The Practical Prepper: A modern conversation about preparedness, survival and being self reliant
The Practical Prepper: A modern conversation about preparedness, survival and being self reliant
National Self-Reliance Initiative
The Practical Prepper provides interviews with some of the most practiced minds around the topics of preparedness, survival, and self-reliance. Your show host, Joe Borowski, will guide the conversation and take complex topics and help to break them down in a way that is consumable and entertaining.
27 Preparing for Winter Storms - Part 5: Winterizing My Home
As self-reliant individuals, we think through the idea of sheltering in place, of surviving in the cold, and of preparing for blackouts. Preparing for a winter storm is preparing for all three at the same time. Here is the list I use when thinking about getting my home ready for these types of situations.
Feb 24
15 min
027 Preparing for Winter Storms - Part 4: Stranded In My Car. What's Next?
Well, that stinks! Hopefully, a friend is on the way or your insurance company has free towing. Not Self-Reliant enough for you? Fine! Let's take this from a more extreme position (because it's what we do) and let's assume you can't call for help or fix the problem with what you have prepared in the vehicle. In other words, you need to survive until you are rescued. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make it.
Feb 6
17 min
026 - Preparing for Winter Storms - Part 3: Preparing Your Car For Winter
As I mentioned before, getting your car ready for winter is pretty important to me. Here is the checklist I go through to 'winterize' my truck.
Jan 24
37 min
025 - Winter Weather Series - Part 2: 9 Things That Scare Me About Winter Weather
Winter weather can turn dangerous quickly. Let me tell you about the 9 things that scare me about Extreme Winter Weather.
Jan 17
33 min
024 - Winter Weather Series - Part 1
This is the first of a 9 part series on preparedness during winter storms.
Jan 9
12 min
023 - Carrying Systems for Gunfighters with Green Beret Ken Roberts
Practical shooting has become one way for me to get more time on my firing systems on the move as well as just a great de-stressor. So I have been looking at gun belts and carrying systems that would allow me to progress with this training and sport. Well heck, I would be pretty dumb if I didn't ask our resident professional gunfighter to weigh in. So let's grab some of Green Beret Ken Roberts' 20+ years of knowledge in carrying ammo around for a living and needing to dispatch it in a hurry.
Dec 17, 2019
30 min
022 - Listener Questions: What Duration To Prepare For?
How long should you prepare to be without resources? There is not a person listening to this that has not asked that question. For as many people who have asked the question, there are that many different answers. This week we have a question from Betty D. who is a new member of the NSRI Facebook Group but has been prepping for about a decade now and like most of us, she is looking for a sanity check on if she has enough prepped or not. So sounds like we got ourselves a topic to jump into.
Dec 12, 2019
37 min
021 - Solar vs Wind
We haven't covered much on the side of power, but power is one of the essentials that you need these days. I know there are minimalists that would disagree with me here, but people just don't live that way anymore. Come along with me as I respond to Joe B from Florida's question about choosing between solar and wind.
Dec 5, 2019
36 min
020 - Millennial v. Master Sargent: Gun Terms You Might Hear On The Range
Odds are you have heard a phrase or military term at the gun range you just weren't sure you knew. This article is designed to fill you in on terms you may not know. You know what, let's do one better than that, let's ask our resident first-person shooter game playing, millennial, camera guy Marty some range trivia and watch as Green Beret Ken Roberts sets this young'n straight as we work toward one day handing Marty his very own Man-Card.
Nov 27, 2019
32 min
019 - PACE: Planning to Fail
Many of you have heard the old adage "One is none, two is one" and as self-reliant individuals, we truly live by that mantra. But what if your second idea falls through, what next? The Army teaches Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency or PACE as a way to deal with planning, and this episode is a little bit of insight into the kinds of things that Green Beret Ken Roberts and I talk about on the way to the range, but more importantly, your catching the back half of a conversation about realistic pla
Nov 21, 2019
11 min
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