the world and the light he brings every week. So many good lessons and insights each time keep it up.
Love this podcast
I love school of greatness with Lewis Howes. I learn from each one his episodes and pick up ideas for books to read. I share them to those that I know would get something out listening to the my podcasts.
Subscribed to School of Greatness years ago and had never listened to it until recently while cleaning out my podcast subscriptions. Needless to say, went down a rabbit hole listening to countless episodes. Lewis is an excellent interviewer who gets down to the core and heart of his guests. He gets the details and their backstories. This is a great reminder that behind everyone “famous” or “expert PHD” there is a story, a special gifting, a soul like you and I. It ties in with Lewis’ kind message at the end of each episode to everyone listening “you are loved”
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Full episodes
Love the podcast but hate how a lot of the episodes are not the full interview. They are a mix of multiple people with partial interviews. It’s difficult to know which ones are full episodes.
🙏🏻 love this podcast!
Lewis has wonderful guests! I love that he lets his guests speak! He doesn’t talk over his guests or interrupt them. I love the insightful questions he asks! I appreciate so much the vulnerability, honesty and strength he demonstrates when he shares his personal experiences.
Kate in Chicago
Life changing
I can’t speak highly enough about this podcast. I’ve been listening to Lewis for over 2 years. It’s become apart of my morning routine to walk my dog and listen. He has great speakers on his show, and he is super relatable. I’ve changed so many things in my life that weren’t fueling me, because of this show. Lewis has helped me take a leap of faith in my career and aspirations. I am always looking to learn and grow personally. This show has given me the courage to get what I want in life.
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Exceptional! A Game Changer!
Love this podcast. Lewis and his Team do an amazing job at bringing diverse professionals to share what makes their lives and products great. From what I’ve listened to it seems very unbiased as well which is wonderful to see. Thanks. Recommend this to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their lives.
When I open this podcast during a hard time. I feel like I have a friend in Lewis, like him and whoever he brings on WANT me to succeed. It gives me chills even typing it. This podcast and done so much for me, I am so grateful.
Good information!
Good information with awesome guests, the only thing I dislike about this podcast is how often the host interrupts the guest speakers.
Inspiring, Useful and Enlightening
THese are wonderful podcasts with motivating speakers sharing their real life experiences in ways that help others along their own unique journeys. Thankyou for taking the time and energy to help all of us connect with one another so we can grow to our fullest potential with endless light and love.
Gemini George Pilates
Good content - not a fan of the all the ads
Lots of long ads, some of which pop up randomly in the middle of the show which can be a bit annoying and interrupts the flow of the conversation from a listeners perspective. But always great guests and good topics.
Hey Lewis!!! Love your show but Ep589 was amazing, I took A LOT of notes. It was exactly what I need after my therapy session today. I know I need structure but was feeling overwhelmed on coming up w a simple AM/PM routine on my own. I love how you explained that each task has a purpose and that routines don’t have to be complicated. Now, I am actually excited to try it out. THANKS for sharing. I hope you did create the meditation video. I’ll be looking for that next.
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Great learning School
Listening to Lewis Howes has helped me gain a great deal of knowledge, wisdom, and abilities. Thank you for the weekly presents you sent to re-energize us and help us grow as individuals. I enjoy starting my day by listening to you and spreading goodness to others.
Sultan wise
Awesome podcast
Awesome podcast that anyone can learn from! It’s been getting me through work and I’ve been learning a ton about a variety of subjects
south metro yard care
GSP Episode On Mindset
LOVED GSP talking about carrying the brick around, how fearful he was before fights, and how he overcame. I think many fall into the trap of thinning champions don’t experience those feelings. They are human like all of us, but they train HOW to handle those feelings in order to OVERCOME them when the lights shine brightest. Get his mental coach Brian Cain on the podcast soon 👊🏼
Lewis is Genuine
Thank you for your work and diligence in bringing us various speakers on important topics. I appreciate your interview style, void of ego, and full of genuine interest in your interviewee's field of expertise. It seems that you don't agree with all they say, but are open to hear their point of view, which in turn is a gift for us your listeners to discern our own opinions. I like that you interview a variety of guests with a wide range of expertice and opinions. Only real comment is some of your guests seem to be riding on current trends, I think those 'opionions' should be pointed out, especiall when compared to guests with decades of experience and/or research. Some parts of many interviews are slow, having said that I don’t mind much, certainly better than rushed.
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I just listened to about empowerment
Thank youI! Alison Schuback
Ali Schu
Amazing podcast, however…
I’ve listened to almost every episode. There is no doubt that my life is better because of the scope and magnitude of the great minds being interviewed as well as the talent of Lewis ( the interviewer) . No other podcast comes close. However, since I have listened to thousands of hours repetitively, there are a few obvious annoyances. Lewis is a phenomenal interviewer with great questions. However, he often interrupts the guest or speaks over the guest to assert his idea or assumptions even when the guest has already started to answer. It disrupts the flow. It seems like a need for him to assert more of himself into the narrative when really, if he took a less is more zen approach, he would be a true master. Secondly, the constant repetition of ADS inserted from companies that are not inspiring causes me to have to skip over huge segments while driving and it’s almost made me want to not listen to the podcast anymore. I understand that everyone needs to make a living, but they are still none the less - annoying.
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Your podcast has inspired me
I love your humble nature and the way you interact with your guests. You have some of the most interesting and informative people on your podcast. I have gained so much and have made great strides in my personal growth and development as a result of tuning in. Thank you so very much. ✌️❤️🌻
Phenomenal podcast! The only school where I’ve skipped class
I have listened to this podcast everyday for the past 2 years. I can not even begin to tell you how little by little it has tremendously changed my life. I know now that I am limitless. It has been a divine journey of greatness! Thank you Lewis for helping change my life! I am forever grateful <3 - Love Marie :)
Betterlife indeed
Lewis is the best host and has awesome speakers. You want to learn something new, check out his podcasts.
Such great topics & guests!
Thanks to Lewis for creating such an awesome show :)
Delia Folk
Great but just one suggestion!
I really love this podcast; the subject matter, the guests and Lewis as well! BUT I do notice that Lewis interrupts his guests A LOT and it gets really distracting and frustrating to listen to. He asks a good question and then the guest will start answering it and he jumps in and cuts them off either to finish their sentence(s) for them (which doesn’t always seem like he says what the guest was about to say) or to comment or ask another question without letting the guest finish their thought. Again, I really do love the podcast, there’s excellent information being shared here but please, please, please Lewis, try and work on not interrupting so often and let your guests finish what they’re trying to say.
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Always Full of Value!!
This is my top must listen podcast as Lewis has the greatest guests and there is such impactful info being shared! His interview style is very chill yet his guests really open up and we benefit from such amazing conversations!
A gold nugget in EVERY episode.
Here’s the amazing part about this show, I always stop what I’m doing to jot down a BIG take away that stretched or grew me in some way. There is a gold nugget in EVERY episode. Lewis, what you do matters. Keep on the path my friend. 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Patrick Kerwin
It is inspiring and informative. Loved it! Thank You Thank You!!!
Great podcast, very valuable conversations. Lewis says “wow” a lot
Love this podcast!
So many amazing guests and inspiring stories. A good friend of mine introduced me to the podcast and sometimes we’ll both listen to the same episode and talk about it. Talking about the ideas we hear on the podcast has been a really great way to bond and deepen our friendship. This podcast raises my vibration and helps me grow. I’m so grateful for this content!
Very thorough and insightful talks
I loved your talk with Dr.Shefali. It was coming from a place of understanding of what questions would be relevant for anyone who needs help to awaken himself/herself up. I loved every bit of the interview and found it very helpful. I shared the podcast with a friend saying “this is almost equivalent to a one-one session with a therapist, do listen in”
Very educational and inspiring
I only recently found this podcast. I enjoy the excellent interviews and the deep questions and topics that are covered. Lewis is a great interviewer. I especially love his deep questions and how he is open to his guests asking him deep questions. And I really acknowledge him for always acknowledging his guests in a true authentic way. Not just "thanks for your time" but a truly authentic way of acknowledging the guests being and influencing in this world.
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Hey Iam from Puerto Rico heard 1116 podcast the Spanish conversation. You need a total inmersión of the language. Here you are US citizen can move around and learn the Spanish. Even though I want to expand this lesson to the Latino community and it is very good resource.
Always interesting content !
I love listening to Lewis Howes and his guests. There are a wide range of subjects but they all add something to my personal growth journey.
This is a gem
Love to listen to this podcast, Lewis has the right questions all the time, learned a lot on personal behaviors which has help me understand myself better. I actually look forward to it everyday.
Life Changed
My life has completely changed after listening to Lewis. I am such a perfectionist, hardheaded, driven person and it has helped me so so much. I recommend to anyone!
Loved part 1 about Relationships with Stephan. Really good info!
The Secrets of Love and Connection with Stephan
Just heard this podcast and it was incredibly on point on so many topics. I think I will listen to it again. I am guilty of staying with the wrong people for way too long, because I always thought I was the problem. Then I learned to respect myself! One thing I would say to Stephan about going the long haul is marriage is a commitment and a decision. Feelings come and go, but that's why God made marriage, to commit thru thick and thin. Thanks for this great discussion! Will keep tuning in.
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Pattie L.
Dr Joe
Best podcast interview of Dr Joe Dispenza!
To strive to be great!
Lewis is spot on. His guest add value to the podcast and his questioning is second to none. Very well done very appreciate this podcast, keep up the great work!
Incredibly impactful 💜
Your episode with Jen Hatmaker was 100% spot on, such real connection and wisdom! Thank you 😊
Trauma episode
Thank you for having Dr Shefali on the show. Your interview with her was enlightening and I have a lot of childhood trauma I realize I need to work on. Great episode!
NikkiC NJ
Amazing podcast!
I'm fairly new to this podcast and didn't even know it existed until I saw Lewis being interviewed on Jamie Kern Lima's "Becoming Unstoppable" marathon a few months ago. Ever since then, I've been hooked on them! Each episode has been packed with wisdom and usable information to better our lives. There was one in particular on how to master the law of attraction (episode 1080) which had all the heavy hitter New Age thinkers and it was interesting to hear their perspectives even though I'm familiar with most of their teachings. Kudos to Lewis for creating an empowering podcast and sharing the strong and useful messages for people to become their best selves.
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Hard to imagine....
that Jen Hatmaker could have written all of those books without doing what seems like one iota of basic self-discovery work!! And now that she has started, she sounds like she is discovering this stuff for the first time! Amazing. I hope she develops some humility to go along with her new awareness.
SOG & Lewis made me step up!
Lewis changed my thinking about abundance & my mindset around money. When my grandma died, Lewis was there to encourage me. Lewis encouraged me to be obsessed with greatness & own my truths & be transparent about them with the world! Otherwise, I would be selfish, robbing the world of my gifts! We’re worth it! Lewis reminds of myself every time I hear him speaking and improving on his won greatness! We’re worth it! Liberty V Justice CEO--I’m Worth It Inc.
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Liberty V Justice
Changing the world especially mine
Your changing lives especially mine thanks for all you do so grateful for this podcast going to need a really really long road trip to listen to them all
Absolutely Inspiring
Lewis has so many inspiring, motivated and life changing guest on his show! Every week I learn something new about myself, habits to place and business insiders to help grow my cleaning company! Thank you so much Lewis!!
My favorite podcast ever
This show is a guiding light for me - Lewis brings forward incredible and inspiring guests - he’s one of the best interviewers with insightful and unique questions extremely grateful for the school of greatness and what it brings to my life
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