The Radical Truth
The Radical Truth
Adi Da Samraj
Discourses by His Divine Presence the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, on The Ultimate Nature of Reality, Truth, and Real God.
Truth is Prior to the Body/Mind
In this discourse Adi Da Samraj adresses the fact that Truth or God Realization is not dependent on, nor does it have anything to do with, the functions and activities of the body mind.
Jan 14, 2012
9 min
Be Purposed to Realization - Beyond Race, Gender, or Any Form of 'self'-Identity.
In this discourse, a devotee asks Adi Da Samraj about her practice of Adidam as an African-American woman in a predominantly white community.
Jul 31, 2011
25 min
Money, Food, and Sex
In an historic discourse from 1972, Adi Da addresses the dilemma those taking up "spiritual life" encounter when bringing discipline to the areas of money, food, and sex.
Nov 25, 2010
25 min
Helping the Dying
In this discourse given May 29, 1980, a student of Avatar Adi Da asks for suggestions to help her dying mother. Adi Da responds both with compassion, and also with very practical and useful advice.
Oct 3, 2010
12 min
The Responsibility for Love
An excerpt from a 1977 discourse of Adi Da Samraj, in which he responds to a devotee's question about the difficulty - and apparent inability - to love.
Jul 23, 2010
19 min
'My Work Is Urgent'
Adi Da speaks to the crisis mankind is in and the urgency for true spiritual practice - the disposition that undermines mankind's assumption of separation.
May 22, 2010
16 min
Adi Da's Reading of His Love-Ananda Gita
In this historical recording of April of 1986, we hear Adi Da Samraj reciting the final section of his Love-Ananda Gita. In it Adi Da communicates his most 'radical' transcendental teaching regarding true renunciation of the egoic motive of seperation and Realization of the Divine Self-Condition.
Apr 4, 2010
10 min
'When you Live you Make Mind...'
In this discourse, given in 1985, Adi Da communciates that while we survive death, that fact is of no consulation. At death there is the falling off of the physical body, but the mind, psych and personality created during one's life continue without the anchor of the body. Without this anchor we drift aimlessly into the disturbances of mind and psyche that remain. Therefore what occurs after death is directly associated with what one does in life. Adi Da goes on to suggest that it would be best to associate and use one's lifetime to grow beyond the limits 'body only' point of view and associate with that which trsnscends the body and the limitations of this life.
Dec 28, 2009
20 min
Adi Da's Poetry: Confessional Poems of Liberation and Love
Adi Da Samraj communicates his 'Bright' realization and the purpose of his liberating work through poems He wrote between 1971 and 1976. The poems included in this podcast were selected from the full collection of Adi Da's poetry. The recitations placed in an order that relates to Avatar Adi Da's Lifetime and Realization, and his relationship to the world. You are invited to relax the mind and listen to Adi Da's confessions of love and happiness.
Oct 25, 2009
20 min
The Death of Adi Da Samraj
On November 27, 2008 Adi Da Samraj passed from His body in His hermitage sanctuary in Fiji. This extended podcast includes a chronicle of this time of His passing, an audio excerpt from 1999 of Adi Da speaking about His physical death and continuation of His spiritual and world work, and finally interviews with devotees who made the pilgrimage to Fiji for this event.
Jul 12, 2009
23 min
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