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The Pro-Pilot Playbook Podcast
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Make This YOUR Year: Transform your life with action! // #71
25 minutes Posted Jan 7, 2024 at 2:29 pm.
Take action with self discipline
Quotes for aspiring pilots
Thermostat theory
Paralysis by analysis: Goals & Habits
Inspiration vs. Information
Take an introductory/discovery flight
Waiting for the time/money to be "right"
Will flight training be easy?
What's coming up for the Pro-Pilot Playbook
Make this your year to become a pilot
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Show notes
Our first podcast of 2024 is all about getting you off your butt and taking the right action in the right direction. This episode is packed full of useful insight to get you headed in the right direction to achieve your dream of becoming a professional pilot. There is no better or easier time in history to become an airline or corporate pilot. Make this your year by taking action and change your life.
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