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The Run-Up
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Useless trash
Dave G reviews
Please don’t leave the daily
Please don’t leave the daily
Wow get iphone and find your podcast. No game show acting .seems actual discussion with facts I stepped to left 🤭 they might put in in the dark and continue to silence me. So far yang seem balanced normal . Have great day
dont tell her person
Great insights!
I like his openness to gain perspective from people who differ in opinion.
Yay 4 podcasts
Outstanding in depth coverage
Thanks for this informative and in depth insight into the state of politics
Cancelite in Palo Alto
Thanks NYT!
There were a few episodes that made me sad (I think Obama's Legacy is so much more than what your episode focused on!) but I did enjoy having this as an anchor in the storm of the 2016 election.
Unlike all the other political podcasts
This podcast takes a deep look in to the issue surrounding trump and the election. It gets very deep in to the analysis of trump as the man.
Love it
More Maggie haberman, all the time
Thoughtful analysis and conversation.
An embarrassment to The Times
The Run Up podcast does not reflect well on The Times. It needs a wise and respected journalist with gravitas as moderator.
Glad they've continued post election
Smart commentary
Was once great...
I liked this podcast through the election season and even after. I liked the conversations you facilitated between voters on both sides of the aisle as well. The people ranting about the show being biased frankly sound silly and have no conception of what actual liberal media sounds like. NYT barely flutters to the left. That being said, the recent interview with Kellyanne Conway... I was dismayed. Total scripted bull and you essentially gave her a platform to further perpetuate lies from. I expect content, not right-wing fluff pieces that compare Obama's qualifications as a senatorial and community organizer to Ben Carson's *self* admission of no experience and his own *self* exclusion from the cabinet until coerced. Pathetic, NYT.
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A new favorite
Started listening about a month before the election, which resulted in a binge of all the previous episodes so I could get caught up. Michael directs the conversation in such an engaging and intelligent way. I also love the regular guests - Maggie is my favorite! Keep up the great work.
Best pre (and post) election coverage
I've been meaning to write for months now that this program has been absolutely fantastic. Incredibly balanced coverage of the issues and opinions from all sides. Thank you Michael Barbaro and team!
Turn up the volume
Good podcast, but I can barely hear it. I don't have that issue with any of the other podcasts.
Very Compelling
I enjoyed the election coverage but was moved to tell my friends about the recorded conversations by politically opposed friends and family.
Out of coins
Turn it up!
The sound level on this show is a good deal quieter than every other podcast I listen to (which is a bunch). At the level I have to turn it up to hear it, Waze nearly blows out my speakers every time there's a "vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead". I enjoy this podcast, but the mastering engineer needs to turn up the mix a couple of notches.
Love it
I especially love the dialogoues as of late. A different perspective among how others treated this election has definitley helped in coping with the emotions I had. Among that I love the weekly updates and hope you guys keep it going.
Like it
Not quite as much as the similar NPR Politics podcast though.
Katie in PHX
Maggie doesn't even attempt to hide her bias
Awesome pod, maggie could at least pretend to be an objective professional. Just sayin.
Sober Kid
Smart with Heart
Perhaps the most compelling, incisive, and reasoned political podcast. Hosted by NY Times Political Reporter, Michael Barbaro, this podcast speaks from the from the center of the current election (pre and post), with the journalistic depth one expects from the Times, but also a surprising core of emotion and sensitivity. Check out the dialogue podcasts with friends or family who voted in opposite ways (there are three). I praise this podcast as a longtime political podcast "junkie" (going back to the days of the now defunct "Politcal Junkie" podcast with Ron Elving and Ken Rudin... and you can still hear the brillian Ron Elving on NPR's new "NPR Politics" podcast). The Run-Up is now my favorite of the four political podcasts in my feed: the are: New Yorker Politics and More, Slate's Political Gabfest, Keeping It 1600, and the aforementioned NPR Politics. The last two listed are still finding their footing; The Run-Up hit the floor dancing and hasn't missed a step. Check it out.
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NYTimes podcasts clunky
So I want to listen to episode 34 but can't find it. Here's the problem NYTimes: you change headlines from one platform to another. The hardcopy has one headline. The online version another and now I see your podcasts have still a third title. Either that or you promote a podcast that isn't yet available.
Little Flying Fish
Dialogues series is very good
Just listened to the first of your Dialogues series after the Trump election. I really enjoyed it. It's interesting to hear the different perspectives from people, and also encouraging to see people try to understand where the other person is coming from. I look forward to the next one.
Mel in Cali
Aaron and Kyle
Seriously, two individuals who stated they used to be friends in high school. Haven't talked in years and you want them to discuss their political stances on why they voted for xyz. And folks want people of color to empathize with white people who voted for Trump. Never
Grand efforts
What a great idea to initiate these candid conversations after such polarized election, which I believe eventually will prove the division in this country is not as hard as to heal as many people believe, certainly will lead to a reunion in the future. In addition if normal people can talk in such a way, I see no reason that elected officials, Presidents, governors, legislators etc. can not campaign and do their daily job in such a civilized way, rather than pitching a divisive tactics to be either your way or my way. Let's hold them accountable to this, and I see no reason not!!
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Fave political podcast
It got me through the election now it will get me through the next four years.
Great Leftist Pod
This is a great left-leaning podcast. Their conversations on the current political climate are top notch and well done.
Excellent, quality podcast offering a high level of truth
Excellent, quality podcast offering a high level of truth and honesty about the horrific election and results. Greatly admire Michael Barbaro for not shrinking from reporting what's really happening. This is not slanted; we can't help it that the Left are obviously and overwhelmingly the good guys in this country right now. There aren't "two equal sides", and there's no reason to subject yourself to the lies and garbage coming from Trump and the right.
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Fantastic podcast
I got completely hooked on this podcast late in the election and am still loving it post-election. It’s very thoughtful, self-critical and interesting. Really well edited and good podcast voices.
This is my favorite political podcast by far!! Michael Barbaro does an outstanding job!
I can't hear you. I listen on the subway, and you're barely audible over the sound of the train I'm on. I have all volumes on max and I had to turn you off cuz you sound like a bunch of mumblers. How many people are behind this podcast? Ridiculous.
great show
intelligent, interesting politics show from new york times
ally moe
Thrilled to hear The Run Up will continue after the election
I love this podcast. I find the discussions insightful and fascinating. His guests are well chosen and balanced. The topics pertinent and interesting. So many political shows are dry but not this one. I am a hardcore fan!
Shallow, inane analysis
This show was actually pretty good at the beginning of its run, but has since devolved into cheap and at times ridiculous "armchair psychiatry". With each show they seem to be more and more comfortable showing their bias and airing their increasingly questionable theories about what makes trump "tick".
Smart and engaging
Was a great way to keep up with this election cycle
Blue NPR
It's too bad it has to end. I hope there is something else you and your group can discuss. ("What's the number...?") I have looked forward to each podcast since the beginning. At the end of each one, I am more informed and I am uplifted by the fact that there are employees of the newspaper-of-record that have this kind of perspective. Thank you Michael.
Great podcast
Please continue this past the elections.
must listen
perfect mix of colleagues within NYT and outsiders. Right pacing, lively, informative.
Wonderful and informative
Been excellent reporting the whole election, not just rehashed punditry. My favorite was the did it have to be her episode. I really hope he continues after the election doing political podcasts!!
Yarn and Cats
Keep going
Michael I will miss this podcast when the election is over...but won't miss this election 😉
Not the best of the bunch
This elections podcast is hit or miss. I like the host and the format, but having the reporters as guests is where the show errs. It is off putting to hear the reporters talk about the "arc" and the "narrative" of various political scandals. Stick to interviewing experts so that we don't have to hear the delight with which NYT reporters welcome scandalous developments.
Pretty left leaning and terrible audio leveling
Let me preface this by saying I am hard democrat. I was into the podcast at first, but after a while, the liberal bias became a little annoying. Lots of bashing trump, entire series devoted to it no less. But very little information on the Clinton campaign that wasn't well reasoned. This would have earned it 4 stars if the audio quality of the show wasn't so bad. The audio levels constantly fluctuate throughout the episodes. Quiet interviews interspersed with booming music makes it dangerous to turn up the volume, but unless you do, you can't hear squat.
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Great Reporting
This is a great roundup of the election news. The reporters are quite knowledgeable and interesting.
One sided
I will be voting 3rd party this election. I will not look to the NYT for fair balanced information on political candidates. Are journalists supposed to be so blatantly biased? It's a shame.
Bethany Michele
Please Continue this After the Election
I love this. Please continue discussing politics on your podcast after the election. Covers the issues extensively and with excellent guests. Michael Barbaro is a wonderful host with a natural style.
Lost opportunity
Started out as a promising analysis of the campaign, but quickly descended into one "hit piece" after another. I'm a liberal Democrat in NYC, but I don't need yet another outlet attempting amateur psychoanalysis of Trump and his party. Please delivery something of substance. You guys are so much better than this.
the wisest politics podcast of 2016
There isn't a more intelligent politics podcast this year. Here's a breakdown: - the Run-up: very thoughtful commentary, detailed, at times funny but aiming to inform and analyze as top priorities. you will actually hear black, -of color, and women's voices on this podcast, in a year in which political podcasting has been overwhelmingly white and male. Unfortunately, this podcast comes out far too rarely, which makes it dated by the time it airs; it ought to air at least 3 times per week. - NPR politics podcast: brief but witty, fantastic hosts, occasionally get into the nitty-gritty of down-ballot races & other wonkery. they do sometimes feature viewpoints other than white males, which is nice, though they can tend to discuss people as voting blocs. And actually that's fine, but the Run-Up podcast is much less dehumanizing & much more interested in how actual people feel about this election. - 538 Politics podcast: polls! polls! and more polls. limited commentary. myopic when compared to the broader view offered by the Run-Up. - Keeping It 1600: funniest politics podcast of 2016; very "inside baseball" b/c the hosts are former staff to Obama & other pols; VERY male-oriented, very white--the reason they can be so funny is probably that they're nicely insulated from actual consequences of this election by all the nice white male privilege ;) - Says Who? podcast: just for laughs, except for the rare very good interview (SEE: Olivia Nuzzi interview. wow!). In all, the Run-Up will be the most useful when you want to go back and reconsider this election years from now. It's got high production values, high quality organizing and writing...the best of a VERY good crop of political podcasts.
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Shera Mankiller
Amazing show but too quiet!!
For anyone interested in politics, this podcast is a must-hear. Phenomenal journalism from the NYT crew and great in-depth, truthful analysis. One thing: PLEASE improve your sound balancing. The audio is just too quiet, especially during phone interviews. I can't even listen to the podcast in my car because even with the volume all the way up I often can't hear well enough to understand. Please fix this issue!
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Nothing special. Honestly I feel like they are just trying to copy the NPR Politics team.
So good
Didn't think there's was more that I needed from election coverage. But these folks have done it. Great work.
enwhysee gal
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