The Positive Psychology Podcast - Bringing the Science of Happiness to your Earbuds with Kristen Truempy
The Positive Psychology Podcast - Bringing the Science of Happiness to your Earbuds with Kristen Truempy
Kristen Truempy
The science of the good life, huh? Sorry this is not about booze, sex and rock n'roll (or whatever is en vogue right now). In fact we talk about a lot of things that tree huggers would love: appreciation of beauty, gratitude, positive emotions, relationships and well, love. However we, that is positive psychologists and positive psychology practitioners buried ourselves in books, set out to experiment and then write it all up in a writing style that is about as exciting to read as watching an avocado turn brown. And that's the problem: if you are not an academic you probably want a little bit more excitement, than pages and pages of densely written journals can provide. Even if you are an academic, who has time to read all the interesting stuff out there anyways? So in an effort to save your eyes taking on a comically rectangular shape the positive psychology podcast brings the science of the good life to your earbuds. It's not all treehugger style though; sometimes we might get quite serious, for example when exploring things like post-traumatic growth or positive parenting. Subscribe if you want to benefit from the scientific insights into happiness and meaning while you are on the go. Let me know where you are while you are listening to this. If you like it review it, because that's the only way other people can find it too.
Goofballs Unite (The Body Image Anthem)
For all the peeps who are not into rap but want to shake their booty to original music made by yours truly I give you Goofballs Unite!   What’s a revolutionary thing to do? It’s to badly dance in your truth Unconcerned with a perfect appearance Or propagating eternal youth   Do you remember what you didn’t do? All in the name of being cool? Don’t waste tonight and realise The marketing slogans made you shy   If you look at me from behind It’s not a twerk that you will find. Got no idea what my ass is doing but I am having a great time.   You’ve skipped leg day all your life your squats are shaky but the groove’s divine Hit the dancefloor don’t be shy   Goofballs ahoi, let’s unite   (Bridge) There they are smirking away Eyerolls rolling throwing shade Sometimes they’re just in your thoughts They should never call the shots In their world they’re the height of cool Unless they change they peak at school How bizarre would it be to let losers determine your destiny?   My jiggly bits wrote half this song how dare I praise ‘em? That’s so wrong Imagine me having the gall A big girl that claims space at all   Hey I bust out of my seams still got plenty of self-esteem Hit the dancefloor, don’t be shy Goofballs ahoi, let’s unite   The most revolutionary thing to do Is to badly dance in your truth Unconcerned with a perfect appearance Or propagating eternal youth   When you’re connected to your bliss How will they sell their stupid shit? How will they keep on ruling you? If you live the values that you choose?      
Jun 22, 2021
1 min
121 - Body Image - The Positive Psychology Podcast
This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about her teenage daughter. While body image is particularly hard to navigate in your teens even as adults many of us struggle. Today we'll talk about why multiple perspectives are important, what doesn't help, and what I call the offense and the defense.
May 9, 2021
54 min
120 - The Power of Ritual with Casper Ter Kuile - The Positive Psychology Podcast
Casper ter Kuile is on a mission to build a world of joyful belonging and one of the ways to get there are rituals. In times of trouble and change rituals can give us something to replenish our physical, mental and spiritual resources. Casper and I chat about how rituals are different from habits, how we can find rituals that really are an expression of our true self and that even the most mundane objects, such as milk cartons, can be used to engage more deeply with life. I've been wanting to chat to Casper since 2016 because he's someone who is truly invested in bringing innovation to spirituality. He is also the host of a hugely popular podcast called "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text". Long term listeners might recognize this podcast as the other creator Vanessa Zoltan talked about it back in 2016 on episode 89.
Jul 9, 2020
37 min
We Need to Talk
What is happening in the US right now is an extreme version of things that have been around for hundreds or probably thousands of years. If you are confused or surprised by what’s happening in Minneapolis and other cities you need to listen. How to be Antiracist 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice Transcript
May 30, 2020
8 min
119 - Psychology Tools for COVID Times - The Positive Psychology Podcast
In this episode we look at ways to steer through the crisis while accounting both for the hard and the positive. We'll look at common ways anxiety and depression take over your brain and how to replace those patterns with something more healthy. Transcript
May 23, 2020
46 min
118 - Coronavirus Deep Dive - The Positive Psychology Podcast
There's a lot to say about what is going on now: this is the first of two episodes dedicated to Coronavirus. In this episode we'll look at what it is and what issues are to be considered. In episode 119 I will look at the psychology part of things and ideas on how to respond mentally to what is happening.
May 1, 2020
55 min
117 – Emotional First Aid with Guy Winch – The Positive Psychology Podcast
My little cousin knew how to ask for Calpol when he was like two years old. Yet when it comes to psychological wounds we are not that well informed. Meet Guy Winch who is on a mission to change that. Watch the video and sign up for their newsletter at Represent.US Transcript
Feb 24, 2020
33 min
116 - 36 - The Positive Psychology Podcast
This episode is about what we can do to not just make ourselves but society a little better. If you want to support Kiva click here: Positive Psychology Podcast Lending Team Transcript
Jan 26, 2020
38 min
115 - Narcissism with Barbara Monett - The Positive Psychology Podcast
The word narcissist is bandied around quite a lot these days. What is it from a clinical perspective? When does thinking well of yourself actually mean something darker is going on? And what can people do who live with or love(d) a narcissist? Barbara Monett is here to illuminate us on these issues both from a professional and a personal perspective. This is a longer one but I think it's worth sticking around, especially since Barbara dropped a truth bomb at the end that I feel is applicable to parents, teachers, bosses and anyone who has to work with others. You can find her here: // You will find the transcript of this conversation when it's ready
Nov 5, 2019
1 hr 2 min
114 - The Psychology of Trust with Ken Rotenberg - The Positive Psychology Podcast
What do we talk about when we talk about trust? Is trust really disappearing? Ken will introduce us to his framework that allows us to think about trust in a deeper and more thoughtful way and illuminate issues such as trust in politics or whether overly trusting people are stupid or gullible. If you have any friends who are deaf or hard of hearing but you feel they might benefit from this episode you can send them right over to the transcript. Transcript  
Sep 22, 2019
50 min
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