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TNFlyGirl Fatal Crash: Essential Viewing for Future Aviators // #72
36 minutes Posted Jan 16, 2024 at 2:23 pm.
TN Fly Girl story
Juan Brown Blancolirio
Beech Debonair auto-pilot
Personal limitations
Getting proper flight instruction
Brandon's solo flight aeronautical decision making
Consequences of bad judgement piloting aircraft
Aspen (ASE) Airport Operations
Sometimes paid to say no as a pilot
Automation causing aviation accidents
Flight instructor advice
Jim Rohn Quote
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Show notes
Sean and Mike's take on the tragic news concerning the loss of Youtuber TNFlyGirl. There are lessons to be learned from what we know at this point in the investigation that every aspiring pilot should embrace.
Use these link's to check out Juan Brown's Youtube channel "Blancolirio" for a detailed analysis of this fatal crash:
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