The Prepped and Polished Podcast
The Prepped and Polished Podcast
Alexis Avila
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This isn’t a show that isn’t fluffy
Actionable, and incredibly easy to follow!
Sound & Actionable Advice for Families on the College Admissions Journey
Alexis has been hosting this amazing podcast for over six years—that says a lot about the host and the usefulness of its content. Personally, I am an IEC (independent educational consultant) and a mother of four. I’ve been in education for over 25 years and find Alexis’ perspective and guests insightful. Thanks, #preppedandpolished
Great Episode
Episode 200 - How to Get Unmotivated Students to Take Action with Yulia Rafailova was awesome!! I really liked the perspective and ideas.
Financial aid and college selection
I was honored to chat with Alexis Avila at Prepped and Polished tutoring, about the college financial aid and funding process. It was an enjoyable conversation on the ins and outs of college aid, with an easy going interviewer!
college game plan
Fantastic host and show
I’ve had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on Alexis’s podcast. Not only is he incredibly easy to talk to, but the material he shares through speaking with diverse experts is invaluable for families navigating the college admissions process. With nearly 200 episodes as I’m posting this, there’s surely something for every high school teen and parent.
Shirag Shemmassian
Amazing host!
Alexis is great. THE podcast for college application help.
There is so much great content in this podcast! Thanks! Listen in!
Awesome Show
Alot of great coaching skills that translate from the classroom to the real world. Bravo!
Great discussions for educators!
Awesome show that will help educators take our students tot he next level. Great show!
Hector Avellaneda
Boost those Scores
Whether improving your scores to get your dream school or whatever you entrance "WIN" is...this show can provide you the inside scoop.
3 Kids and need of control
Very helpful and will be a very valuable resource. Thanks! -Jim Rembach @FastLeaderShow
Brilliant Show!
As a former educator and now test scorer, I truly appreciate this podcast! Excellent information and fresh perspectives!
Great idea for a podcast
I think this is the first podcast I have heard of doing a podcast for tests for college prep
Education Podcast? I'm loving it.
I really never thought I'd be drawn to an educational prep show, but I'm really wishing I would have had this when I was going through college. My kids are young, but I'm anxious to introduce them to the show.
pkirch host of BOSS Academy
A very noble cause!
Very powerful idea and well executed. The host interacts well with the guest.
Great Podcast!
Awesome tips and advice about testing. I wish they had this podcast 20+ years ago when I was taking entry exams to get in to college. Great content Alexis, please keep up the good work!
Chris @ LeanLeadershipPodcast
A Great Resource
What an amazing resource for teens and young adults and those who educate or tutor them! Alexis is knowledge and relatable.
If you have a teen, this is for you
Parents wanting to know more about education concerns for their kids should check this out!
Great Show Thanks Alexis.
I wish that I would have had this show in college. Thanks for all the hard work that you do.
Great content!
This is THE podcast for anyone who is looking to ace their exams and be set up for success in college prep.
Listen to this
I absolutely love the tutorial tips! Great bites of information and I'm sharing with my kids. Keep up the great work!
Must Listen for Tutoring and Test Prep Tips!
Alexis has a great voice, and it’s very evident that he cares about the topic of tutoring. Keep up the great work brother!
Melvin Varghese
Getting Prepped!
Why does all the great resources come out AFTER I get out of school! Well done Alexis!
Jory Holness
Benjamin Franklin would have enjoyed this
Benjamin Franklin would have enjoyed this podcast. Common sense tips on how to pay attention in class, how to focus on your homework, how to find a good tutor. And how to learn on your own. Kids today have so many more advantages than Ben Franklin who only attended the 4th and 5th grade, including this podcast!
Brilliant !!
Smart man! This podcast is going to help many!
The Entrepreneurs Library
Found what I was looking for
This is great stuff I was looking for something to help my assistant get better grades in college and came up with your podcast looking forward to hearing more about how she likes it.
Great Show
Whether or not you’re pro standardized testing, it is a fact of life for most of the kids in America. That said, this is a great show to help prepare you to help your kids prepare for the tests they will likely eventually have to take.
Denny Krahe
Podcast on a mission
As a parent, I really appreciate what Alexis is doing with this podcast. Good stuff!
excellent show
Top notch quality and content. Love the show
Shaolin Soprano
Glad I found this one
A great niche for teachers and parents. The interviews are full of great info and topics. Great job Scott!
Adam - All Work All Play
Great resource!!
Alexis does a great job in giving tips and resources in education. I wish this was around way back when during my prep years. Keep up the good work. You'll be helping so many.
Kristianne @ Create Your Now
Worth listening
Thank you for sharing tutoring tips and skills in coaching. Keep up the good work!
Shawn Manaher
Speaks From The Heart
It is clear Alexis has a passion for what he does as it comes across in every episode.
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