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The Rich Outdoors
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EP 486: Kurt Racicot and Lyle Hebel Talk Big Mountain Hunting
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Dec 31, 2020 at 4:26 pm.
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Show notes
Today I am joined by Kurt Raciot the founder of Stone Glacier and Lyle Hebel head of marketing. Kurt has been solo hunting big mountains and particularly sheep for most of his hunting carrier. I love the way Kurt approaches the mountains and hunting in general. Kurt is what you might call a minimalist. In fact Stone Glacier was truly founded on redefining ultralight hunting mainly because Kurt was a solo hunter who needed the ability to come out in one load with a sheep and all of his gear.
in my opinion Kurt is just one of those people who looks at the world differently. He has the ability to look at a problem and ask how would I solve this in my own way. From hunting to gear design this has served him well over the years.
In this podcast we talk about hunting big mountains, extended trips, relying on yourself and even dive into some design flows. Lyle just got back from an epic trip to Alaska where he was able to take a Dall Ram as well as great Mountain Goat on the same trip.
Show Notes: 
Intro – About Kurt –
Lyle’s AK Sheep Hunt –
Minimalism & Pushing It Solo –
Logistics & Execution of Mountain Hunts –
Stone Glacier: Design & Innovation –
Closing Advice & Gear Go-To’s –
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