The Relationship Coach Show
The Relationship Coach Show
Erich Viedge
The scary and inspiring story of how Sexual Alchemist Rebecca Lowrie found her niche
33 minutes Posted Jun 23, 2021 at 2:35 am.
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 I work with men, um, mostly kind of 50, 60 seventies, that kind of thing. Sometimes younger, sometimes older, but usually around that age.And they come to me with variety of different issues.

Sometimes it's something that's more physical, that's not working for them in the way they would like sometimes it's more mental or emotional, spiritual.

My main clientele are those who have little to no experience or no recent experience with sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, that sort of thing. Or guys who have experience, but kind of have this, you know, the kind of suspect there's more to it than they've been experiencing. And then I see guys, you know, that want to get maintained better directions last longer in bed, build confidence, you know, that kind of stuff.

My  basic program has four in-person sessions with me and for zoom calls with me in between the sessions, I do offer longer programs, but not until I've worked with someone a while, and I know that it's appropriate for them. .