The Radical AI Podcast
The Radical AI Podcast
Radical AI
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A fantastic resource to understand the complexity behind the sound bites
My route into this topic was Race After Technology by Dr Ruha Benjamin and then Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil. What I love about the Radical AI Podcast is that it goes broad and deep into the issues and yet somehow manages to do so in a way that I can understand. I work in tech but I’m not an engineer. When the media is missing the point about things like Chat GPT, I come here to get the rest of the story. And I really value all of the diverse voices this show amplifies. Thank you!
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One of the best AI podcasts ever.
I'm generally pretty wary of AI "ethics" because the discourse is so heavily skewed towards technocratic notions of "fairness" and "transparency" and often centers white men. I also guard my podcast feed against shows I'll never listen to. The Radical AI Podcast was a risk for both of these reasons, but definitely worth it. They know what's up – they focus on critical discussions that need to happen in this space, and interview folks who are truly doing cutting-edge research in AI – and don't focus solely on the technical aspects or overly-optimistic projections of "how AI will save us." Jess and Dylan ask thought-provoking questions and do what every good interviewer should – know when to take up space and when *not* to. It's a good podcast. You should listen to it.
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Aud // rey
Highly recommend!
Timely topics with leading experts. Will definitely assign to students in my classes!
Great show
Always looking forward to new content!
Shadow Soldier
Informative and fascinating
This podcast addresses the question of what is radical AI through a series of interviews and discussions. We listened to the episode on morality with the professor from Colorado School of Mines. So interesting! Looking forward to listening to more.
AI for Everyone!
This is a very cool podcast that allows for anyone, whether you’re new to AI or an expert to get a new radical perspective. Loving the time I get to spend virtually listening to Dylan and Jess who are a great podcasting team. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!!!!
So Excited for This Podcast
I'm not going to lie... I've been really excited for this podcast to come out!! I love listening to stories about AI and how it affects our world today. Can't wait for more episodes :)
It's rare in this day and age of sensationalism and buzz word filled podcasts to have such quality content from people that know what they're talking about. Jessie does an amazing job breaking things down! Kudos