The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler
The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler
Michael Altshuler
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Awesome podcast with great life advice
This is an inspiring and fantastic podcast for anybody who is wanting to take control of their life and improve their well-being and financial success with practical advice
Bryan Clayton
Incredible podcast with actionable tips and insights in every episode.
tommye w-c
Great show!
Michael is a great host and each episode is informative. The guests are very informative.
Todd BGT
Mike is the Man!
Michael A. is very humble and brings out the best in the exemplary guests in his show. I gain tremendous value from each episode and listen multiple times and take notes to best learn and implement. Real-world talk and questions from the best. I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes in the new year!
It has changed my life!
Micheal keeps it real in overcoming the struggles with being a salesman and his countless insights in have helped me grow to achieve top sales in my office! Making in the number one salesman in my region!
First episode fired up!
Looking forward to more from the best in the biz Michael Altshuler