The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Grant Baciocco/Doug Price/Saturday Morning Media
EPISODE #7T2 “Movin' On Up!” The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
6 minutes Posted Aug 1, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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STARRING: Leslee Harman

In This Episode...

At the end of Season 6, Dr. Grant passed his protégé 101 test and went off to make his own way in the world! Turns out his first stop was the National Sidekick Academy! Find out what Dr. Grant's future hold for him in this Imagination Nation Ranger EXCLUSIVE 'Tweenie' episode! Includes a Secret Code!

EPISODE #7T2 EPISODE TITLE: "Movin' On Up!" WRITTEN BY: Grant Baciocco RECORDED AT: Dr. Floyd Studios, Burbank, CA


  • Mr. Narrator - Himself
  • Dr. Grant - Himself


  • Dolores Unger - Leslee Harmon

MUSIC BY: Jody Whitesides

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