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Good tips and tricks
In the couple days I have listened to the first dozen episodes and it is awesome. I have things about bow hunting, how to setup the bow. Tips and tricks when I comes to different species and every bit of information is going to make me a better hunter.
Lame podcast
I used to like listening to this podcast when he would actually talk about elk hunting. I am not going to pay for some extra bs
Todd Orr’s Bear Story
Last night I listened to episode 292 while driving to the Colorado GMU I plan to archery hunt this fall. Listening to his grizzly encounter I thought, “I’m glad we don’t have grizzlies here,” and “I should get some pepper spray in case I run into any black bears.” As if to reinforce the need for pepper spray, as I’m hiking into the unit at around 5:30 this morning I heard a loud pop up the hill from me. No more than 15 yards from me through some bushes I see a sow and two cubs ripping up a deadfall. I didn’t even have my trekking poles ready in case I needed them, let alone bear spray. Fortunately they didn’t notice me and moved off.
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EP 458
One of my favorite podcast for sure! I love episode 458 about creating a side hustle and entrepreneur ship. I created a YouTube channel as a side hustle. Yes it might be a crowded market, but who cares. I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel great watching it grow! “what has been will be again, there’s nothing new under the sun”.
Mary a. C.
Cody will have to prove that his podcast is better than everyone else’s and worth paying for. I listened to a few and it’s even close to that point now. Journalism skills and production need improvement.
Make it free
I’m sure there would be great content. But I wont spend money on a
Patreon 👎🏻
Used to love this podcast, since going behind the paywall with any decent episode it’s not worth the listen. I understand everyone has to make a living, but isn’t that why you have sponsors and advertising on the podcast?
228 821 411
Money grab
Wish it wouldn’t have done the patreon thing
Pay to listen
Deleted once the patreon crap started. Podcast has adds and sponsors already.
Losing another listener
Pay to listen to a podcast? Get out of here.
Joe P. 86
Hard to continue down the path
I have followed TRO for a long time. Cody was a pioneer of hunting podcasts and has put out a lot of great interviews and content over the years. Unfortunately the last two years have seen adds upwards of 5 minutes at the start of each podcast and now about 50% require paid subscription to listen. While I support his right to profit from the podcast, I have pretty much checked out now that I can’t access the more interesting content. I think Cody would have been a lot better off using the podcast as a free tool to provide information/entertainment and to continue promoting some of his paid services. Best of luck!
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Wolf hunting
Thanks for the podcast on wolf hunting. Nice to see! Everyone is always talking about ungulates which we could have more of if there was more predator hunting.
No way
There’s lots of free podcasts out there I won’t paying to listen to yours! It’s not that special.
Great Podcast
The podcast with Wayne Carlton is easily one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard! I listen to a lot of hunting podcasts and TRO is one of my favorites! Keep it up Cody! From this 👆to this 👇 I haven’t listened to a single podcast TRO podcast since you got greedy! Delete!
I found your show on GoWild and I can’t stop watching.
Big for their britches
Will not pay a cent for this content, not that great. A lot of other podcasts out there that are free and give you more info. Jay Scott is one of them.
This podcast is really tough to listen to. The host is a bogus, snarky, egotistical, phony who lacks any sense of being remotely genuine. He is a horrible interviewer, who continually interrupts the guests and finds it impossible to follow any structure or narrative. Now you have to pay for a patreon fan boy membership in order to listen to many episodes. There’s a long list of sponsorship adds on every episode and yet you still have to pay? This is outrageous. No one else who is taken seriously in the hunting industry, has a podcast you have to pay for. Cody Rich has no hope of making a living in the hunting industry without making you pay for this less than stellar podcast and selling a shoe box full of overpriced backpacking food. He’s a phony who has to troll for followers on social media by continually following then unfollowing people. He moved to Montana to attempt to ride in the coattails of people who actually have made it. Of all the hunting podcasts, this one is the worst. Insufferable to say the least.
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Bad Language
Have been a listener for quite some time. Content is good but language is just too bad. I’m done On the CO mule deer audio cast his hunting partner could say three words with using the “F” word. Come on peeps. Let’s clean up the language!
Deer drives
Love the podcast, lots of great info! I like the talk on deer drives. I grew up in Northern WI and deer drives has been a tactic my whole life. My dad and I stay at a hunting cabin with 9 guys. I remember from the time i started going out to the cabin at a young age the guys pulling out plot books and making plans to push deer. We would push swamps (finding them swamp donkeys), thick poplar tree slashings, etc... typically had at least 5 drivers and 5 posters. Moved a lot of deer and killed a lot of deer hunting this way. In fact there is a whole wall of euro mounts in the cabin (shack bucks) of bucks that were shot on deer drives and/or multiple people shot at and hit the buck! Lots of fun and great memories. I now live in WA.
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Moving on
Used to be good before most of the episodes were hidden behind the patreon paywall. Oh well was good while it lasted.
Awesome Podcast!!!
One of the best if not the BEST! No forget that this is the BEST podcast on hunting elk and mule deer!! Even the other podcasts on things from shooting guns and bows to gear and even stories from old timers. Has a bunch of great info, tips and tricks for you to learn!!!
CJ Mortensen
Awesome guys and service.
I really don’t leave reviews but I felt the need to here. Cody and his crew are excellent stand up dudes. This podcast is fantastic as well as Backcountry Fuel box. It’s a great subscription box and Cody really cares about customer service. Thank you guys!
Content, content, content
Some podcasts dare you to listen for two hours because it's just words without valuable content or insight. This podcast is different. There is a clear purpose to communicate valuable content to the listeners, not just words. Cody seems like a guy talking to other hunters, not just a dude trying to separate listeners from their money.
Jeff Lund
Ep 388 Need more of these that was a great job. Felt like I was there with you on the Mountain This year will be my first year DIY rifle Colorado elk hunt with 16 year old son and that gave me a insight to how it might be!!!!
Awesome cast
Awesome cast. Definitely want the rifle 201
Well Balanced Podcast
This podcast is a great balance of good stories while still gleaning good tips and “how to’s” without coming across as dry as just an instructional podcast. It definitely played a role in harvesting my first elk with a bow this year. I also liked the variety that comes from the backcountry fuel box. Overall, Cody is providing a useful resource! Thanks for great content!
Great listening for anyone
Great information, doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or been elk hunting a long time. Idk if you can ever get too much info or help, being raised in Missouri, it’s podcasts like this that make it possible to head out west. Definitely a must listen.
Love to listen out in the shop while working on things
Can't get a good one
Great info for a new elk hunter!
Headed out west this September for my first elk hunt and your podcasts have provided invaluable information in my planning process. Mark Livesay is a genius!
For a northwest blacktail, elk, and bear hunter finally found a podcast with roots close to home. Great stuff! I’ve got a years worth of podcasts to listen too now.
Love the podcast!!
Love the guests. Really enjoyed the antique firearms episode. Lots of history and great hunting stories.
spencer loveless
Spring Bear
I am just getting into spring bear hunting and your podcast is the only one with quality spring bear episodes! I appreciate the knowledge transfer. That being said .... I have listen to all the spring bear episodes soooo feel free to record more!
Amazing content
If you love the outdoors and everything about it you’ll love this podcast!
Best Podcast Ever
Dang baw!! Cody you have the best hunting and backpacking podcast I have found yet. I really enjoy all your guest, the questions you ask them, the fact that you let them answer. Some other podcast are not capable of that. You are a huge inspiration to me and have encouraged me to go deep in the woods after elk with a bow. Got my first one last season and just did another a or trip this year. Keep up the good work!
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Ray Carnley
Kills me to do this but I’ve been playing catch up and just left a great review but....Paying for Wapiti wed and Muley Mon, not cool Cody. We’re all out here doing are thing....I get it but stay true to your roots my man.
S.Idaho Brad
Review and question.
I really enjoy the insightful questions and the personal stories of successes and failures. What is the scariest event that you have encountered in the elk woods?
Oregon Elk Caller
Try Elk Talk, Muley Freak, or The Backcountry podcasts...
This used to be a decent podcast...but for some reason it’s gone downhill. Maybe lack of sponsors...not sure. Either way, lots of other great western hunting content out there.
Wapiti Wednesday and Muley Monday where the reason I listened. Now they are behind the patreon paywall. Guess I’ll just listen to one of the other 15 elk/hunting podcasts.
Such an incredible podcast, disappointed at the attempt to cash in on loyal listeners.
Free podcast got you where you are today.
First off I’ve been listening to your podcast Cody for about four years now and have loved every minute of it until today on the wapiti Wednesday you tell us to listen to the rest of it we need to go to the patron and pay for it. I can tell you today I will be unsubscribing from your podcast and will not listen to any of your episodes from here on out. As a flatlander I depend on as much information as I can to make myself as prepared as possible for all of my backcountry hunters local and out west. Good luck to the future of your podcast. I will not contribute
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cole wilks.
Best podcast
All I can think about is hunting and like most folks I have to work a lot but while I’m laying tile listening to the podcast keeps me hunting even when I can’t. I learn different tactics or just different outlooks on how to better myself in the field and before scouting. Keep up the good work!
Awesome hunting podcast
No matter what you're hunting Cody's got a podcast for you. I normally listen for elk hunting tips but I got drawn for my first spring bear hunt this year! Didnt know anything about it, but I knew Cody would tell me what I needed to know. Sure enough The RIch Outdoors has a coulpe spring bear podcast for me. Now I have a plan and I'm pumped to get out in the woods! Thanks Cody!
Move to Patreon
I will not give patreon any of my money. There is to much free content on hunting, not much incentive to pay for your podcast....good luck
Great podcast
This has become my favorite hunting podcast over the years. Cody finds some great story tellers to have on here and they blow you away with their tales. This is one of the few podcasts I am willing to pay for because the content is so good. Plus he puts on so many shows a week it makes it a bargain.
Rob Paulick
Pay for a podcast now... What a bummer. ✌️
The best podcast
The best podcast I heard
Love this podcast!
I can’t really put a finger on it but ever sense I was 11yrs old I have wanted to hunt. 21 years later I have yet to get started...until today. I recently had a friend take me shooting bows, a love I had as a kid at summer camp was re-ignited. Got an old Bear compound and I am dead set to hunt as soon as I can. I never had anyone in my family hunt but the draw to it has always been there. This podcast has amazing information and the guests on here have a joy and passion I can only dream of at this moment. The information is encouraging and intoxicating. Amazing podcast. Thanks guys.
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Best Western Hunting Podcast
**UPDATE** I’m pretty bummed that Cody put wapiti Wednesday and Muley Monday on a paid format. Those were THE reason I listened to TRO. Still good stuff and I still love Cody, but this cut me out as an avid listener. I’ll miss TRO. I’ve been listening to this podcast for almost a year now. It is my absolute favorite podcast and one that I look forward to downloading every time a new episode comes up. Cody Rich has a great balance of information and just good old around the campfire hunting stories of chasing big mule deer and giant elk and everything that leads up to it. If you want to know how to hunt elk, how to hunt mule deer, how to beIn the back country and be comfortable and successful, this is the podcast for you. Oh yeah, you should get back country field box subscriptions for you and all your friends too!
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This is a special podcast!
Cody is an excellent host who gets the best hunters and people around to talk with, doesn't compete with them, and facilitates the passage of knowledge from the greats to the masses. His talk with Roy Roth (Ep 005) is my favorite podcast of all time and something I go back to every single time when I miss him-- classic Roy and his love for hunting and people.  Other amazing episodes are: ep 150 with Sidney Smith: pure inspiration, ep 016/017 with Marlon Holden, ep 097 with Adam Foss is an amazing gear talk, and ep 104 with the A-team is an awesome entertaining talk with goat hunting and pure passion for hunting.  Thank you, Cody. Please keep doing what you're doing! 
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I loved the podcast but since your now committing 70% of your content to “for pay” only it isn’t worth paying for it to me. Sadly your probably going to loose a lot more listeners then just me for this particularly since the two episodes each week are now for pay only are the two best of the week. But you have to do your own thing I suppose but there is way to much free content from others to worry about one podcast.
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