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The Awakening Of Russell Brand
1 hour 56 minutes Posted Jun 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm.
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Show notes

“If you have a spiritual life, it is for you. It is not something you should inflict on other people.”

Russell Brand

Every podcaster has their dream list — guests they fantasize interviewing. From day one, today's guest has occupied my top slot.

Officially, Russell Brand is one of the most recognizable and best-loved comedy performers in the world. He is also is also a phenomenally successful author, broadcaster, actor, columnist, political commentator and mental health & drug rehabilitation activist. His global bestselling books include Revolution*,Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions*, and his latest release, Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped*. Now a devoted dad and husband, when he isn't touring or performing he can be found hosting Under The Skin on Luminary, one of my very favorite podcasts.

Unofficially, Russell is iconic for his very public awakening. A recovering heroin addict, his struggles with drugs, sex, fame, money and power were custom tailored for tabloid fodder. And his satirical but always probing takes on politics, celebrity culture and religion often find him in the crosshairs of controversy.

I think of Russell as a hyper-intelligent master of modern discourse and disputation. Perpetually armed with a most delicious turn-of-phrase, he is a philosopher of the extreme. A man who has voyaged to the brink of overindulgence, he has returned to share the unique personal wisdom gleaned from such surfeit with razor-sharp musings on the broader humanity we collectively share — and have a laugh along the path.

With a sui generis brew of eccentric wit, subversive candor and extreme charm, Russell grapples fearlessly and out loud with that which lays beneath the surface. With the ideas that define our time. Of the history we are told. And the ulterior truth behind our constructed reality.

What is truly real? How can we craft a more fair and just society for all? How can we live a more intentional life of meaning? What does it mean be a spiritual being in a human existence?

Today we voyage beyond the walls of our constructed material world. We dive into The Matrix. And to coin Russell's phrase, lick the walls of the hologram.

I’m absolutely delighted by this magical, modern-day mystic.

Once a dream, this conversation is now a tangible reality. Or is it?

Either way, I sincerely hope you relish the conversation as much as I adored having it.

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