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How to treat sex addiction
OK full disclosure. There is no such thing as sex addiction. Of course, people can have a problematic relationship with sex. We could call that sexual compulsivity. That's what this episode is about.  Viv Burke is at I reference Our sponsor is Send feedback to mailto:feedback@The Relationship Coach
Jul 15, 2021
36 min
How to spot abuse in a BDSM relationship
When she was 15, she told her school counsellor that she wanted to be a sex and relationship coach. But that wasn't a thing back in the early 2000s. But when The Lady Ness, as she calls herself, sets her mind to something, she gets it done. So now the Lady Ness is indeed a sex and relationship coach with a perspective that comes from years of personal lived experience. She's also a researcher into sex and disability, a pro-domme and a very accomplished social media expert. Naturally, she specialises in blogging and social media in the adult industry. You can find Lady Ness but at Visit Send feedback to Let's make this a song by Balkan Jingles is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Lucky in the Supermarket (ID 1323) by Lobo Loco is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Jul 8, 2021
40 min
What do do when your kinky client wants to call you Daddy
Do you choose your kinks? Or do your kinks choose you? That's not the question I thought I was asking when I spoke to Dr Graham Stevenson for this week's episode. But that's one of the answers I got! When I started this podcast I made a list of relationship dynamics things I'd like to know more about. One of those was what they call DD/lg -- Daddy Dom, Little Girl. So I put out a call and Dr Graham Stevenson answered it.  He has had personal experience in a relationship with this dynamic, and he graciously unpacked what that was like for him. visit Find Dr Graham Stevenson at
Jul 1, 2021
38 min
The scary and inspiring story of how Sexual Alchemist Rebecca Lowrie found her niche
 I work with men, um, mostly kind of 50, 60 seventies, that kind of thing. Sometimes younger, sometimes older, but usually around that age.And they come to me with variety of different issues. Sometimes it's something that's more physical, that's not working for them in the way they would like sometimes it's more mental or emotional, spiritual. My main clientele are those who have little to no experience or no recent experience with sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, that sort of thing. Or guys who have experience, but kind of have this, you know, the kind of suspect there's more to it than they've been experiencing. And then I see guys, you know, that want to get maintained better directions last longer in bed, build confidence, you know, that kind of stuff. My  basic program has four in-person sessions with me and for zoom calls with me in between the sessions, I do offer longer programs, but not until I've worked with someone a while, and I know that it's appropriate for them. .
Jun 23, 2021
33 min
Three things mono people get wrong about polyamorous breakups
Claire Louise Travers is a humanitarian by profession. She's implemented humanitarian response initiatives in over 20 countries. She's also polyamorous, which means she is comfortable having concurrent romantic and sexual relationships. When the 20th anniversary of Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy's book The Ethical Slut came out, she and one of her partners thought it would be a fun idea to read it together and discuss it on a podcast. They called it Poly Pages. And because she's an academic at heart they decided to produce bonus episodes to talk to academics about research in polyamory. Then she and her partner broke up, which put an end to the Ethical Slut Reading Group the two of them had started. In fact, that year, all her relationship ended. But in true Claire fashion, she decided to do something useful with the podcast. Under the auspices of Poly Pages, she ran an event about decoupling in polyamorous relationships, and the webinar is available for purchase at I'll put a link in the show notes. And she's been running events for the polyamorous community ever since. Look out for the White Supremacy in Polyamory On 19th June 2021, which is also available for purchase. Breakups are a part of relationships, but I'm guessing most relationship coaches don't have a lot of experience with breakups when the people are polyamorous. How can we support the process best? You can find the webinar on decoupling in polyamorous relationships for ten pounds or about $15 Find @polypages on TikTok (her TikToks are hilarous and informative) and Instagram @polypages. Find Claire at The takeaways for me were. * Don't call it ethical non-monogamy because that implies that all non-monogamy is unethical unless stated otherwise. We don't say "ethical monogamy" do we? She wrote an article about this on medium which you can find at * If a person is going through a breakup, it hurts. Treat that breakup as its own thing. * It's not really fair to ask other partners to support you through a breakup. You can lean on them a bit, but make sure you have other forms of support * It's useful to have non-monogamous friends who understand your relationship structure and can be there for you. * It can happen in polyamory that when one relationship ends, others can sometimes end as well. That hardly seems fair, does it * In polyamory, there's this idea that relationships don't always have to end just because you've decoupled. Sometimes they transition into a different shape. In monogamy, almost all decouplings are abrupt breaks. But in polyamory, relationships stop being sexual or romantic, but they can transition into friendship, or co-working or another form of relating. (They're still break-ups, don't get me wrong). Then some tips to be less sad after a breakup; * Watch a scary movie. It's hard to be scared and sad at the same time * Dance or move your body to work some of the feelings out. Sign up to receive our emails with bonus content at, which is also where you can find the Spotify playlist of all the breakup and lovesongs we've featured. @Therelationshipcoach show is also where you will find us on Facebook and Instagram, and please follow us on Twitter @TheRELcoachShow for comments or feedback.
Jun 20, 2021
30 min
How cross-dressing affects relationships
Savannah Hauk is this week's guest. She's an Author, TEDx Speaker and cross-dressing activist. She talks about what relationship coaches need to know to support guys who cross-dress. The Fox and Phoenix podcast is here: As always, leave comments/feedback at You can sign up to the newsletter there, listen to episodes and find out more about our guests. Follow us: and and  
Jun 10, 2021
40 min
How to see beyond the client's story and into their heart
how should relationship coaches use narrative therapy in their coaching rooms? What tips does a filmmaker have about seeing beyond the clients' story? Alex is a Mindful Intimacy Catalyst, merging the science of Storytelling and the spirituality of Quantum Physics to reach transcendental orgasmic states. "After 10 years in Filmmaking & Advertising, now I work with individuals and couples through narrative-based coaching to uncover their true Self-image and craft a Life Story they're proud to share. Spiritual-scientific-sexuality is my absolute passion and I intuitively combine decades of studies in NLP, psychology, neuroscience, somatic healing, emotional integration, shadow work, trauma healing, DNA BioRegenesis & Keylontic Morphogenetic Physics to offer bespoke, tangible Mind/Body/Spirit practices for anyone who's willing to do the Self-development." Find alex at or on instagram @directedbyalex
Jun 4, 2021
29 min
Why podcasts are a powerful tool for marketing a coaching practice
You're listening to this show because you want to make an impact in your clients' lives. Part of making an impact is learning about different kinds of sexuality, gender and relationship diversity. What are your clients going through that you may know very little about? Another part of making an impact is making money. It's much easier to make an impact if you're finding the right clients and are able to charge for the value you bring. So it's my privilege to welcome Britany Felix. She runs a business called Podcasting for Coaches, and since you're a relationship coach, I figured she's the best person to talk about marketing your business using podcasting. But listen to this: Isn't this amazing? That's exactly what relationship coaches, and coaches in general, are doing isn't it? In this episode I asked her if it's even worth starting a podcast. Surely the market is too crowded now? I asked about the benefits of podcasting and some of the mistakes she's seen people make. And she has a very cool love song and breakup song story. This is The Relationship Coach Show. I'm your host, Erich Viedge. That was Britany Felix. Wasn't it fun? I was very encouraged by how she says podcasting is still the place we can stand out the most. And her success stories really speak for themselves. And I loved that she supports women podcast editors. You can find her on Instagram or on her website or at her podcast podcasting for coaches dot com. It's been a long time since I had so much fun. Next week we're having a man on the show. 2,8% of men have cross dressed in their lives. For perspective, that's one man in 35. I've met way more than 35 men in my life, and I think I know exactly one cross dresser. Tune in next week to my interview with Savannah Hauk, TEDx speaker, author, activist and co-host of the Fox and Phoenix podcast. See you on Thursday!
May 27, 2021
43 min
What you need to know about sexual shame and open relationships
How do we normalise talking about sex with our friends and with our clients in our coaching rooms? To answer that we have to ask: what stops us from speaking about sex in the first place. This week's guest is Dr Rhoda Lipscomb, the author of a book about sexual shame called No More Hiding. You can find out what you're into (or ashamed about) at at no charge. Send comments, memes, voicenotes, feedback to
May 20, 2021
39 min
The most impactful coaching question
Suzannah Weiss is a sex and relationship coach. She was in a monogamous long-distance relationship for three years, but she found herself constantly drawn to new sexual experiences. She wrote about it in an article for the website Hello Giggles, which you can read here. (I recommend the website, by the way. It's really excellent) I wanted to know from her how relationship coaches could support their clients when the clients are cheating. What do clients in that situation need? We also explored non-monogamy, and she told us the story of the coaching question she asked that had the biggest impact on her. You can find her at where she offers a free introductory session; on Twitter @SuzannahWeiss and on Instagram at @WeissSuzannah. I'm genuinely interested in your feedback from today's show. Email it to You can also sign up for our mailing list there, and follow us from there on all the usual platforms. See you next week. Music in today's show is Pleasant Porridge by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
May 12, 2021
21 min
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