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The Prepper Podcast
Ken (Survival Guy) Jensen
The Prepper Podcast is an up to date survival podcast based on wilderness survival, military survival and tactics, and modern-day survival.
133: 4th of July 2017
What is the meaning of the 4th of July to People Today? Today, the 4th of July is all about Summer, BBQ, Beer, Parades, and Fireworks We […]
Jul 2, 2017
38 min
132: Aquaponics Interview on Changing Earth Podcast
Changing Earth Podcast Episode 6 Questions Is Aquaponics a Viable system? Aquaponics is an extremely valid system. What is an aquaponics system? Aquaponics is the marriage […]
Jun 29, 2017
47 min
Memorial Day 2017: True Story of a Soldier, What is the Meaning
Related Blog Posts: What to Do for Memorial Day, Visiting a Memorial Cemetery The Meaning About US Veteran’s Memorial Day, Honor, The Date, and The Story […]
May 28, 2017
131: Off Grid with Gary Collins
About Gary Collins: Gary spent 20 years in Military Intelligence and as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Dept, U.S. Dept of Health & Human […]
Apr 27, 2017
53 min
130 Tactical Maneuver: Infiltration Tactics
There are times in small unit warfare that infiltration tactics are needed.  Infiltration is used when you want to execute movement undetected you want to move […]
Mar 23, 2017
25 min
Christmas 2016
Christmas is an extremely important time of year! During Christmas, people have good will to others, and they tend to enjoy giving to others.  It doesn’t […]
Dec 22, 2016
48 min
128: The Truth about Thanksgiving 2016
Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Slow Down and Recharge Holidays are here, time to slow it down a bit.  Take time to enjoy our blessings […]
Nov 27, 2016
129: Shotgun Cartridges and Shells
Shotgun Cartridge Components Explained Shotgun cartridges have similar components to that of a rifle cartridge.  The components of a shotgun cartridge are: The Projectile The Case […]
Nov 17, 2016
37 min
127: Veteran’s Day 2016
Veteran’s day used to be Armistice Day. WW1 was supposed to be the the war to end wars, which was obviously a lie. At the end […]
Nov 3, 2016
26 min
126: BOV Types and Advantages
Different Types of Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs) Have Different Advantages There are many other preparedness items that you should look at before changing your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), […]
Oct 20, 2016
25 min