The PowerScore LSAT PodCast
The PowerScore LSAT PodCast
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Fun podcast on a serious subject!
The LSAT is hard but these guys have a way of talking about it that puts you at ease. Keep it up! Edit: I took the LSAT in June and I still enjoy hearing these guys talk!
More than 5 stars if it were possible
Anyone not using these guys as a resource for their LSAT prep is doing themselves a massive disservice. Thank you, Jon and Dave! Easy decision for a 5 star rating.
Great Show
Incredibly helpful and lots of fun to listen to
Lots of Small Talk
These podcasts are great at helping with the LSAT, but the structure of their podcast is kind of annoying. Every hour and a half long episodes consists of about 20-45 minutes of small talk about what they’re drinking, their personal lives, and random jokes. I wish they would just start discussing actual relevant information right off the bat instead of wasting my time.
Wallace Ladmers
Super helpful!
I have been listening to the podcast as supplemental material to the various studying/tutoring I’ve been doing and I find it very helpful. The way they break down specific content is very easy to understand and relatable. I find it helpful to hear things explained from different perspectives and have had a few ah-ha moments where something clicked. A lot of the negative ratings come from people not liking the personal banter and long intro about drinks/songs (sometimes up to 10 minutes) but I don’t really care because that is what the skip ahead function is for and their content is totally worth it!
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Helped me through the process
I found the pod helpful to understand the components/anatomy of the test as well as a helpful study tool and morale booster. I got a score I am happy with this, but thanks for your help.
Nice guys, a little verbose
I wish they would spend less time shooting the breeze and get to the topic of the episode. Apart from that, they’re pretty good.
He who takes bribes
Arrogant Womanizers
After enduring over 10 minutes of these obviously rich white boys discuss their favorite snow boarding spots and “flexible ballerina” girlfriend, I do not care to give one more subscription or listen. I will study elsewhere.
Hutch gurl
Best prep among any media
These guys are the best. Humble, relaxed, and clearly the best experts in this business. They both care a lot and know the LSAT inside and out. Highly recommend. The alcoholism is nice too.
Love these guys!!!
Taking the LSAT soon, but might still listen every once in awhile just for their banter and drink/song recs. Adorable humans.
Best LSAT Podcast out there
I’ve followed a few different LSAT podcasts/YouTube channels this year and this is by far the best in terms of putting out high-quality, insider information in a friendly, motivating way. Powerscore’s free content has been invaluable to my prep process. The crystal balls and scale predictions alone are worth subscribing for, but there’s lots of other great content on aspects of the test that aren’t discussed enough elsewhere, like test mentality and how to get the most value out of a practice test. Great job, Dave and Jon!
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PowerScore is the reason for my LSAT success
First off, thank you Jon and Dave for making this amazing podcast and entire company. I recommend anything PowerScore offers, and their podcast episodes are absolutely amazing. Super informative, helpful, and honestly they make me feel so much better after some hard days of studying. Regardless of which episode it is, turning on an episode immediately brightens my mood (and enhances my learning). I don’t know where I’d be without the brains of Jon Denning and Dave Killoran. Thank you thank you thank you.
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Best LSAT podcast
I’ve listened to most LSAT podcasts but Powerscore is the best. I appreciate how each episode has a central topic and that they blend humor, LSAT knowledge and history all into one. Jon and Dave are great at bouncing off each other and easy to listen to. A great way to supplement your LSAT journey.
lsat lover
EXCELLENT podcast! Helpful for any stage of prep. And it’s even entertaining!
C.E.S. 030201
Great info for first time test takers!
This was a great way for me to get to know material better and has helped to keep me updated with the changes happening at Lsac!
Favorite podcast!
I am currently studying for the August LSAT and this is my FAVORITE resource whenever I’m confused about anything at all. Jon and Dave are so funny and compelling — they add just enough personal touches woven throughout the episodes to keep you engaged and entertained while informing you on important LSAT topics! After about a month of listening, I signed up for the powerscore live online course which I have enjoyed as well! Jon has stopped into our class several times, and I think that really shows their commitment to the work they do. These guys are the real deal — they’re not just out here to make money. They advocate for students (especially given COVID, flex tests, lost scores, etc.) and try to make resources as accessible as possible. I highly, highly recommend you check them and this podcast out! 5/5 (:
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Thank you
You guys did great on the scaling
This podcast helped me achieve my best LSAT Score
This is the most useful and entertaining podcast for anyone who is preparing to take the LSAT and then applying to law school. I listened to this podcast from October 2019 to February 2020 almost every single day. It helped in so many different ways. If people ask me what I used to help prep for the LSAT, I would say two tools: this podcast and the PowerScore prep bibles. That and lots of hours and practice tests later, and I am getting ready to start my law school journey this fall with a full ride scholarship. I will likely still listen to this podcast even though the content is no longer relevant for me. Why you ask? These guys are very knowledgeable and also very entertaining. I just enjoy listening to them.
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Question Type
The necessary assumption episode really helped me tremendously. I was crying days ago after being frustrated with this question type but just listening to this episode opened my eyes and sharpened my mental faculties. Thank you so much. Hopefully, we can get an episode on weakening questions, I struggle with those too! But love the podcast!
Love The Advice
The advice is always super helpful and it is given in a relaxed setting, it makes you feel like you are sitting down with two of your friends and they are sharing insider information with you over lunch.
If you’re studying for the LSAT, you need this podcast.
A little bit of conditional reasoning for the title of this review^^ From the first time I listened to an episode, I could tell that there was no duo better suited to discuss the minutiae of the LSAT then Jon and Dave. This podcast answers all of my questions, and even talks about ones I hadn’t even considered. Even off this platform, both Jon and Dave have responded to questions I’ve asked them personally via Twitter. They’re professionals and it’s clear that they love what they do. If you’re studying for this test, set aside some time to listen to each one of these episodes. They’re worth it.
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Too much personal banter
Be more informative and less personal
Not “too much fluff”
I disagree with my previous reviewer! They keep it real, fun, and entertaining. The length and content are perfect. Thank you guys!
Too much fluff
First and foremost, I cannot thank Dave and Jon enough for keeping all of us in the loop regarding LSAT content and predictions, as well as anything pertaining to LSAC. There really is no one else who’s as good in my opinion. However, I’d really prefer that they keep the podcast mostly centered to the content it’s meant to cover: LSAT prep and law school application. I can do without the dragged out talk of their personal lives as well as going too much into their personal political opinions. We don’t need to hear that. It’s irrelevant, and more importantly, NOT helpful. Just please stick to the LSAT and law school, guys.
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reformed emo kid
Hella Bro-ey
Way too much banter about their personal lives and its dang near impossible to skip through. Thank you for doing the podcast but like please just get to the LSAT content. Its off-putting to have to listen to 20 to 40% of the episode run-time being random personal stories that have no relevance to the test.
A TON of personal conversation
These can be helpful if you have a ton of time to get through the chit chat of unrelated personal tangents about their lives/vacations...
Ham Sandwich 1870
There’s way too much irrelevant, self-indulgent banter that has nothing to do with the LSAT. I tried skipping through it to get to the topical information, but there’s so much, it’s practically impossible not to hear some of it. The main host just comes off as super arrogant. No one cares about your dating life, how you met Taylor Swift once and she’s “actually pretty in person,” or your joking about murdering a crying baby. 🙄 Two stars because there is a little bit of useful information scattered throughout each episode, but the rest is cringeworthy.
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Helpful and Hilarious
Regardless of where you are at in terms of LSAT knowledge or ability, this podcast is incredibly helpful. Plus, Jon and Dave keep it entertaining and accessible.
Great help
Thrilled to have found something to listen to when I want to study but need to multitask. Super helpful tips and it’s surprisingly helpful to listen to these concepts discussed.
Best LSAT Podcasts
Helpful, informative, and entertaining! This is a great resource for LSAT prep material and it feels like I’m listening to my favorite radio show. These guys are vets in the industry and have an arsenal of tips to help LSAT students along the path of success. They’re pretty funny, too, which is a breath of fresh air in what can be a sometimes stale experience of endless studying. Highly recommend listening to all of them!
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Love these guys
You’re 45 mins in to an episode titled deconstructing the June 2019 LSAT. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers about the test you’re in the wrong place buddy haha You guys are great, keep up the humor and helpful teachings!
Wish there were more episodes!
Love Dave and Jon’s banter (LSAT related and not), and I really appreciate how they help humanize this monster of a test. So many other LSAT podcasts are boring and kind of demoralizing, but I look forward to listening to each episode of this one and I feel like I’m actually learning something new every time.
Molly o1234556890
Incredibly helpful podcast
Gearing up for my second LSAT sitting and powerscore has helped me tremendously! Love this company and podcast.
Solid advice for studying direction
Dave and Jon are absolutely amazing in this Podcast. Their expertise comes across in full-force when they discuss question types, make predictions for upcoming LSATs, and dissect specific LSAT problems. I have been listening to the Podcast on my morning commutes and it has quickly become an important tool in my LSAT prep arsenal. The advice given in this podcast has given me direction in my studies, allowing me to focus on topics that will give me the best ROI when I take the real test.
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Awesome Podcast!
I just started preparing to take the LSAT and I'm a first generation college student so I've had plenty of questions regarding the LSAT. This podcast has been extremely helpful, informative, and entertaining.
Amazing podcast and review materials
The power score materials are insanely helpful. The books are very in-depth, well researched and useful and the podcast is fun, immersive and beneficial to listen to. The amount of time and energy these two put into analyzing the LSAC’s test methods has allowed them to break each question into a type and develop succinct methods to help clarify and solve them.
Great, but too much conversation for the one question
Best source of information regarding the LSAT and law school admissions
As a lawyer and father of two pre-law students currently in college, I know that the LSAT and law school admissions are completely different now than when I went to law school, in the 1980s. Jon and David are incredibly knowledgeable regarding everything relating to both the LSAT and law school admissions. Their most recent podcast (February 2019: Episode 5) provides outstanding insight and real world examples of how aspiring law students can choose between competing law schools when they have mulitple options. Just great stuff for aspiring law students and their families.
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Extremely helpful- motivating discussions!
Best podcast for LSAT Prep
It’s hard to come across a LSAT Prep podcast with good advice and good audio quality. These guys have both and I’m excited to see what future episodes they have in store.
This is the podcast for LSAT takers
This is the perfect podcast that will keep you in the loop with LSAC and energize you for the LSAT. It’s a great companion if you’re already familiar with the Powerscore books/methods but anyone studying from any material would benefit from listening. I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for a retake after a disaster test (-12 from PT average). Safe to say I’ve found it and am excited for March! Thanks guys!!
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a prolific procrastinator
My favorite so far!
Having listened to just about every LSAT and law school podcast out there, I can already say that this is my favorite. I’ve followed Dave and Jon online for a while and read their blogs and forum, listened to their webinars, and even watched Jon’s lesson videos on Powerscore’s site multiple times, so I thought I knew what to expect from the early episodes...but they’re actually more fun and informative than even I expected! These two clearly know the test and each other extremely well, and it shows.
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This is awesome!
Really happy to see this!
So informative! These guys KNOW the LSAT!
I’ve been following PowerScore a while on their site and in places like twitter and reddit. So glad they’ve made their vast LSAT knowledge more accessible with the podcast. They really know their stuff and always provide up to date info on what’s going on in the LSAT world!
Amazing insight from 2 guys who have become the go-to for anything dealing with the LSAT
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