The Recruiting Animal
The Recruiting Animal
Recruiting Animal
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Why does this show exist? I’d rather listen to the dial up internet sounds than this trash.
snake charmer$
Incredibly disrespectful
The hosts are abrupt, abrasive, and downright disrespectful. Great guests but they facilitate terrible interviewers. How do they even have a 2 rating?
What a strange approach to speaking with guests. Screaming and interrupting with an overall aggressive attitude , isn’t productive.
The worst podcast I’ve ever heard
suz lem
Not my cup of tea
Not able to listen to someone who is disrespectful to his guest.
The worst
If you like your ears to bleed, your head to be pounding from an inevitable headache plus the added bonus of a guy screaming for no reason then this is the podcast for you!
New Listener
Despite other negative reviews I gave this show a try and am pleasantly surprised. Animal’s style is loud and abrasive, but he does pull out good insights. I subscribed, downloaded some old episodes that looked interesting, and am looking forward to more tips to grow my recruiting business.
Tim @ AgGrad
I lasted 2 mins. Poor sound quality recording of this guy yelling and ranting like a madman into the mic. Not what I came for. I’m out.
Couldn’t turn it off fast enough.
Just terrible
I've been trying to listen to this podcast over the last year and never made it past 5 -10 minutes. The host is dismissive and annoyingly rude to his guests, "mansplains" and speaks down to his female guests... I'm literally listening to it right now, and feel for Katrina Collier in the latest interview(5/11/2016). If you are looking for a podcast to help you with your professional dev in recruitment, I'd listen to this to gain understanding of how NOT to treat people OR just avoid this one all together...
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Not to the point
Listening to an unorganized episode with too much bad singing and cheesy rock music. Let's get to the point.
As long as you know what you're in for
At first I thought Animal might be the most annoying man in the world, but this podcast has become a guilty pleasure for me. The hiring / job-hunting game is an area where I think you learn more from real left anecdotes than you do in other areas, and this podcast is a great way to pick those up. From time to time you'll turn the volume down for a second :) but everyone on the show sounds very well informed, despite the chaotic vibe. Give it a chance
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One of the worst quality podcasts I've heard
Sound quality is just unlistenable. The host is rude and annoying. For example he sometimes just breaks into screaming song lyrics over his guests. An audio podcast has to have conversation give and take. I can't understand episode after episode of this guy talking over everyone. Why wouldn't you edit out all the technical difficulties? 15 minutes of asking if a guest is still on the line or if the call has dropped is not worth my time. This could be great with some actual recording equipment and a host that can steer a conversation without screaming. The guests are good.
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Executive Recruiter
By far the most irritating thing about the show is that the host finds wonderful guests, who I would really appreciate hearing from, and then talks over them, insults their line of work or brand, and essentially deficates on any usefulness for listeners. I believe this is his schtick, which would work and entertain us, if it was executed eloquently. I work for one of the highest billing offices at one of the largest recruiting firms in the world, and I would like to shed some comfort on all of the young recruiters out there - this guy and his friends sound terrible and disingenuous on the phone, and if they tried to recruit me acting like these idiots, I would intentionally go around them and go directly to their end-client owing to how rude and obnoxious they are. If you work hard and treat people well, you will go far in life and in this business. If you act like an @sshole all the time you will wind up sad and lonely and fail to build trusting, non-transactional relationships. Believe it.
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Disappointed Guest
What a jerk!
Don't waste your time. The host is a complete jerk. I could only stand to listen to 15 minutes of this garbage. The host yelled at, insulted and consistently interrupted his guest for no reason. This should be an educational podcast about recruitment. Gain some respect or you'll never gain a following. Unsubscribed.
Nicole Sadler
Unique perspectives from unique people
Liked it. If I wanted to nitpick the intro's are awful, unorganized discussions, and blend of good and not so good guests. But overall I think the show is great for those in recruiting. You get a great feel for the differing personalities in the business and unique perspectives.
Jedi Atticus
Don't Waste Your Time
Worst podcast I've heard. I had hoped to gain some useful info and even advanced through the beginning to see if they got past the ridiculous intros and gave some valuable info but it is pure screeching garbage.
Poor podcast
Poor sound quality, guests are on speaker phones, annoying "chirp" every 10-15 seconds, most unprofessional podcast I have ever heard this guy belongs on a "morning zoo" type radio station. He is supposed to be giving professional advice about recruiting but it sounds more like a circus.