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The Rich Outdoors
Cody Rich
EP 487: Be All In! with Gastro Gnome Founder Shannon Waters
1 hour 6 minutes Posted Jan 7, 2021 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes
Here in Bozeman you get to meet so many cool people. Over the last year I have had the pleasure of getting to know Shannon Waters as she launched her new brand Gastro Gnome meals, a backpacking meal company making some of the best meals I’ve ever had. When I was first introduced to Shannon I probably had some preconceived notions, San Fransisco chef moves to Bozeman and starts a backpacking food company. It wasn’t long before Shannon threw those stereotypes right out the window. Shannon has this ability to be all in, something my over analyzing brain lacks seriously. Thats not to say makes rash decisions, or even impulse. Shannon has an ability to deeply analyze something and then act without doubt.
Recently Shannon picked up hunting and actually had a great first year. Coming from the high end restaurant world of farm to table it was a natural progression into hunting your own food even though she has experienced kick back from within her circles.
Show Notes: 
Intro – About Shannon & Careers –
When to Jump & Considerations –
Field to Table & Shannon’s 1st Hunt –
About Gastro Gnome Meals –
Future Hunting Plans –
How to Help Gastro Gnome & Advice –
Backpacking Follies –
Giveaway…? –
This podcast is brought to your by ON x Maps. The number one mapping system for hunters. I use On X maps both in the field and at my laptop constantly. Whether I am scouting new locations or in the field On X is my go-to. I just got off a hunt that was filled with audibles, we changed plans constantly as we tried to find elk. I was with my good buddy and e-scouting legend Mark Livesay and over that week of hunting we continuously went back to the maps looking at options trying to dig up more elk. You have probably heard mention his e-scouting course Treeline Academy which I highly highly recommend. Marks system put us on literally hundreds of elk. Needless to say, we were in elk all week and were able to even find new elk because of On X and the tools available to hunters right on our phone. In fact I played with the new 3D feature right on my phone and that is way cool. ON X now has a 3D feature in the app that allows you to see your way points in a google earth type 3D view. Really cool feature.
When it comes to e-scouting Marks course Treeline Academy is the gold standard and for me goHUNT, On X maps,  and Google earth are my go to tools. If you want to up your hunting game these tools are a must have in my opinion. goHUNT is a big supporter of the podcast and over the next 6 months I will be on goHUNT religiously, planning and scheming all of my next years hunts. Don’t waste money and more importantly years of struggling to figure out big game hunting. Go sign up for marks course. Then get yourself an On X membership and a goHUNT membership and take years off the learning curve. Use the TRO code for all three to save yourself some money.