The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
The Popcast With Knox and Jamie
Knox and Jamie / Wondery
A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.
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My fave!
BFOTS for LYFE! Y’all are my favorites. Seriously. I now use green/red lights, passy agressy, Ts and Ps, and other Knox-and-Jamieisms in regular life all the time. Stay classy folks (or not, you know what we like).
the soundtrack of my life
When I say my 2020 has been SAVED by Knox & Jamie (& Erin) I’m not exaggerating. Through intense pregnancy appointments, covid crashing down, moving to a new state, & surviving 2 under 2, the Popcast has lightened my heavy heart & given me a laugh when I needed it most. Knox & Jamie are funny, relatable, & heartfelt. I love them like family (in the least weird way possible) & consume everything they release as quickly as I can because it’s just that good! Thanks for saving 2020 & being the soundtrack of my life!
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The delight of my life
The Popcast has become the biggest influence in my pop culture life... and let’s face it, my regular life too. Knox and Jamie bring a delightful sense of humor and cultured perspective to every episode and I always feel like, not have only laughed a whole whole lot, but I am taking away tidbits to read, watch or listen to. I’ve listened to numerous podcasts, watched movies, listened to music- that I might not otherwise would have even known about if it wasn’t for them. From the remarkable work that is Hamilton, to the often cringey, always ridiculousness that is the Bachelor Franchise... they are covering all bases one laugh at a time!
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Never Miss an Episode
If you want hilarious irreverence mixed with thoughtful pop culture commentary and critique, listen to Knox and Jamie. You will laugh out loud and have an ever growing list of books to read and shows to watch.
Emily Everly
The only way I’ve made it through the Pandemic
If it were not for Knox (Ya Boy) and Jamie (face care extraordinaire) I never would have made it this far in the dumpster fire that is 2020. They keep me laughing...when we’d otherwise all be crying. Love you guys and keep fighting the good fight - this is God’s work you’re doing here :)
Such a delight
This show will have you crying laughing - the best!
The best and the funniest!
Thanks so much Knox and Jamie and Erin for entertaining me in all the ways. I appreciate your opinions, your humor, and the fact that you are all opposites of each other! And absolute must listen to podcast!
The best podcast on iTunes.
The Popcast has literally gotten me through the dumpster fire that is 2020. It’s the one podcast I make sure to never miss, and in my head Jamie, Knox and Erin are my best friends. Even when I disagree with their spicy takes, I learn from them and they make my day. Never change guys.
Angry Elves
I am a long time listener and have been a BFOT for several years. Couldn’t wait for new episodes to be available. They have changed. What was a very funny, lighthearted show has now become mean spirited and judgmental. I just can’t listen anymore. Hope they find their way back to what they once were.
I love the popcast
Hey Knox and Jamie I love love love your show and I am a bfot but if you do not do a Harry Potter deep dive soon witch are steaming for FREE on Peacock so NO EXCUSES JAMIE. I will come for you if you don’t Love all your content so much!! Ps I am 13 Jamie so you better do it.
The funniest thing you’ll ever listen to
My husband recently moved me and our two young children to the northernmost part of North Dakota -during a pandemic! Listening to The Popcast everyday has given me an infectious joy and I am a much more pleasant person to be around because of them. You will laugh until you cry. I wander the icy streets laughing hysterically to myself and even they can make the darkest days brighter. I live for Jamie saying “Look...”, Knox saying “Sure...” and Erin the Edge Moon cackling in the background. Thank you, Popcast, for warming my frozen heart.
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I always come back...
Ok, this may be a long review but I’ve been a listening for over 3 years. I love Knox & Jamie and their humor! This podcast truly feels like a nice break from the crazy (I’m a SAHM of two tiny kids and another on the way) I have been a BFOT twice (maybe three times) and I end up cancelling because of something they said that I didn’t agree with politically or theologically. Truly, something rubbed me the wrong way so I decided to not support. NOW STAY WITH ME. I have people IRL that I disagree with and I still hang out with them and enjoy their company! So I’m choosing to do the same with Knox & Jamie. I’m not a fan of the anti-conservative jokes but if I’m being honest, I make jokes about people I don’t agree with sometimes...I’m just not on a podcast! Now hopefully this isn’t taken the wrong way...because I don’t mean it to. I don’t come here for political news or Bible things. I don’t listen to their faith podcasts because I truly, strongly disagree with their views. But I will listen here and be a BFOT again because I can separate and remember that the Popcast is a place for me to sit back (jk I’m usually doing a chore of some sort) and just laugh with people I feel like are my friends. I hope that you guys can stick to pop culture so that I don’t feel attacked for my views, but I want to try to remember that’s not why I’m here and to let some of that go.
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By far my favorite!
It’s my favorite. I honestly love the BFOT content more than the regular Wednesday episodes and the bachelor/ette recaps are just pure gold. When I first became a BFOT, I listened to old Bachelor recaps first and what sold me is when they called Arie a mashed potato face and they had me as a listener forever. 😍
I can’t anymore
For years I paid to be a BFOTS, I’ve even been to a live show. I was an original listener. But gone are the days of listening to an entertaining, funny podcast without social justice warriorism. Knox and Jamie have said for years that they don’t talk about politics, but they have changed their ways. And their political views are liberal. So, if you enjoy that point of view, then this podcast is for you! I don’t support their point of view, wish they could just do their podcast without talking about it, but it’s impossible these days. So, I’m out for good guys. ✌🏼
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Missing the pre-politics LOLz
These two used to be very pleasant and entertaining. Now they’re a couple of accidental radicals who think they can dabble in politics and still be funny. They like to play pretend at objectivity—just another media company buying into that myth. Maybe after the election, we can get back knowing-our-nuggs. Jamie likes to say to influencers, “keep doing what the people came to you for”. Well guys, we come for the Tom Hanks hatred and appetizer rankings; we leave for the conservative side-swipes and poorly researched propaganda.
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They’ve changed.
The only podcast I will pay for
If you don’t mind looking like a fool when listening to this podcast in public, the Popcast is for you. I stopped holding back while walking the dog and proud moly accept my new role as the crazy neighbor who laughs out loud for no apparent reason. It is by far my favorite podcast and I look forward to the new episodes every Wednesday.
Joy, joy, joy down in my heart
This podcast has everything: hilarious and lovable hosts, thoughtful and silly insights on all things pop culture, and human helium balloons (which is that thing Jamie makes Knox laugh so hard at something that he starts wheezing and yells “I’m gonna pass out!”) This one of the best podcasts out there, I look forward to it every Wednesday!
The humor 2020 needs
Really it’s the best for any year, but we really need it this year! Thanks for brightening my podcast feed and reminding me what smiling feels like.
There are no words to describe this wonder.
No. Words.
The only podcast you need
The popcast is the only thing keeping me sane during the election year. They are WAY more entertaining than politicians. Golden McCoy 2020, or McCoy Golden 2020, I’ll let them fight it out.
A Highlight of My Week, Every Week
As a deep thinker and pop culture fan, I never felt like I found a podcast to fit my interests. Sure, there are podcasts centered on thought/debates and shows centered on pop culture but they either were too cynical or lacking for my ears. But then, I found the Popcast and I haven’t missed an episode in the year and a half since. They pulled me in with their quippy remarks, but also their sincerity and evaluations of seemingly trivial things. Every week I laugh out loud, and hate when the episodes reach the end. If you need humor with thought behind it, or nostalgia laced with sarcasm and the perfect dash of critical evaluation, look no further.
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The Best Weekly Podcast
5 stars for the wheezy laugh alone. Everything else is just a bonus.
Save Knox
hello Knox. hello Jamie. I have come to write this review to save Knox from the sadness that is reading bad reviews before recording. I think i’ve already written a 5 star review but it doesn’t even matter. you deserve more. thank you, and goodnight.
Huge fan and BFOTS!!
Knox, Jamie and Erin are in my ears just about every day. I am a Best Friend Of The Show (BFOTS) so I get all kinds of great additional content. Not only are they fun and entertaining, but they are INTELLIGENT. Of course we don’t agree on every little thing, but I respect their take and opinions. And I love that THEY don’t always agree on everything. And did I mention how funny this team is? Treat yourself to a listen!
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Krislin S
The Popcast is my North Star
Long time listener, BFOT and Popcast evangelical here to say: I love the Popcast an embarrassing amount. Not only does it discuss pop culture in a way that I love but now Knox, Jamie and Erin have infiltrated the zeitgeist of my every day life. Quotes from Knox, Erin or Jamie are in regular rotation in my friend group. Ps - the Popcast/patreon episode drops were how I could tell my days apart during quarantine. That sounds dark but I’m so grateful for the light they bring to pop culture, faith and politics.
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one week post op
You NEED the PMG
Listen. Sometimes life feels like crap on a cracker. Knox, Jamie, and Erin will turn your day into a Cheez-it. And, if you’re like me, you’ll soon become a FOTS and get those Extra Toasty ones. And eventually you’ll bump up to Reese’s cup like-BFOT. You need that sweet and salty. The Popcast Media Group puts out content just as addicting as your favorite snacks, but much more nutritious for your mind and soul.
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Hilariously relatable
Knox, Jamie, & Erin keep me laughing, nodding my head in agreement, and educate me on the things that don’t matter (their Bachelor/Bachelorette recaps are my favorite shows even though I don’t watch any Bachelor Nation show!).
The Popcast matters
Knox and Jamie (and Erin!) educate on things that do not matter, but the joy they put out in the world does matter. I talk to my husband about their episodes and refer to them on a first name basis as if we were best friends. I am a Best Friend of the Show on Patreon. They are the only podcast I give actual money to because I want even more of their content and I want to make sure they keep producing it forever. Listen now!
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I have not actually crashed my car yet
There’s a set rotation of podcasts I listen to every week. The Popcast, however, gets special billing, pulled out when I am sad or tired or generally need a pick me up. Sometimes this is when I’m on a long trip or am otherwise driving around a lot. More than a few times I have laughed so hard I cried and had to turn it off because I thought I might have a laughter-induced car accident. The Popcast is pure gold.
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Literally the best podcast of all time
I’ve been listening for a little over a year now, and I feel like Knox and Jamie are my best friends. I look forward to the podcast every week!!
The only pod cast you will ever need.
Knox and Jamie (and Erin) truly give me all I need wrapped up in The Podcast : they keep me up to date on important cultural events, they give relevant takes on unimportant topics (sometimes important ones also), and they help me think about (and reconsider 😉when necessary) all things. This truly helps me be a better person in this beautiful and garbage world. They do all this while making me laugh so hard that drinking coffee while listening had become dangerous. I leave feeling so deeply entertained and uplifted that I end up listening to another episode that I’ve probably heard three times already just to keep hearing there lovely voices in my EarPods. I will not rest until everyone I know listens and loves them too. 💛
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Jamie and Knox are basically my bffs now
This podcast has become such an important part of my week. Jamie and Knox keep the stress and darkness of 2020 and life at bay. I look forward to Wednesday’s because of The Popcast! When I run out of things to listen to, I like to go back and listen to old episodes. It’s like I’m listening to friends chat, only I don’t need to respond because I already agree with whatever Jamie and Knox said.
mold analyst
Like chatting with friends over coffee (or soda if you’re Mormon...)
I’m a long time listener of The Popcast. It’s actually the first podcast I ever listened to. (It was recommended to me by my sister.) So, The Popcast was my podcast “cherry.” And I wouldn’t have it any other way. And unlike my actual “cherry,” I have no regrets! Most of the time I find myself talking to my friends, Knox, Jamie, and Erin the Edge Moon, forgetting that they cannot actually hear me. It’s like chatting with friends over coffee (or soda if you’re Mormon), they just can’t hear me or respond in the moment. The Popcast is just what I need to get through each week; a light hearted look at pop culture that provides lots of laughs.
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The Funniest Podcast I Listen To
The Popcast comes out on Wednesdays, but I save it till my commute home on Friday for a special treat leading into the weekend. I may not care about all the TV shows, movies, whatever Knox and Jamie are discussing, but I’d listen even if they were reading the phone book.
Pulling me through 2020
I was already listening to the Popcast (thanks to Jamie Ivey) last year but I gotta tell ya, I’ve been *needing* the laughter from Knox and Jamie weekly to get through this crazy year! I love their comments on events, movies — all the things!! The way they feed off each other is so entertaining! Seriously my fav podcast! I’m already a Patreon member but I need more of them in my life!!
My First Poscast
This is the first podcast I listened to, on a recommendation from my best friend. I’m now a BFOTS and have been to live shows. Knox and Jamie are hilarious and thoughtful. Highly recommend!
My favs 4ever
Knox and Jamie (and Erin!!!) are consistently a bright spot in my week (like y’all I pay them to let me call myself a BFOT). As a kid who would read the tabloids in the grocery store aisle (oops) and watch Extra with my grandma after school, I love all the pop culture ish. I love it. A lot. But Knox and Jamie are also so much more than that too!!!! I’m an enneagram 5 so I’m unwilling to get all mushy in a podcast review, but just TRUST ME because they’ve just been really good for my heart (does a comma go here???) especially in the cluster that is 2020. They make me laugh and they encourage me to examine the ugly parts of my own heart sometimes, and sometimes they green light a book that makes me too scared to turn out the lights at night. They just check all of the boxes, and that’s why they get my only podcast review ever xoxo
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Literally laugh out loud
I’m a hard laugh. Like, it’s hard to make me laugh. But every week I am literally crying with laughter at this podcast. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you for creating something that’s light and funny but not stupid or without substance. Keep up the good work!
A podcast about things that entertain but do not matter
After listening to so many episodes, Knox and Jamie basically feel like friends at this point. They are incredibly relatable, genuine, and laugh out loud funny. For newbies, there are some inside jokes (IYKYK), but you’ll catch on quickly and be glad you’re in in the joke after a few weeks of listening. They are the only podcast I support on Patreon and it has felt like such a worthwhile investment in my own sanity. They produce such good content and I don’t want them to ever stop.
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Barah Sowers
First and favorite podcast
I started listening to the Popcast several years ago. I saw a few of Jamie’s tweets and followed up by listening to my first podcast. I listen every week and am a Patreon subscriber. Love what they do and how they do it!
My friends were talking about that!
Be careful with this show or you may find yourself talking about Knox and Jamie as if they are your real-life, in-person, bff’s. The chemistry between these two is so fun to listen to on a weekly basis. I live for Jamie making Knox laugh and for Knox letting Jamie work out those things she just doesn’t quite remember. The Popcast has made me feel seen in my knowledge of pop culture and that it’s ok to be a Christian and still have a TV. After listening weekly for over two years, I’m always amazed at their ability to deliver fresh content and engage with their audience. This is a podcast you don’t want to sleep on. 👏
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I never miss an episode
I triple dog dare you to get through an episode without laughing. It can’t be done! Knox and Jamie are the bomb diggity. Listening to them laugh is the best-don’t miss out! In the church potluck of life Knox is the BBQ meatballs that are gone before you get there, Jamie is the homemade mac-n-cheese perfection, Erin is the fresh box of Krispy Kremes, and the woman leaving crap reviews is the church lady who brings a jello salad full of marshmallows, mandarin oranges, pineapple tidbits and is bitter that nobody wants it. Ignore the haters!
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Kimberly Locke
A Delight
A must listen. So many laugh out loud moments. A wonderful pop culture break from current news cycle. I have learned so much... what movies to watch, shows to see, and of course Jamie has inspired me to step up my skin care routine.
Mackenzie Skaer
Everyone needs these snarky bffs
Knox and Jamie are 100% in my best friends circle even though they don’t know my name. I pay them every month to be a BFOT and it is worth every single penny to get extra content from them and hear their opinions on everything from what not to do at your wedding (unity sandwich) to a thorough analysis of all the terms I never knew existed on Urban Dictionary. They focus on the ridiculous and are a wonderful escape from this hellscape that is 2020 but they do not shy away from difficult topics and are clearly truly wonderful people who want to use their platform to make this world a better place. Thank you, bffs!
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Emily Lawless
My Favorite People on All of the Internet
Knox, Jamie, Erin and crew are the most purely genuine people you will ever encounter on the internet. Not only are they hilarious, they bring a lightness that we all can use during “such a time as this.” I found them about 6 months ago and have been a BFOTS since the first week. The world needs more PMG and I am here for all of it!!
Long time favorite
I love this podcast so much. It’s a bright spot in my week. So much so, I pay them money for extra brightness. They’ve entertained me and helped expand my worldview at the same time. I’m so grateful for their content, even on shows I don’t watch. Keep up the good work, Knox and Jamie!
Starla Michelle
Best friends
I love Knox and Jaime so much! They feel like best friends to me (so I became a bfots). They are genuinely good people and totally hilarious. They have blessed my life with humor and insight. Love this show so much and these good hearted people!!
must listen, just not in public unless you like stranger staring while you LOL
Need more Keith Urban impressions from Knox, but otherwise zero complaints about this funny, relevant, and delightful show. Always here for the hot takes and reggae horns. Knox and Jamie feel like the best friends I forgot to meet IRL.
Green Light 🟢
I love the Popcast. It was the first podcast I loved enough to choose consistently over my obsession with audiobooks. Knox and Jamie are my long lost friends, and the hour of their show always flies by!
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