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The Rich Outdoors
Cody Rich
EP 489: Backcountry Horseback Elk Hunt and Growing a Youtube Channel with Switchback Outdoors
1 hour 24 minutes Posted Jan 21, 2021 at 12:47 pm.
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Show notes
Welcome to episode 489 of the podcast. Today I’m joined by Ross Sevy of Switchback Outdoors. Ross is an avid hunter and family man. I really enjoyed this podcast as we dove into the struggles and challenges of  building a YouTube Channel. Ross has been producing hunts on YouTube for 10 years as a side hobby and more recently getting more serious about making it a business. His recent series Icon Tour – “The Species” is mid way through with some really great hunts up so far. Be sure to go check it out here. His most recent release features an extremely tough backcountry horseback elk hunt. We talk a lot about this hunt and some of the struggles that come with taking horses in the backcountry.
Show Notes: 
Intro – Icon Tour & Youtube Content –
Beginning & Current Goals –
Youtube Monetization Pros & Cons –
Mistakes & Challenges –
Horse backing Unknowns, Pros & Cons –
Early Seasons & Backcountry Elk Hunts –
The Influence & Effects of Confidence –
Switchback Outdoors Give Aways –
Before we get started I want to tell you about my good buddy Mark Livesay and his e-scouting course.  Spending your hunting season going into an area where there are no elk is just wasting your hunting season. We all been there so excited to go on your big hunt only to find no sign of the animals. or worse your favorite spot has people everywhere. The Treeline Academy e-scouting course will teach you to find hunting spots that actually have elk right from the comfort of your home. On top of that Mark’s e-scouting course will teach you to be a more successful hunter by showing you how to organize hunts, with hunt plans, backup plans, and really how to be for more prepared for that trip of the year or trip of your life. With 30 hours of modules this is by far and away the most valuable asset you can give yourself. The ability to read maps, terrains, and areas like a seasoned pro. I promise you this is an invest in elk hunting abilities. Head over to sign up for the e-scouting course and prepare to be completely blown away at the amount of knowledge Mark is going to bring you. Use the TRO code to save $20 of your course.
This podcast is also brought to you by On X maps. On X maps is my go-to for both in the field navigation but also this time of year as I am e-scouting. I spend hours and hours pouring over maps to figure out how locate that potential giant or maybe just how to get away from people. On x elite members now have an even more benefits with the new elite members benefits program. Now with your elite On X membership get a free Top Rut membership as well. Upgrade to elite and start planning more out of state hunts.