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The Richie Allen Show
The Richie Allen Show
The Richie Allen Show Monday October 19th 2020
1 hour 51 minutes Posted Oct 19, 2020 at 11:32 am.
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Show notes
Richie is joined by Catherine Blaiklock and Jeananne Crowley
Catherine Blaiklock is a British hotelier who was the founder and first leader of The Brexit Party. Catherine lays bare the devastation of the hospitality industry by the governments Covid-19 measures. She also discusses the shocking murder of a French teacher last week, by an Islamist extremist, immigration in light of the Brexit negotiations and more.
Jeananne Crowley is a gifted Irish actress, Journalist and playwright and a great friend of mine. Jeananne came on to talk about "A Beginners Guide To The New World Order," an idea she says is in the "embryonic stage." How do we best engage with those who are looking for answers in these strange and frightening times? Don't miss this. Jeananne also discusses the Netflix documentary "Cuties" which has received a torrent of criticism for allegedly "sexualising children." Jeananne explains that there is more to the film than meets the eye.