The PowerScore LSAT PodCast
The PowerScore LSAT PodCast
Logic Games Bible author Dave Killoran (@davekilloran) and PowerScore Test Prep VP Jon Denning (@jonmdenning) are two of the world’s foremost experts on the LSAT and law school admissions, and they’ve created the PowerScore LSAT PodCast to share their knowledge and experience with you! Topics will range from specific LSAT concepts and strategies to test changes and updates to admissions advice and frequently-asked student questions, so be sure to (1) subscribe, (2) rate and review us, and (3) email us with any questions or concerns you’d like for us to cover at We look forward to hearing from you!
Student Question Mailbag #7
It’s time for another Student Mailbag episode, with Jon and Dave fielding questions on a wide range of important subjects: how uber-busy people can best organize a study schedule, knowing when you’ve truly peaked and shouldn’t retest, when a retake makes sense and how to properly prep for it, appropriate and inappropriate personal statement topics, applying early decision, 2021-2022 cycle predictions, and more!
Aug 27
1 hr 38 min
The August 2021 LSAT Review
As the first post-Flex LSAT comes to a close, Dave and Jon are here with their traditional recap to break it all down: what was scored and what was experimental, where the various test forms first appeared, and most importantly how the section difficulties impacted the scoring scale for every combination of content.
Aug 19
1 hr 26 min
Seven Deadly Sins: The Life and LSAT Behaviors You Must Avoid
In Episode 90, Jon and Dave tackle the all-important topic of mentality from a new angle, outlining the seven most destructive behaviors students adopt during prep. Tune in as they examine common pitfalls like Comparison traps and Self-Denial routines, each of which is followed by targeted advice to help correct your missteps and get you back on track!
Aug 10
1 hr 17 min
Myths of the LSAT Experimental Section
The August 2021 LSAT marks the end of the Flex format and the return of the test’s experimental section, and Dave and Jon are here with all the details! Join them to learn exactly how the experimental section works, how to best identify it, and how to use it to your advantage as you navigate your way through test day.
Jul 21
1 hr 7 min
The LSAT Scoring Scale: 7 Common Myths Explained
The LSAT scoring scale remains one of the most mysterious and misunderstood aspects of an already-shadowy exam, so to help clear away the confusion, Jon and Dave are busting the scale’s 7 biggest myths! Listen as they explore everything from how the scale works to what truly tightens or loosens it to, above all, what differing scales mean for you on test day.
Jul 13
1 hr 21 min
The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Course Launch
Episode 87 is a slight departure from the typical topics of LSAT concepts, test reviews, and admissions advice, as Dave and Jon turn their attention to the latest addition to the PowerScore lineup: the Logical Reasoning Bible Course! Tune in to learn all about this invaluable new prep tool, from what it is and who it’s for to how you can most effectively utilize it to master Logical Reasoning. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing the end of your journey, this is an opportunity you won’t want to
Jun 22
52 min
The June 2021 LSAT-Flex Review: We Make History, Again
Jon and Dave bid farewell to the last-ever LSAT-Flex with a bittersweet sendoff: the short format will be sorely missed, but celebrations also abound, as they correctly predicted the exact LSAT given to the majority of June test takers! Join them as they discuss all of the test forms used—domestic and international—concluding with an analysis of each section’s difficulty and a scale calculation for every unique combination.
Jun 18
1 hr 19 min
Causal Reasoning Part II: Causality and Question Types
Wrapping up their comprehensive coverage of LSAT causality, Dave and Jon move from conceptual discussions of causation to an application-focused look at how causal reasoning is treated in the test’s various LR question types. Specifically, you’ll hear them address what to look for and how to best respond to causality in every context—from Weaken to Strengthen to Flaw and more—before touching on advanced cause and effect constructions, ensuring you’re ready for everything the LSAT can throw at you!
May 19
1 hr 1 min
Causal Reasoning Part I: The Nature of Basic LSAT Causality
After several months of LSAT-Flex reviews and admissions cycle analysis, Jon and Dave are getting back to basics with a conceptual overview of causal reasoning. In this episode they examine precisely how LSAT causality operates, the central assumption that makes it so vulnerable, common points of confusion including correlations and conditionality, and the key distinctions between causation in premises and conclusions. If you’re looking for a quick LR performance boost you won’t want to miss this!
Apr 30
59 min
The April 2021 LSAT-Flex Review
The April 2021 LSAT-Flex has come and gone, which can only mean one thing: Dave and Jon are here with a detailed look! Tune in as they discuss all of the content used this week—including the international exams—and offer their take on everything from the tests’ first appearances, overall difficulty, unusual moments, and exact scale predictions for every possible configuration.
Apr 15
1 hr 23 min
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