The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health
The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health
Welcome to psychology for the rest of us. Host Dr. Jade Wu takes the science of psychology and makes it both entertaining and relatable. Using a sympathetic ear and evidence-based research, she explains the ‘why’ behind emotions like joy, anger, fear, trust, and anxiety, and helps you better understand the relationships you form with your friends, family, coworkers, and yourself. Seeking a healthier emotional life? It’s time to bring a trained psychologist and mental health expert along for the ride.
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No mention of Protests and Black Lives Matter
Upset to see that one of my favorite psychological science podcasts has not mentioned recent protests and Black Lives Matter in relation to psychology. There are so many applicable topics to discuss from microaggressions and their psychological impact, identity psychology, empathy, in and out groups, allyship, burnout, easing anxiety and more. When COVID-19 happened, episodes were released immediately about how to stay entertained in quarantine and ease anxiety. But no comment on the humanity and oppression of others? ——- Update on this post. As of early September, Dr. Wu creates a 3 episode series to discuss Black mental health. In the episodes, Dr. Wu provided exactly what we needed in June during the spotlight on the BLM Movement. Although late, Dr. Wu acknowledged that shortcoming - more than once - and truly embodied the work of an anti-racist ally. I appreciate this and the insightful three part series that will certainly support all of our work in understanding the complexities of Black mental health and/or being better allies.
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Thank you Dr. Wu for the insightful advice and calming, upbeat tone.
Noble Casserole
Really amazing
Thank you for the tips- esp on motivation, procrastination, and having an overall healthy mind. I really like Dr Wu’s upbeat voice and tone
very helpful, Jade is amazing!
one of my favorite podcasts. so helpful-she offers tips that help me cope with a lot of stress in my life. Not to mention affordable lol. Also, i love jade wu’s soothing voice. she has more of a factual tone as well which is refreshing, making for an excellent podcast. i wish she could be my psychologist!! hope her pregnancy is going well <3
Finally a physiologist I can afford!!
Thank you.
Smilie face #
We live in a Capitalistic Democracy
Look it up. What would listener choose as alternative? Of course there will be support and two commercials is a minimum price to pay as listener for soft quality ease in listening excellent sound studio of rad production. I also tip a minimum of 20% for wait staff that rely on gratuities to put food on the table. I thankfully awake during this charged social and unknown health crisis time and listen to the soothing pragmatic explanations of SAVVY PSYCHOLOGIST. A big shout out to all that make and keep this show in the air Long time listener and now a proud UC Berkeley drop out. Now Hulu on the other hand (geez).
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Good Content, Annoying Voice.
It would be awesome if there were no vocal fry.
yaa asantewaa
Disappointed by Amazon sponsorship
I really enjoyed this podcast in the past, but won't be listening anymore. I'm extremely disappointed by the Amazon sponsorship and plugs. Amazon's extraordinary abuses are too well-documented at this point to imagine that the host is not aware of them. Given Amazon's failures to protect its workers during Covid19, the hypocrisy of featuring an Amazon plug in the middle of an episode about managing grief during the pandemic is especially gross and disheartening. I won't be listening anymore.
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I just can’t
Really? Two separate commercials for a podcast that is usually in the 8 - 10 minute range is infuriating. No thanks.
Potter's friend
The Wrong Jade Wu?
If the producers of the show are reading this, you may want to check the profile photo posted on the podcast page here. That’s not the host of this show.
Pregnancy Show?
I feel like there are a lot of pregnancy topics now that the host is pregnant. I thought this was a psychology show.
Changing my life!
Thank you very much doctor! I’ve learned to be a better listener. I found this podcast on New Years Day; what a perfect time! I recommend this podcast to everyone!
Tone is everything
Content is great, but Dr. Jade Woo sounds like she’s reading a new essay or article she just received instead of someone sharing her own insights with me. Since this is a podcast and not video, all we have is your emotional tone, speed and inflection. This is why interviewing another person, background music, and storytelling is so impactful.
Always a great take away!
Have followed this show since it’s beginning. Solid info and insights.
Pretty pathetic that someone spelled “they’re” wrong in the synopsis for the anxiety disorders we haven’t heard of.
So appreciate your help and input
I listen to your podcasts every time I go out for my morning walks. I am a Integrative Health Coach and I am always referring your podcasts to my clients and friends. I find them very informative along with giving a great perspective. Thank you for sharing.
Healthy Mich
Dr Wu
I love Dr Wu’s voice, tone, and temperament as she shares helpful information. Glad I found this podcast after hearing her on NPR’s The State of Things talking about sleep.
NC Savvy Liatener
Voice matters
Wanted to believe that it’s the content that matters. But I’m glad that I no longer feel distracted by the hostess’ voice. It’s much easier to listen to Dr. Wu.
M Liu-S
Robot voice ?
Pleaseeee the robot voice really bothers me. It doesn’t feel like a real person talking.
Love the tips, science, jokes, and length of the podcast
I love Dr. Ellen’s combination of topic explanation, supporting research studies, and personal examples. I love her concise practical how to/tips on how to address the problem. And the jokes! I love how I can learn science, practical solutions to issues, in a non-overwhelming way. It makes it seem easier to accomplish or try the tips. The length of the podcast is perfect, and it is well structured and easy to pay attention to. Thank you for the structure and helpful tips!
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I miss Dr. Ellen!!!
Definitely not the same with Dr. Wu. She’s not as enthusiastic and her voice makes me daydream about anything other than what she’s saying
Seamless Exchange
I’ve enjoyed Savvy Psychologist for 4 years and am happy about Dr Wu. It’s been a smooth transition from Dr Ellen, and the podcast subjects are relevant and helpful. Keep on keeping on!
Change your delivery. Spice it up!
Dear Savvy. I love your messages very much. There is something I would like to comment. I hear a monotone, I loose interest and have to go back.
Avatar Luvr35
Grateful find! Very helpful.
I’m so glad I finally started listening to the podcasts I downloaded! The episode on why we repeat bad relationships and one about social anxiety gave me some ideas that I’ve never considered. I’m a recovering agoraphobic and attempting to be comfortable socializing again. I want to buy Dr. Hendriksen’s book about being yourself. It’s definitely what I’m working on right now. I haven’t listened to the new host Dr. Wu yet, but I’m sure she’s great. I’m catching up on some older episodes first. I’m onto the episode about being less defensive. Wish me luck, it will be needed! 😂
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Honest candid show
As someone who values productivity a lot, podcasts have dramatically increased the productivity of my life. Don’t we all have these time-sucking tasks which we wish we could avoid? Savvy Psychologist allowed me to heal my relationship with Depression. Helped me heal my relationship with overcoming anxiety. When you listen to this podcast, it’s like sitting in the room and quietly listening to your heroes having a normal conversation together.
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Life saver!
Wish Dr. Hendriksen’s book and this podcast existed when I was a teen/in college. I wish the episodes were longer though, I think 30 mins would be perfect!
Great info from a qualified source!
I love the format of this podcast - clear, focused, brief, and honest. A great way to start the morning or a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Can’t wait to hear more!!
Lolo Gump
Useful Infotainment, honest and fast!
I really enjoy this podcast! The information is presented in an organized and easy to understand style. There are always light points (this girl got JOKES!, LOL), the pacing of information given is absolutely perfect (I get super bored and daydream when it’s too slow, and if it’s too fast I have to keep rewinding bc I miss it).. I study psychology on my own and enjoy the field, and still I learn as recent studies are explained- how they were conducted as well as what they mean to me and others. I love how the narrative flows; I never feel spoken down to or unsure of what was meant- it actually feels like I’m having a conversation with a good friend and I just haven’t had a chance to speak yet. Often when a fact is shared, I think to myself, “Ha! She didn’t even mention XYZ. I’m going to have to #savvypsychologist her!,” then she actually answers my thought in her next sentence. Is she reading my mind?? Strange memories of the Romper Room lady.. Anyway, I give 5 stars easily, I highly recommend to friends, and I find myself automatically using the information I hadn’t even realized I’d absorbed.
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Love it all!
Even if the strategies and tactics to overcome the issue don’t apply to me, I learn so much from every episode!
Love this podcast
Super informative and pleasant to listen to but I really wish you'd do both ads at the beginning so I can skip them easier! I just REALLY hate ads in the middle because it breaks up the message! Otherwise great
Practical & Calming Advice
I love this podcast for the simple, to the point tips that Dr Ellen shares with her listeners in her reassuring and calming voice. It goes to show that any problem ( mental health related or otherwise) can be solved by breaking it down into individual components and tackling each one at a time. I have adopted a new Sunday morning ritual of listening to the 'Savvy Psychologist' while drinking coffee and it provides the perfect atmosphere to reflect upon my mental state during the past week and set up small mental health goals to achieve the following week. Definitely recommending this to my friends!!
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Overflowing with short, sweet, practical, useful, applicable and often unique perspectives and advice, this podcast has enriched and enhanced the quality of my life exponentially.
Happier and healthier
This podcast genuinely makes my life happier and healthier. Dr. Ellen’s tips on everything from eating disorders to depression to social anxiety... are delivered with so much compassion and acceptance that you feel like everything will be ok, and it’s worth taking one small step. And the knowledge of suicidal thoughts and other topics has proven useful when friends and family members have gone through difficulties I never could have anticipated. And somehow, she gets us through all of this with quirky humor that puts a smile on my face every time. Well done!!
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Mememe Ususus
Thank You
Seriously, thank you for this podcast. I have such a hard time dealing with my own life that I hardly have the energy to figure out how to manage living with other people around me. This has helped so much.
Great listening
Informative and interesting. Learning a lot!!
Great listen
I decided to work on self love and mental health for 2019 and this podcast is a great assistance to meeting that goal. I have slight seasonal depression that I can work through, but really, this podcast helps me understand and think better about depression in general. It’s very hard when the people you love dearly suffer from depression and you as the loved one don’t know what to do or how to understand what’s going. This podcast does a nice job of assisting with that. I also like the time length- a lot is often covered in a short amount of time which is great when time is your most important aspect of the day!
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As a therapist I enjoy this podcast as a way of reminding me forgotten concepts and of learning new ones. Very well done!
So useful! Definitely helps with life's challenges!
If only the Savvy Psyhologist could be my personal psychologist. I love her! Every time I listen, I learn. She always shares insights that provide guidance to help me approach circumstances in a "healthy" way. What a wonderful service she provides! Can't thank Dr. Ellen Hendriksen enough! Thank you, Dr. Hendriksen! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
She is wonderful, helpful, and informative
Every single episode offers something helpful whether that be about yourself, someone you know, or just expanding your knowledge in general. Anyone interested in psychology will eat this up!
She is wonderful, helpful, and informative
Every single episode offers something helpful whether that be about yourself, someone you know, or just expanding your knowledge in general. Anyone interested in psychology will eat this up!
Great podcast
The Dr Snyder episode was fantastic. I appreciate your podcast. :D
Funny, well-rounded, ideas backed up by studies, practical! One of my favorites.
tiffbook instaffany
Politics turned me off
I have listened to and enjoyed this podcast for years but lately I’m noticing politics in this show. I don’t need a political agenda pushed on me so I have unsubscribed to this podcast.
This is an informative, fun and quick podcast that helps enliven my drive home and my evening walks. I highly recommend giving it a try.
This podcast holds a special place in my heart
I can’t remember how many times I’ve listened to this podcast, and it turned my day around. She is thoughtful, dryly humorous, and puts things into perspective. I’ve recommended episodes to my sister and mom, and they found her super helpful too! One of the best podcasts out there
Normally like this but...
I really enjoy the podcast, but the episode about dating someone with opposing political values ruins a lot for me. How can you be with someone who has such different base values than yourself??? No.
Lexi Stepps
Makes the complicated sound uncomplicated
With research backed responses, how can you argue? It’s my go-to podcast for life’s day-to-day complications.
One of my faves, always such great advice.
Quick. Refreshing. Solid tips.
I’ve enjoyed listening to Dr. Hendrickson for over a year. Her quick, simple, savvy yet educated and backed by science tips stick with me and I often pull her tips out when I’m faced with one of many challenges as I go through each day. Social anxiety is my name and avoidance is my game - but - I pull out one my mental cue cards from the savvy psychologist and I’m on my way.
Best Podcast Out There
In addition to being extremely interesting and very informative, it’s extremely helpful. I’m always delighted when there’s a new episode. I recommend it to all of my friends and if we talk about a specific issue that they’re dealing with that she’s covered, I’ll send them that episode and having listened to it, I feel more knowledgeable discussing it. I typically get feedback on how it drastically improved their lives. She always ends every episode saying that it’s quick and dirty tips for a happier, healthier life. I’m living proof of that. Before finding this podcast (and reading her book), I was solitary and quite depressed but now I’m friendly, outgoing, and happy and I owe it all to Dr. Ellen Hendriksen.
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