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The Secrets of Fly With Trent's Success Revealed // #73
37 minutes Posted Jan 23, 2024 at 4:32 pm.
Trent's back ground
Trent gets into flying
Fly With Trent
Trent decides to be a professional pilot
Career 2.0 people can do anything, but want to become pilots
Accelerated flight trainingFour checkrides in 2 weeks
The Fly With Trent YouTube channel
What's next for TrentAirlines or Corporate Pilot
What's next for the Fly With Trent YouTube Channel?
Wrap up
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Show notes
Sean and Mike have a chat with the YouTube sensation, Fly with Trent We talk background, accelerated flight training, and his rise as the go-to guy in the "Career 2.0" space for folks wanting to become professional pilots.
Use these link's to check out some of Trent's videos on his YouTube channel "Fly With Trent":
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