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Decentralizing AI with Divya Siddarth
53 minutes Posted May 27, 2021 at 9:39 am.
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Show notes

What is decentralized AI and how and why should we design and implement it?

To answer this question and more in this episode we interview Divya Siddarth about decentralizing AI, democratization, and how we can utilize the logic of social movements to influence our technology design.

Divya Siddarth is a Political Economist and Social Technologist at the Microsoft Office of the CTO working to understand, preserve, and extend democracy through technological progress and innovation. She previously taught classes at Stanford University on building technology for good and creating a more secure world for political activism and engagement in civil society. Divya also spent a few years in India as a research fellow, working with activists and politicians to think through democratized alternatives to existing tech platforms.

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