The Reality Tunnels Podcast
The Reality Tunnels Podcast
Josh Nordwick
#28 – Word Power, Breathing, and Mushrooms with Benjamin Pelton
1 hour 20 minutes Posted Sep 3, 2018 at 4:08 pm.
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Show notes

Ben is a polymath and a champion for health and wellness. Ben and I connected at the Flow State Summit and immediately realized that we had a lot of similar interests that needed to be discussed on a podcast. In this podcast, we cover:

  • Ben’s 10-day Super Mushroom Fast experiment. What it’s like to be on mushrooms for 7 days straight, fast from food for 72 hours, and then do mushrooms again.
  • The power of the world to create reality. Why it’s so important to choose your words carefully.
  • The Wim Hof Method, Ben shares his daily breathwork and cold exposure practice.
  • Why the Flow State Summit is such a unique event.
  • I share a couple of my most profound personal experiences with mushrooms and fasting.

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