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Content can be good
The content can occasionally be good but quite often difficult to listen because everyone is talking over each other. The quality of the July 12 episode was poor, in addition to host and guests all talking at the same time.
Couple without information
Lots of yip yap. No actual information.
Excellent podcast for those with wanderlust!
Loving this podcast! It does make me wish I had done more camping and traveling around when my kids were younger. They are in their 20s now and we all love to camp! I’m saving up for a small travel trailer, possibly as small as a teardrop for ease of use and getting out there! Just picked up your book from my local bookstore in Memphis and can’t wait to dive in and make some plans!!! P.S. I too have a camping gear addiction....2nd place to actually being in the woods and nature is being in an REI!
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Good content but contentious
I really don't like listening to a couple of people arguing their entire podcast it does not make for good content. There seems to be a lot of competition between this husband and wife team
Got the book!!
Found your book at Costco yesterday: Where should we camp next. I grazed thru it and well I bought it. It will be helpful in our travels. I love listening to you two. It’s your voices that draw me in. And the fact that you both have different opinions and not afraid to voice them. Jeremy I love that you collect camping gear. I am a junkie in my head and in my spare room 🤣🤣 thanks for all the information and stories you give. ❤️☮️
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The perfect podcast for RVers
I love that Stephanie and Jeremy invite guests to share helpful advice rather than just the usual origin stories or ‘what we’re up to this week’ interviews. And they’re very good at what they do!
Bill Hibbler
Love the podcast but a little feedback...
So I've been listening for a year or so now, and I really enjoy the podcast. Lot of great info, insights, reviews, etc. But one thing constantly bothers me, the interviews. The guest will make a point, Jeremy will rapid fire 2 or 3 other points, but not let the guest respond, instead moving into another topic even when you can hear the guest trying to get a word in. Dude, let them talk, they're the guest lol. Beyond that, easily my favorite camping/RVing lifestyle podcast to listen to and I look forward every week to the new episodes.
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Learning so Much and Igniting a Passion for RV Travel
Jeremy and Stephanie are the perfect listen! As a new travel trailer owner, they have been helping me learn more about camping with my family (two young boys in our house) and embracing this special time in our family’s lives. I found The Puglisis a couple of months ago when I was searching for RV podcasts and have since been combing through their YEARS of great content. Their blog, this podcast, and their book, See You at the Campground, have been a go to source for learning and ignited a passion for RVs and camping. Through this podcast, I have also found their FB group which is full of kind and helpful people as well. RV Atlas has a passion for outdoor adventure, creating memories with their family, and raising their boys right. Great people. Great content. Great podcast.
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The BEST RV Podcast- 👐⬇️
I love the content of this RV podcast, everything from campground reviews, to helpful tips and information for both the new and veteran camper, this podcast covers all things RV. On top of that, Stephanie and Jeremy are so relatable and fresh with their family-centric perspective on RV travel in a way that really resonates with what’s happening in the RV world today.
Best RV podcast!
Love the mix of practical tips, industry insights, and in-depth reviews all delivered in an entertaining and engaging package. Jeremy and Stephanie are awesome, personable hosts, with a deep knowledge of and a passion for RVing and family camping. They are the best!
Great content on all topics
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now and I enjoy all the topics — even when Stephanie and Jeremy are discussing personal issues — it’s real life folks!! If you have a family or not, own an RV or not, there is something for everyone on this podcast. I have learned a lot by listening and even passed on a few of their tips given on the podcasts to friends of mine that have just started their journeys with an RV. Thanks for all the great content and keeping it light and real!!
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Marital issues?
Really, don’t need to hear your parenting complaints regarding COVID-19.
Great practical content! Love it!
I’ve been a listener for about one year now after a friend told me about RV Atlas. Have gone back and listened to many past episodes as well. Love the variety of content, humor, relatable stories, and practical advice. Great for new and veteran campers alike. Keep up the great work Stephanie and Jeremy!
O Dogg 33
Great Podcast!
This podcast has helped me pull together some really great camping trips. I love that Jeremy and Stephanie (or their correspondents) have done all of the research and hard work.
New format is too commercial
I have been a loyal fan for years, and never left a review. I loved the banter and connection of the hosts. It felt like sitting with them around a campfire. The new format is much more infomercial-esque. It is very structured, with a lot of time spent on their sponsor messages. It feels so much less authentic and business-like as opposed to the family who got me to fall in love with RV life. I can appreciate that Stephanie and Jeremy are relying on this income, but the “family” feeling seems lost with the rebrand.
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The One to Choose
I have seen so many Podcasts and You Tube channels about RV Travel, but this is my favorite! They have RV’d for many years and find a way to do so and work. More like my family so I can relate so much easier than to those who full-time! Keep it up!!
So sponsored
All they do is advertise for Jayco and Cabelas. Whole episodes dedicated to random crap (e.g. some kind of expensive grill). They really don’t know much about camping.
Everything RV, camping, and travel in one great podcast.
I heard about this podcast when I met the hosts at an RV show. This is a great conversational podcast. I’m not usually around people who want to chat camping and RVs on a daily basis so I really enjoy the style. Even the topics that don’t instantly catch my attention I find entertaining and informative. Great for people who have interests in RVs and all things camping. Come join the fun camping conversation!
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Nathan R. - PA
Hard to list to
Talks over the guest too much, rambles about off topic subjects while guest is speaking
THE podcast for family RVers - must listen!
Jeremy and Stephanie of the RV Atlas have put together an incredible set of resources for all things RV camping with your family. You’ll learn a ton about RVs, camping, places to go, what to eat, and what’s going on in the industry. They give you the honest lowdown of camping as a family with their boys and they always have engaging guests to touch on special topics like solar. Must-listen podcast for RVers!
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I love this podcast 💕
I feel like you are old friends and I look forward to all of your new episodes. Often times relisten to old ones. I’m so sad when I get the all caught up message. Love the new logo 👍🏻
M-M-M-My Sharona
Solid information for families who RV/camp
Useful, reliable, well-researched and creative content. As a fellow mom of three (twins, also!) I enjoy hearing their product endorsements because I know if their family has used and enjoyed something, we will likely, too. If you are someone who gets irked hearing heavy Jersey accents, this is NOT the podcast for you, but if you can listen past that, you will learn and enjoy. 😊
Bitter sweet
Absolutely love this podcast. Jeremy and Stephanie make a workday pass by so much better listening to their adventures and gear guides. The only downfall to this podcast is I leaves me longing for more time with my family and our camper!!!! They are well versed in road travels and have outstanding gear recommendations. A+ for the teachers.
Sleepy B. Head
Love your podcast.
I just listened to my first RVFTA podcast and was very impressed. I listened to the Disney for Adults episode and is was very informative and I throughly enjoyed it. Great show. Great sound quality. Hosts are excellent. Wonderful podcast. 👍🏻
Jester 26
Great information. Thanks for sharing information about camping and life in general. Very informative and fun to listen to both of you. You’re appreciated.
Just bought our 1st RV
My husband and I just bought our first RV! I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last year as we’ve discussed what we wanted from an RV and it was a fantastic source of information and inspiration. Can’t wait to see everyone at the campground 😊
I simply enjoy the heck out of this podcast.
Each week I look forwar to my RVFTA episode. Jeremy an Stephanie are always entertaining, always informative and it's my weekly dose of everything RV camping. I feel like they've becme part of my inner circle of camping buddies. I even want their RVFTA theme song for a ring tone.
Great podcast.
Really enjoy the show every week.
Traveling with teens and podcast apps
Loved the discussions in episode 216. There was a lot of great advice in there. As for the Q about podcast apps, I must have tried two dozen different apps over the last three years. But alas, I’m back with the Apple app. There are several with much much better formats and intuitive queuing, but they all had other drawbacks which kept me looking. The last straw was search-ability. Apple simply has everyone beet when searching for those one-off podcasts or rare guests. Also, leaving comments like this is not an option through most other apps.
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Love the podcast
I have been listening on and off for a while now and I am way behind I’m on episode 189 but started the day on like 137 or something like that. Love the content and the delivery of the information. Thank you some much I’ve learned many things from you. We be listening more and trying to get caught up don’t want to miss anything lol.
Mixed feelings on this podcast
This podcast can be informative, but it takes forever to get out what is useful from all the back and forth banter. That and the overuse of the word LIKE from both of them makes this podcast painful to listen to. My husband and I listen to glean something useful about Custer state park for instance. But the talk about what they ate at the snack bar, which was “like pizza” and everything else that has the word “like” two, three or four times in every sentence makes me want to cringe. This may be the LIKE generation. But proper English should be a used when you are publicly speaking. The podcast is disjointed, disorganized and just plain bad on many levels. They have a great concept, but they need to get to the point in half of the amount of time it takes them, and speak without sounding like teenagers.
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I listen to all of RVFTA's Podcasts every week and love it! It keeps the dream of camping all year long alive!
So inspiring !!
Jeremy and Stephanie really know how to inspire people with their experiences and expertise in RV livin’! After listening to this podcast, my wife is already manifesting some future voyages together with our 3 kids. If you want to get your family on the road and see the land, listen to these two!
Fun, practical listening pleasure
This podcast is fun to listen to, but the practical advice is what keeps me coming back every week! I can’t recommend this podcast enough, and 2018 has been the best year. I love the seasons format with the mini podcasts in between. Thank for sharing your love of camping!
Warning! This Podcast May Cost You Money!!
Jeremy and Stephanie have become household names and after listening to most of the RVFTA episodes I feel like we are friends. Their content is always fresh and new. I love hearing about their adventures, recommendations and day-to-day challenges traveling with three young boys. Our three boys are one their own now and so many times I look back and wish we would have camped more with them. They are spot on when they talked about how the family benefits from their travel and camping experiences. We are fortunate to be retired and are able to travel at our leisure. We love to hear Stephanie and Jeremy's tips on all things camping. My one caution about this podcast is that it may cost you money (but it will be money well spent.) We have purchased quite a few of the products that they recommend from the Anderson levelers to the Thetford tank products. The podcast provides lots of great information that is put together in an entertaining way. Kudos to a great couple who work well together. Keep the episodes coming!!
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Contemporary RV Advice
Thank you Stephanie & Jeremy for you’re continued hard work in putting together concise, relevant and current advice on RV camping. I look forward to Thursday’s to hear your latest topic. This Podcast as well as Campground of the Week have been so helpful getting us back into RV camping. We are recent empty nesters with two college graduates who have recently flown away. We have a new 5th wheel and plan to do much more camping near our home in Southern California. Hopefully we’ll see you at the campground someday soon.
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Great podcast!
Last year, when my husband and I bought our first trailer, we were at a loss at where to start. Thankfully, Stephanie and Jeremy came into our lives! They took the mystery out of the grey and black tanks (in a good way!), taught us all about making the trailer our own (including how to get a good night’s sleep), and have been a continuous source of inspiration for fun outings and camping tips. Because of the RVFTA podcast, we and our 8-year old son, now feel relaxed and comfortable in our home-on-wheels and are making the most of each adventure! Thank you!
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Wolf Pup Jeannie
Fun and informative
I stumbled across this podcast shortly after my husband and I bought a pop up camper this summer. We have never owned a camper or RV, and I have learned a lot from Stephanie and Jeremy. As a mom of 2 young boys, I love to hear from a couple with so much experience of traveling and camping with kids. And, as a western NY native, I love to hear all the positive things they have to say about NY state camping! Now I have a wish list of places I would never have thought to visit in my own home state, as well as inspiration for longer trips to places all over the country. I would recommend this podcast to any family interested in camping or road tripping together!
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Great information well done podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. I’ve really gotten into it and listening to all the past episodes I have not. They do a great job sharing their knowledge and experience. They have experience with family camping and they seem very nice. I’m really looking forward to listening to all the past shows. I had been listening to the shows as they appeared as new but going back is great. The cooking and cast iron ones now I’m really liking. The towing and products they tried are Also great info.
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Great RV info
I’ve been a member of The RVFTA Facebook group for quite some time but just recently started listening to the podcast. So much great information in each episode (even the ones that I don’t think may be relevant to me always have something to take away) Keep up the great work!! Hopefully someday we’ll see y’all “out there”!
okie fulltimers
Ramblin Rebel
57 year old couple, soon to be empty nesters. Thanks to these guys, soon to be RV owners😉!!!
Em & I
Future Travel Nurse
I absolutely love this podcast! I’m a young nursing student, and upon graduating, I’m planning to become a travel nurse. My boyfriend and I plan to live in an RV full time as we travel from place to place, and this podcast has given me so many ideas!! I’ll definitely be following all your other forms of social media!!
More than just RV’s
Luckily, I stumbled across this podcast just before buying our first camper. Jeremy and Stephanie have such a great way of telling their story and helping to educate their listeners about all things RV. Thanks to them, we camp more comfortably, make better travel and campsite decisions, buy better gear and have finally solved the problem of having thousands of family pictures on our phones that we never look at. They share the challenges along with the triumphs and whether you’re a retired empty nester or making family memories at the campground with young kids, I would suggest that your RV experience will be better for giving the show a try. Dave C.
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Pod ear
Camping Vicariously
Due to a change in careers this spring I’ve been forced to watch my travel trailer sit in the driveway. But thanks to Stephanie and Jeremy every week I get my camping fix. You do a great job covering tips, trips and tech. All with a practical family view. Great job and thanks for all the “vicarious trips” this summer
Erik from MI
Love this podcast and love the host. Always full of information and entertaining the only problem is I like to save them up to listen to them all at once.
Simply the Best!
Love, love, love this Podcast! As an RV family it’s so nice to hear ideas and tips from others who love to travel with their RV. I feel like we learn something each time we listen! This is our favorite Podcast hands down. Thanks for all you do! See you at the campground!!
Informative, family friendly, fun podcast
This podcast gave me the courage and information I needed to get us RVing! Well researched and fun, this podcast is so well presented! The information is truly amazing and has given me so much great tips for RVing with kids and pets. Friendly Facebook group is a nice bonus. I really look forward to new episodes. Couldn’t recommend this podcast more to anyone who loves camping.
My Favorite from a Podcast Addict
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I never miss an episode of RVFTA or the sister podcast, Campground of the Week. Even though I’m an experienced RVer and traveler, I always walk away learning something new. More importantly, I just like Jeremy and Stephanie. Real people, real parents, real advice. I find myself thinking that we should camp together.
This is our 3rd year camping and I feel like I learn something new every time I listen to a podcast! Keep up the great work! Samone/Alabama
Best RV podcast ever!
My whole family really enjoys listening to this podcast, which is a pretty impressive feat! Lots of educational info, tips, and perspectives from some camping pros, and all of it is presented in an approachable, relatable, fun way! The FB group is an added bonus, too! What an awesome camping community! Thanks, Jeremy and Stephanie!
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