The Rambling Runner Podcast
The Rambling Runner Podcast
Matt Chittim
#592 - Pain & Performance: The Revolutionary New Way to Use Training as Treatment for Pain and Injury with Matt Fitzgerald and Ryan Whited
47 minutes Posted Jan 12, 2024 at 6:01 am.
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Show notes

Pain is universal. Athletes in pursuit of performance are not strangers to pain—in fact they embrace it. But nothing derails training faster than nagging athletic pain and injury, which all too often land athletes in an endless cycle of physical therapy or leave them sidelined from sport altogether, awaiting surgery.

"Pain & Performance" is a tour de force that explores compelling advances in pain science to reveal the shocking lack of evidence to support modern medicine’s approach to injury management. Co-author Ryan Whited shares how his own journey, as both an elite climber and a professional trainer, inspired his revolutionary Training as Treatment method for helping athletes bounce back from broken to achieve breakthrough performances. Ryan worked with argueably the most prolific author in the running world, Matt Fitzgerald, to craft this impactful book. This powerful new approach to musculoskeletal health will empower athletes to move through pain with confidence and control as they continue to chase big goals.


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