The Rich Outdoors
The Rich Outdoors
Cody Rich
EP 481: Laura Zerra, Survivalist, Hunter, and Badass
1 hour 12 minutes Posted Nov 26, 2020 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

This week I am joined by Laura Zerra who atop being a complete badass, is more at home lost in the mountains than most any of the guest that have been on my show. Since childhood Laura has longed to be in the woods exploring the mountains and far before it was cool or popular, living off the land.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Laura and find anyone who can travel to the beat of their own drum fascinating and inspiring. Laura shares some stories of her wilderness adventures and insights into living your best life.

Laura is also obsessed with shed hunting and we talk about her upcoming plans to go off the grid for the entire month of April in search antlers and how antlers have almost become just an excuse to be in the wilderness. Enjoy!

Show Notes: 
Intro – About Laura Zerra – 3m 49s
Career Advice Looking Back – 13m 11s
Learning to Handle Survival Situations – 18m 45s
Perspective on Careers & Income – 30m 52s
Becoming Self Reliant – 35m 33s
Laura’s Podcast & Effects of Isolation – 44m 45s
Laura Talks Shed Hunting – 57m 28s
Laura’s Content & Social Media – 1h 3m 20s
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